Hey Gents,

On the road this week, so I wanted to keep this short and sweet, and at the same time, leave you with something awesome.

In the spirit of upcoming warmer weather and (hopefully) more travel, our friends at The Motley are giving you a chance to win a free Joshu+Vela canvas and leather dopp kit filled with the complete line from Port Products.

Port Products Kit

Haven’t heard of Port Products? Here’s a bit more about them (stolen directly from The Motley):

Port Products was established with the purpose of helping skin achieve a state of balance and health through a simple regimen. Our products are developed with the highest attention to detail, including consideration of the effects that climate, environment and stress have on the skin.

We are committed to using only the most effective and highest quality in naturally- derived ingredients. We believe that life is best when you find equilibrium of technology and the natural world, and the finest products are created through a melding of the two.

Still using drugstore brand products on your skin? (Please don’t)

Port KitYou care about the clothes you put on your body, but have you thought about the stuff you apply to your skin?

Find and use products that are all-natural (The Motley has a ton), and if you’ve never done so, this dopp kit can be your first foray into superior skin care.

How do I win this giveaway?

To enter to win the Port Products Special Dopp Kit giveaway (which is a $130 value, by the way), just complete these two things:

  1. Like The Motley and Effortless Gent on Facebook (if you haven’t already). Buttons below for added convenience! (If you can’t see the buttons, click the links above.)

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  2. Leave a comment below telling us where your travels will take you this summer (or where you want to go!)

That’s all, folks

The Motley x EG giveaway will run for one week, and ends April 16, 2014, at 11:59pm Pacific time. We’ll choose a winner and announce it the following week.

Looking forward to hearing your travel plans this summer (and seeing you on Facebook, of course). Good luck!

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PUBLISHED April 9, 2014

Barron is a Lean Wardrobe Advocate and Founding Editor of Effortless Gent. He's from San Francisco but currently living in New York. Connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Tumblr.

  • Jeffrey Wilfong

    Vegas, for my friend’s wedding

  • cderekg72

    Headed to St. Barths, Seattle, Denver. Might try to squeeze in one more place as well.

  • Mike Stevens

    Only to a local cabin on the lake because my wife is pregnant, but it’s better than nothing!

  • Andrew Coon

    Cabin in north carolina

  • Skylar Hagler

    Headed from texas to Orlando and maybe california

  • erictchin

    I’ll be hitting London and Italy this summer! And some shorter trips through the USA.

  • Chris Li

    I’ll be heading out on a road trip from San Diego up the coast through Portland all the way to Seattle, scooping down to Yellowstone, hitting Salt Lake City, and finally ending in Vegas!

  • Chizzle Dizzle

    Taking the family to Rehoboth for a week.

  • Ryan Bosch

    Taking the wife and kid to Kansas City for BBQ and Baseball…What’s more American than that?

  • V

    One of Rome, Copenhagen or Amsterdam, in all goodness. 🙂

  • TGraves

    Headed to San Diego, Nashville, Denver, San Francisco, and possibly Curaçao.

  • Rick Dunnam

    We are taking a family vacation to Paris, France this summer!

  • Jon

    Flying to Japan on my way home this summer.

  • Mike Anderson

    My travels this year will include 50th Birthday party bash in Atlanta for a dear old friend, 4th of July on a beautiful lake in northern Michigan with family in tow, mountain biking trip to Moab, Utah with the guys this fall, and various weekend camping trips in the mountains of North Carolina with my daughter throughout the summer. Road trips!

  • Brian Wooley

    My travels this summer will likely be limited to attending birthing classes with my wife as we await the arrival of our first child… but that’s a damned good reason to stay home.

  • Joseph

    I am heading to Seattle and Portland for my ten year anniversary and would love to bring along! Thanks!

  • James Stanuszek

    As a motorcyclist, I’m frequently exposed to the harshness that that endeavor experiences. Protection from the elements like wind and sun damage is always a concern. One should be able to enjoy the miles and not look like the miles that have been traveled.

  • Adick Renner

    Got my july summer backpack holiday all planned out: Munich -> Innsbruck -> Prague -> Berlin -> Amsterdam in 3 weeks. Woohooo!

  • Lucas Dias-Lam

    I’m excited to be travelling to Brazil this summer in early June to watch the World Cup! I am already in the process of packing for a two month long trip and it is extremely hard. I’m also a big fan of motley products being the proud owner of the Atlas and Bergamo colognes

  • Trevor

    I’m heading to a friend’s wedding in New Orleans, and traveling for work every- to every-other weekend! Connecticut, Boston (girlfriend’s home), NH (my home), New Mexico, Florida. I travel with co-workers all the time and would love to show off my Motley dopp kit.

