dlag_smallAfter regularly interacting with readers the past couple years, I’ve discovered a large number of you are in high school, college, or just starting your careers, and are motivated to improve your look for a variety of reasons, but a couple roadblocks stood in your way.

The two biggest roadblocks mentioned most?

  1. Cost, and
  2. Know-how.

Understandable! Totally understandable.

Clothing can be expensive, especially when you’re younger and lacking the $$$ to buy what most sites and men’s magazines tell you is “necessary” to own in order to look good.

To those sites and magazines, I call BS.

How can you, the young Gent still getting a grasp on his personal style, make improvements effortlessly without spending stacks of cash?

This question inspired my latest eGuide.

A Young Man’s Guide to Dressing Like a Grownup (Without Breaking the Bank)

I’m calling it DLAG for short.

In this eGuide, I wanted to answer the questions about where to find affordable clothing, what to purchase so you appear more polished and refined, and how to put together outfits once you have all the pieces you need.

On top of that, I wanted to address the mental mind games you may experience, the best way to handle your friends and acquaintances who give you a hard time about your new style, and how to dress in a way that makes sense for your current situation and surroundings.

Who exactly is Dressing Like a Grownup for?

If you’re 15-25 years old, this was written for you. If you’re out of that age range, you can still get plenty of use out of this eGuide, but 15-25 is definitely the sweet spot.

If you’re still a personal style “beginner” and are experimenting with different looks to see what you enjoy and are comfortable with, this eGuide will help you.

If you’re budget-conscious and want affordable but good-looking options to check out, you’ll find value in this.

If you’re just unsure of where to start with this whole “improvement on a budget” thing, start with this eGuide.

Who ISN’T this eGuide for?

If you:

  • are older (35+)
  • are more established in your career
  • have loads of disposable income
  • have a deep understanding of your personal style and what works for your body
  • know where you like to shop
  • understand how to put outfits together effortlessly and efficiently
  • are expecting a physical book to be shipped to you :)

…then you won’t get as much value out of DLAG as a younger Gent might (Graduating Your Style might be more up your alley).

By the way, I’m also establishing a DLAG-students-only page on EG where you can find extra resources and updated links to products and stores I recommend in the eGuide.

All of this will be included FREE for every student.

How do I get Dressing Like a Grownup?

To continue the themes of budget consciousness and affordability, I wanted to provide as much value as possible while keeping the cost low.

I’m excited to offer Dressing Like a Grownup for just $10. That’s the price of a couple burgers, or two lattes at Starbucks… just without all the excess calories.

DLAG includes the 42-page PDF eGuide and a constantly-updated online resource page. Remember, this is a digital eGuide, meaning nothing will be shipped to you. Instead, a download link will be sent to you immediately after purchase.

Pick up your copy today.