Ask the Readers: Is your style better off today than it was one year ago?

October 19, 2012 · 28 comments

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Long road

Hey gents,

Plenty can happen in a year, especially when you’re taking active steps to improve your personal style.

Today’s Ask the Readers question asks you to be a bit reflective about the journey you’ve been on, and how you’ve been improving, if at all.

From our last “Ask the Readers” segment…

Last Ask the Readers segment got quite a number of guys’ panties in a bunch. This was mostly stirred up by the controversial photo I posted of a man wearing a pair of slim cargos with his suit jacket.

Opinions about this particular combo aside, I was mostly curious about how experimental readers are with their everyday outfits.

Sometimes we fall into a rut. We have the same predictable routine, and we pull out the same clothing day in and day out. On a scale of 1 (strictly rules-based and traditional) to 5 (rules out the window, completely experimental), I asked guys to judge their level of experimentation.

Seemed that most guys are in the middle; a majority answered 3. I’m happy to know that many guys abide by the rules and still venture away from them once in a while. EG is all about internalizing the common style rules and then bending / breaking them as much as you want so you form your own personal style.

Today’s question

So today’s question is a bit different. I want you to reflect on your own personal style journey. You can think back one year, or maybe three or five years if you’re a slow starter.

Is your style better off today than it was a year ago? — click to tweet this

Obviously, personal style is ever-evolving, but just focus on where you are today compared to where you were one, three, or five years ago… whatever time frame you wish to evaluate.

Here are some things to ask yourself:

  • How much better off are you today than you were one year ago?
  • What steps have you taken to improve?
  • What still scares you?
  • Are you happy with the progress you’ve made, and why?
  • What could you still use some help with?

Really looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Leave your comments below!

Some housekeeping at HQ

You may notice the frequency of articles slowing down in the next couple months up until the new year. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes here at EG + 5&B headquarters and it’s getting pretty busy.

1.) I’m starting to release videos

I’ve been looking to do videos for a while now, I just never got around to it. After some well-timed conversations with Antonio and a few other friends with their own sites, I’ve finally gotten my butt in gear.

Long story short, I’m starting to film short tutorials and other style tidbits; they’ll be on YouTube shortly. I hope to regularly add to the channel as much as possible. In the meantime, subscribe to Effortless Gent TV, EG’s YouTube Channel! There aren’t any public videos yet, but they’re coming.

Oh, and I do a semi-regular video series released every (or every other) Sunday, called EG Sundays. Only EG email subscribers get access to these videos.

Don’t want to miss the exclusive stuff? Make sure you get on the list.

2.) Gearing up Fifth&Brannan for fall and winter

If you’re relatively new here, you may not know I also co-founded a clothing label called Fifth&Brannan with my brilliant and supremely talented fashion designer fiancé, Kate.

We specialize in high-end menswear and describe our style as tailored sophistication with a laid-back Californian vibe. These are pieces you want to wear when taking your significant other on a fancy date, if you want to make big moves at the office, or if you just enjoy looking extremely sexy in your everyday life.

We design every piece, our fabric comes from the best mills in Japan and Italy, and we construct everything here in San Francisco.

Anyway, I’m rebuilding our site and looking to launch version 2.0 the first week of December, just in time to feature our new collection.

We’re also planning a pop-up event here in San Francisco, tentatively scheduled for the second weekend in December. In addition to our new collection, we’ll be bringing in some of our favorite complementary brands that carry things like men’s accessories, hats, and grooming supplies, so you’ll be able to find it all in one place, in one weekend!

We’re super excited, but also really busy.

Want to keep up with the latest on Fifth&Brannan? (You should, because our new collection will be killer.) Get on our list to stay updated.

So in case I make myself scarce over the next couple months on the blog, hopefully you understand. We keep the party going on EG’s mailing list though, so make sure you hop on that. We’re also having lots of conversations on Facebook, so feel free to find us on there.

Before you take off, back to our question of the day!

Wait! Don’t just X out of the window. Make sure you give your input to today’s question!

I’m looking forward to hearing your responses in the comments and reviewing them in a future Ask the Readers segment.

Till next time!




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