The #Menswear Mindset: A Signature Style Chat, From Squalor To Baller

April 17, 2014
from squalor to baller

Welcome to another installment in our Signature Style series. As I’ve mentioned before, this series is a favorite of mine, because you, Dear Reader, get to see real world applications of the things we discuss here on EG.

Ian Anderson runs From Squalor to Baller, a site focused on simple style advice for the modern man. We share very similar ideals when it comes to personal style and building a basic, flexible wardrobe. He has an envy-inducing closet, much closer to a perfect Lean Wardrobe than my own.

Read on to hear a bit more from Ian.

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Win This: A Joshu+Vela Canvas / Leather Dopp Kit With Port Products

April 9, 2014
Port Products

In the spirit of upcoming warmer weather and (hopefully) more travel, our friends at The Motley are giving you a chance to win a free Joshu+Vela canvas and leather dopp kit filled with the complete line from Port Products.

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10 Big Wins To Help You Dress Sharp, Look Handsome, And Shock Your Loved Ones

March 21, 2014

When you think about it, upgrading your personal style is all about accumulating a series of Big Wins. You need easily-achievable, clearly-defined Big Wins that produce significant growth and change in your personal style, wardrobe, and self-confidence.

Read on for the top ten that will take you closer and closer to being that handsome, sharply-dressed, well put-together man.

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This Is Why We Dress Now. Why Do You? (You’ll find a few gems in here)

March 6, 2014
why we dress now

In “Why We Dress Now”, the article hops back and forth from coast to coast, quoting particularly stylish and influential (in their fields) guys about why men of today dress how they do.

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Know The Rules Before Breaking Them: The Classic Suit, The Rules To Follow, & The Rules To Break

February 20, 2014

Once you have a good grasp of how things are traditionally fit and styled, you can then start to deviate a little, depending on your own personal style. Best of all, you’ll be doing this in an educated way (since you know what’s right and wrong, what’s acceptable and unacceptable).

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