August 2011

Let’s hear it: what kind of buyer are you?

August 29, 2011

Thought I’d start today off with a question: How would you classify yourself when it comes to buying stuff?

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The break: How to choose the best pants length + how to tell your tailor

August 24, 2011

Let’s talk a little about the length of your pants. When you’re wearing denim, this might not matter as much since you can always cuff or roll them up.

When you’re wearing trousers, however, that’s a different story. If you just bought a suit or a pair of unhemmed trousers, there’s no way around it… you have to get them tailored.

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The winner of the Maxwell Scott Lorenzo Briefcase is…

August 22, 2011

Over two hundred of you entered in our recent giveaway of the Lorenzo briefcase by Maxwell Scott. Sad to see this little guy go, but I’m sure it will be well taken care of in its new home, by its new owner.

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Bagging it up, part II: Carrying the Essentials + a Maxwell Scott review and giveaway!

August 15, 2011

So you might remember a previous article where I showed you the current bags in my rotation which I use to carry my ten essentials. I mentioned Maxwell Scott as one of the newer bags I acquired in a previous post, and after spending a few months with it, I’m happy to talk a little more about it today (oh, and give it away. Keep reading).

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The Endorsement: The one thing every man MUST HAVE in his closet

August 10, 2011

All this talk about a man’s essential wardrobe and what real, down-to-earth guys need in their closets can be a little overwhelming for most dudes. You know why? Most of us don’t like shopping. Sure, there are a small subset of us who do, but in general, dudes don’t want to do it.

So, let’s just say you only make one single purchase all year. Just ONE singular item. What should that thing be?

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