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March 24, 2011 · 22 comments

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Welcome peeps, to a new segment here on The Effortless Gent. We’ll call it EB, or The Effortless Body. Clever, right?

Why talk about the body? Isn’t this a site about style?

In case it isn’t glaringly obvious, your body has a lot to do with style. The more fit you are, the better you feel, the more confident you become, and the more you’re willing to try new things. Not to mention that the more fit you are, the better your clothes look on you.

Losing fat and getting fit is monumentally important if you care at all about personal style. Whether you need to lose just 10 lbs, or 100 lbs, getting fit will help in your quest to look better and present the best possible version of yourself to the world. Not to mention the numerous side benefits such as better health and more energy.

This isn’t just outer layer good looks anymore.

History and background

You might be wondering what kind of authority I have on this subject. If you consider first-hand experience any indication of authority, in recent years I whittled my weight down from an all-time personal high of 241 lbs to 164 lbs (I’m 5’9″) through various methods of experimentation in food intake and energy expenditure tweaks. This all happened within a period of two years from 2005-2007, and an average of -5 lbs every two weeks the first 4-6 months.

huge B

Trying my hand at plus-size modeling in 2005

I melted away fat like it was going out of style, I’ve hit plateaus where I went months without any significant fat loss, and eventually found ways to break through those plateaus to begin another downward trend in fat loss, all the while increasing muscle mass or at the very least, keeping it constant.

Big kid style

I was a moderately husky individual in high school and throughout college. Not like insanely obese, but quite portly and plump. I wasn’t happy with my appearance. I was never satisfied with how anything looked on me, never comfortable in well-fitting clothes.

I spent years trying different diet and exercise routines but I never had my heart in it. I never succeeded or reached a level to where I saw significant progress. A lot of that has to do with mindset, but equally as important is the process behind it all, both of which I’ll be covering in future EB articles.

One day during my senior year of college, I decided enough was enough. I can’t say exactly what it was, but it was like a switch just flipped. All of a sudden, I was committed and my mind was right and I had enough persistence and dissatisfaction to see this through. And so, I did.

What I plan on covering

In addition to more details on the history of my body transformation (which I’d love to illustrate if it’s relevant or interesting at all), I’ll be discussing topics relating to mindset, psychology, self-talk, motivation, process habits, goal setting… you get the picture.

If you think about it, these topics aren’t exclusive to weight loss, but could be applied to pretty much any aspect of your life if you want to improve. Losing weight just happens to be the subject I have experience with, so I’ll stick to that, but you can imagine the parallels.

I also want to focus on maintenance. I know people who have lost more weight than I have, only to gain it all back, and to me that’s so heartbreaking. I can never imagine going back to how I was, and I take active approaches to making sure I never do. It’s all about finding a happy medium. You don’t always have to be at your peak fitness level, but you should never slip back to your old self. Me personally, I hover between 164 lbs and 174 lbs. My lowest was 159 lbs, and like I mentioned earlier, my highest was 241 lbs. As of today, I’m 169 lbs.

Hopefully you’ll find some of my methods useful and worth experimenting with to some degree in your own life (but again, don’t take my word for it, consult with a professional first if you have pre-existing conditions.)

When I say “experimenting”, I’m referring to the mini food and exercise hacks I’ve tested as I look for the most optimal approach to maintenance. I struggle with the same stuff as everyone else, namely trying to maintain the balance between making healthier food and lifestyle choices and the more delicious, indulgent choices and less-than-active decisions. A lot of it comes down to balance and moderation. Oh, and knowing when to say when.

How is this different from any other weight loss / fat loss information I’ve come across?

The biggest difference is the fact that I’ll be covering the important stuff that comes before actual body transformation, stuff I feel is more important than simple techniques or workout routines.

Without mastering things like mindset shifting, setting and managing expectations, and silencing negative self-talk, you’re destined to get nowhere.

Few articles touch upon the importance of getting your mind right before attempting to lose that first pound. That’s like walking out the door without first deciding where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

I will definitely divulge the details of how I did it (again, only if that’s interesting to you), but I wanted to focus on the topics I listed above because I feel that would be infinitely more helpful.


As always, I’ll be as transparent as possible in everything I discuss. I’m not saying the specific methods I used will work for you, and of course you should talk to your doctor before trying anything crazy. I will however urge you to try the mental games I suggest, and for bonus points, attempt to apply them to other aspects in your life. I bet you’ll notice significant improvements once you apply, and practice, and apply some more.

So there’s my introduction to this new topic! Look forward to more articles in the coming weeks.

My question(s) for you

What do you think about the physical body as it relates to style? Completely separate? Totally intertwined?

Do you have any questions in particular about this topic, my decision to cover it, or certain things you’d like to see discussed here?

Suggestions are always appreciated and considered, so please, talk to me in the comments below.

You could also tweet me, or find me on Facebook.


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