Bracelets: Yea or Nay? (Plus a chance to win a few of your own)

July 17, 2014
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In addition to my watch, I usually wear simple meditation beads (similar to these) that were given to me last year at this same conference. I like wearing stuff on my wrists. No particular reason, other than to add a bit of color, display a touch of personal style, and most of all, keep my watch company.

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Finding The Perfect Everyday Watch

June 12, 2014

Your perfect everyday watch, much like your perfect Lean Wardrobe, will depend on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Here are a few that you may like, or at the very least, a few that will incite you to explore more and find one on your own.

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The Ultimate Fool-Proof Method For Matching Anything

June 19, 2013
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I found myself at Macy’s last week checking out alternative bow tie options for my upcoming nuptials, when I stumbled upon this display rack of bow tie + pocket square combinations from Tommy Hilfiger.

I was pleasantly surprised at most of the pairings that were put together.

This display is a perfect example of the how to complement color and pattern instead of matching exactly. Pardon the blurry photos; the sales associates were starting to give me the stink eye.

Contrast this with most tie pocket square combinations you see, where the tie material exactly matches the pocket square material. Stay away from those.

You don’t have to buy these sets from Mr. Hilfiger to achieve the same effect. Simply keep this principle in mind.

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Going Sockless: How to keep your shoes sweat-free

February 28, 2013
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A little over a year ago, I wrote about going sockless and my disdain for “footies”, a.k.a. no-show socks. I really didn’t like them before, but have since changed my mind… sorta.

Wearing leather shoes (loafers, boat shoes, or driving shoes) with shorts and regular white athletic socks—even the low-cut version—just doesn’t work. Don’t even try it.

At the same time, sweating profusely in your shoes sucks. It ruins your shoes, and in most cases, doesn’t smell very pleasant.

I’ll get to examples of the no-show socks I don’t like, but first…

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The Perfect Fit: Ties

February 21, 2013
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There’s a good chance, at some point in your life, you’ll have to wear one. Even if you’re that guy who hates wearing them.

In this situation, it could go one of two ways.

You’ve either read this article and did your research, which resulted in you looking fully-prepared and dapper to the extreme… or you look like you swiped a tie off the bum down the street and haphazardly knotted it around your neck.

Even if you don’t wear ties every day, let’s make sure you know what you’re doing, on those rare occasions you must wear one.

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