  • Mark David

    I’m headed to the North Carolina coast so high-quality grooming products would be welcome after 9 days in the July sun.

  • Zac Chastain

    Taking my wife to London!

  • Roy Condrey

    I will be traveling to Ireland and Italy in the next few months. It would be great to be able to use these products and show them an Effortless American Gent.

  • Disappointed

    Seriously, what’s with plugging this pretentious crap?

  • Peter

    Looking forward to traveling all up and down the eastern seaboard visiting friends and looking for jobs.

  • Yao Huang

    take my GF to Bahama

  • Daniel Kellogg

    I will traveling to Atlanta to stay for the summer and I want to look great for the downtown scene!

  • LZ

    Cape May, NJ…where Jersey isn’t really Jersey.

  • Switzerland and Sicily wait for me I’ll soon be coming! With such different latitudes and climates and sceneries a set of such products would be a delight to always look at my best! 😉

  • Michael

    I want to go to the World Cup. Alas, I won’t be. But I will be going home for a week at the lake and with friends. Thanks for the opportunity for the Dopp kit!

  • Christopher Michael Sayler

    A simple vacation for a simple man. North-eastern South Dakota, to a lake house. I’ll be soaking up the sun in a place where there is literally nothing to do. 🙂

  • Phil

    hopefully driving the california coast in the 62 Corvair convertible I am bringing back to life

  • Corey Buller

    All over the US, but mostly the beach.

  • Tyson Ducote

    New Orleans, LA to see Lana Del Rey
    Houston, TX to see Wolf Gang
    Charleston, SC & Seattle, WA for work
    Gulf Shores, AL for a little relaxation.

  • Lee Christopher

    …all around the Southeast with hopefully at least one trip to my favorite mystical magical Savannah.

  • Shikhar Shah

    Washington, DC, to tour the Hill and visit the Military Medical College, and Chicago, for Lollapalooza

  • Drake Baglietto

    Headed to Chicago, and then to D.C.

  • Dan Jespersen

    Just got my first Job. Consulting with 75% travel and i couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been in the process of building my business wardrobe and travel essentials however it has been very difficult due to all of my college loans and debt. EG has been my go-to resource, and has helped me so much along the way. I think this dopp kit would be amazing, especially the facial products that could solve my razor burn(embarrassing in front of clients) once and for all!

    Please help me EG!

  • Somewhere involving salt water and a warm sun. Most likely Surfside Beach, SC.

  • Jordan Barkley

    I heading to Chicago, Fort Lauderdale,maybe Jamaica or Dominican Republic.

  • Chris

    This summer I’ll be in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cancun, Cleveland, Branson, and hopefully Nashville.

  • Eric Cumming

    Heading to St Louis for a friends wedding in May and then to South Carolina to log some beach time in the fall.

  • Alexander Gorton

    Heading to Montana and then down to North Carolina

  • Paden Clayton

    Florida for PADI IDC

  • Corey Staples

    If all goes as planned I’ll be spending some time back home in Hawaii!

  • Nathan Ricks


  • Zach

    Will be in Germany this summer. Looking forward to some great food and beer!

  • Jerrime Rogers

    Seattle and San Francisco are in the plans. also do a bit more staycationing in St. Louis

  • Paul Han

    Los Angeles, the beaches, then 2 weeks of desert baked hell for Military Annual Training!

  • Jared

    I would love to take this with me this summer when myself and three friends head to spain to run with the bulls. I’ll send pics! If we survive that we are going to embark on a 2 week journey through out europe! So Stoked!

  • Samuel

    Heading out to Seattle! (hopefully)

  • Patrick Regan

    I’m heading to New Orleans, New Jersey, and Austin for a few weddings, but what I REALLY want to do is take a day trip up or down the Pacific Coast now that I live in Los Angeles!

  • Philip Mannes

    Heading to the Fatherland. Germany!!

  • Landon Hughes

    Going to summit Mt. Rainier over the summer. The most amazing place in the entire United States!

  • Iván Uribe

    Hopefully going to the caribbean.

  • Brian Vo

    I’m going to be traveling up to Seattle, soaking in the music scene, and drowning myself in seafood.

  • Corey Whaley

    I don’t have any major plans, but I hope to visit some local destinations in north Texas and in Oklahoma. You don’t have to go far when you travel.

  • Tyler Ulferts

    Meeting up with a friend on a leg of her European backpacking adventure.

  • Alexis

    Hi! So this summer, I’ll be staying a two week trip with my grandmother at Orlando, Florida. This would be my second time going there and I just want to make the best out of it. As I’m there’re, I’ll be vlogging and taking pictures.

