Introducing LESS EFFORT, an Effortless Gent project

September 29, 2010 · 4 comments

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LESS EFFORT, an Effortless Gent Curation

Hey Gents,

Today I’m unleashing my new pet project unto the internets: LESS EFFORT.

Essentially, it is a curation of various media (images mostly, perhaps some occasional video and written word) I’ve collected over the past several months. And when I say collected, I actually mean “took photos of using my iPhone”.

Initially, I snapped these photos of random strangers to remind myself of subjects I could address in future posts. In my mind, the dudes in these photos represented the type of guy who put less effort and thought into their presentation than they should—due to their lack of understanding, knowledge, or care—and it clearly showed. A few may have tried, but were still clueless to some degree.

One day on the train, however, I realized how helpful these images could be if they were actually used as examples of what not to wear (as a self-respecting male who cares about self-respect and outward appearance.*)

Some of these style “rules” and guidelines are obvious, some aren’t.

Many are open to subjectivity, but mostly, I thought it’d be fun to facilitate conversation among the community and gather everyone’s input and opinion. Personal style isn’t easy to pinpoint, as I’m sure you know. Perhaps these conversations can help others find their own style, or at the very least, discover what they’re doing wrong day in and day out.

The point of this project isn’t to make fun of the individuals in question (and I’ve obscured faces when possible), but merely to serve as visual representations of which habits to steer clear away from, if your aim is to man up and dress appropriately.

I made it a little easier to participate in this conversation.

Not only can you comment (and I surely hope you do), you can also send in your own photos. So as you go about your day and you spot someone with a questionable ensemble, snap a photo and submit it HERE with any questions or commentary you may have. Fun, right?

Let me know what you think in the comments below, or better yet, hop on over to LESS EFFORT. Peep the images that are up so far, comment, and send in your own photos.

If you have any questions, you can ask me here. Looking forward to building up this project with you!

* :]


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