Ask The Readers: skimp, spend, splurge? + a sale on 5&B pocket squares

August 9, 2011 · 7 comments

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Hey gents,

So I have a question for you guys today, and I want to hear your thoughts.

I was thinking about how some folks can buy $200 jeans and think nothing of it, but when it comes to a button-up, for example, they are okay picking out whatever they find on an Old Navy sale rack. Others can be the complete opposite: ultra specific about the shirting (or the outerwear, or the underwear!) they purchase, but completely content with a $50 pair of Levi’s denim.

I generally have three categories in my head when it comes to clothing: things I skimp on, things I spend (normal amounts) for, and things I would splurge on.

I find that I skimp on underwear (Hanes, Calvin Klein from Ross or Macy’s if it’s on sale) and socks, I spend on things like a good pair of pants or decent sweater (J.Crew), and I’d splurge on jackets and suits.

Where do certain pieces fall in your three categories? Are they similar, or very different, to my list?

Let’s hear about it below!

The 36-hour Square Sale

We’re running a little sale over at Fifth&Brannan: 25% off your total purchase of any pocket square(s)! Just enter coupon code SQUARESALE at checkout.

Not sure how to use these bad boys? Lucky for you, I wrote an article about the different ways you can wear one.

What’s so special about 5&B pocket squares, you ask? Well, for one, the cotton fabric is of superior quality and comes from the finest Japanese mills. And in case you didn’t know, our pocket squares are handmade by Kate herself. She hand-finishes every corner to prevent fraying and add durability, and then attaches a Fifth&Brannan label to each one.

Our squares are very much a labor of love; I can attest to their quality, and I’m sure those who have purchased from us would say the same!

If you pick up some squares before 11:59pm on Wednesday, Aug 10, you can get 25% off by using coupon code SQUARESALE. Go check em out here.

When you’re done shopping, make sure to come back and tell us about how you categorize your purchases… skimp, spend, or splurge?


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