The Endorsement: The Chambray Shirt

April 29, 2010

Hey Gents — If you haven’t already done so, consider adding a chambray shirt (or three) to your wardrobe. Often mistaken for a denim shirt, chambray is generally of a much lighter weight, and is cross-woven with colored (normally blue) and white thread, with white going one way, blue going the other. This weave gives [...]

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The Endorsement: GTH Shoes

March 17, 2010

Hey Gents — I’ve stated a few posts back that I’m not the type to stick to one style archetype, and I encourage you to be the same way. The beauty of personal style is being able to take pieces / trends / inspiration that you are drawn towards and use it to express yourself. [...]

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The Endorsement: J. Crew’s Merino Wool V-Neck Sweater

December 13, 2009

Hey Gents — If there’s one thing you’ll treat yourself to this holiday season, let it be a merino wool v-neck sweater from J. Crew. It could possibly be the most versatile piece you will ever own.

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