Friday Giveaway: Here’s your chance to add to the mint

May 18, 2012

A few days ago, image-based social network Pinterest raised $100 million in funding, placing their valuation at something like $1.5 billion. Amazing.

Pinterest is pretty cool. It’s fun to use and browse, and I can see why it’s addicting. Kinda like Tumblr and its endless scrolling.

But you know what I like better than Pinterest? Gentlemint. It’s a mint of manly things.

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The Effortless Guide to Graduating Your Style is NOW AVAILABLE! Grab yourself a copy today

April 30, 2012

Hey gents, I’m happy to announce that The Effortless Guide to Graduating Your Style is finally available for purchase! If you don’t care about who won last week’s giveaway, click here to check out GYS and buy now.

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The Endorsement: Tourists, travel, and tastebuds… plus a giveaway!

March 1, 2012

Not sure if you knew this about me, but one thing I’m more passionate about than style and clothing is travel. I’m not much of the visit-three-days-and-hit-up-all-the-tourist-spots type of guy. I’m more of the stay-a-while-to-wander-and-explore type of traveler… especially when time allows. One aspect I really enjoy about traveling is trying the food of that region. Even if it’s just another city here in the US, each place has its own unique cuisine and tastes, and I think the best way to get to know a place is to try the food.

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Your best pickup line: The winner is…

December 9, 2011

I had a hilariously awesome time reading through all your best / favorite pickup lines. Some of you guys took the honest, straight-forward approach (“Hi, I’m ______, what’s your name?”), some were a little more direct (“I lick p*@#y like a champ.” — wow), and the rest were all kinds of funny.

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Refined Casual: Getting your grown man on, outside the office

November 28, 2011

For the uninitiated (read: those who aren’t avid readers of this site) “casual” typically equates to sloppy. Most of the time this isn’t intentional; I highly doubt anyone wakes up in the morning thinking “I’m gonna look my absolute shittiest today.”

The problem is, lots of guys don’t know what to put on when they’re not wearing their work uniforms, whether that be a suit and tie, or an orange vest and a hardhat.

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