August 2010

How to find a tailor, and what to pay him for

August 23, 2010

Check out our new article on Primer Magazine! We discuss how to find a tailor, and what to pay him for. Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

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The Endorsement: The inexpensive, no-frills timepiece

August 12, 2010

I went to Target the other day to get my favorite “trail mix”. I say “trail mix” because trail mix implies a healthful snack, but nothing in this bag seems to denote healthy.

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Wearing a suit? Please, put down the sporty shades

August 5, 2010

Gents, I’ll make this quick. It’s important to look all business when you’re dressed for the office or an important event. Don’t go all professional below the neck yet wear a pair of Oakley sunglasses to shield your eyes from harmful rays. Save those for when you’re actually being active.

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