  • Doug Hislop

    Hi Barron, Heading to the Florida Keys with the family. Seafood, diving, and kicking back.

  • Carter Chase

    Heading the New Orleans, and Costa Rica, and i’m sure there will be plenty of weekends at the lake

  • monk

    Ukraine, Odessa. What a holiday under Putin’s threat.

  • Chris Myhalsky

    Would love to scout out potential new home in Maine.

  • Tyler W

    Headed on a cruise next month to the Caribbean!

  • Christian Reed Jurgenliemk

    This summer will be a good one! I’m going to Sasquatch music festival in May, and Kelowna, BC in June! If I’m lucky I’ll make it out to Thailand to meet my friend in September!!

  • adam

    Heading to Daytona Beach

  • Paul Brannan

    Plan on traveling to the Florida beaches

  • Micah Olivier

    Gulf Coast beaches. Maybe Alabama or Florida.

  • Erik Sentell

    Looking to visit Thailand and Tibet for enlightenment, Japan and Taiwan for the food, Italy for the culture and Australia for the beer.

  • Daniel

    I will be taking some business trips around the country to do presentations on a project to help improve the overall consistency of my department in different regional zones. Having this sweet dopp would make it a lot easier to look great when I get to meet my boss’s boss’s boss!

  • Trevor L

    I will be moving out of a 150 square foot apartment, in-which I currently live with my girlfriend, into a 1,200 square foot apartment! We’ll be traveling from Tennessee, through North and South Carolina, and Georgia, through the southernmost tip of Florida. I’ve spent the last two years working at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville and have not been able to travel anywhere. Thanks for the opportunity to win some great products from The Motley, EG!

  • Arden S

    Seeing as it moving towards Winter here in Melbourne, I will be heading somewhere warm. Despite being below the Equator, Zanzibar (an island off the coast of Tanzania) will be my destination.

  • Sean

    I will move my family from Texas to Kansas and plan on visiting New Hampshire and New York to visit family.

  • Dakota

    I’ll need good skin care for camping in Arches National Park this summer.

  • Kevin

    Two trips this summer, one to central Illinois to visit relatives and one to Washington DC for a wedding.

  • Rich

    Two trips; Maine coast and Louisville, KY

  • Len Geiger

    Let’s see…Richmond, DC, Raleigh, Miami, NJ, Orlando, San Diego, Key West, Kansas City, Dallas, Pawleys Island…all before the 4th of July.

  • TJ

    Hoping to make it to Austin this year.

  • George Riddell

    Will be going to TN., NC., CA., so I have a pretty packed summer and looking forward to seeing some new sights.

  • Sam Wertheimer

    I’m headed to a bunch of summer weddings, including one in Juneau, AK.

  • Neville

    I’m going up the pacific coast of north america after I quit my job and relocate back to the western USA. San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver!

  • Jason McDougall

    I’m going to Cancun on an all expenses paid trip from my employer in May, and going to Denver for a week in August to get away from Dallas and enjoy milder temperatures.

  • Paul H.

    The one trip I’m taking will be to a mini family reunion with my parents, brother, and sister. Nothing fancy, just crashing at the folks’ for a few days. We all live thousands of miles apart, so we haven’t been together since 2009. A lack of money and an excess of work means it’ll only be for a few days, but damn, I can’t wait.

  • David T

    Hiking the Appalachian Trail!

  • Ekeh

    This summer will be filled with me traveling with the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes to work camps all over the U.S. And I’m going on a mission trip to South Africa

  • Ezra

    I wanna go to California

  • Jason Jensen

    I would love to go to Italy!

  • Jeff

    Road trip across the USA!!!!

  • Athip Tansutat

    I will go to Europe during this Easter vacation and plan to travel around United Kingdom this summer.

  • Martin

    I hope to visit my family in Puebla, Mexico this summer

  • illadelph

    I’m hoping to head back to my home country of Vietnam!

  • Ryan Oliver

    I’ll be heading to Italy this fall for my honeymoon

  • Brian

    Chicago to see a fine lady, Little Rock for Taekwondo testing, Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA to visit family, and likely another location TBD just for fun!

  • I’m looking forward to a road trip to Boulder with my wife for a symposium – our first road trip together without kids in seven years!

  • Andrew W

    I will be traveling all over Asia this summer, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. And with the help of Effortless Gent, I’ll be doing it in style 🙂

  • ArtiomD

    I’m currently studying Fashion design in Berlin, so my travels will take me back home to Copenhagen, Denmark, and i will probably go to someplace warmer for just a week of relaxation. Probably somewhere on the coast of Italy.

  • This summer, I’ll be hitting Chicago for a wedding and Jersey Shore to see my sister, who literally lives right off the ocean.

  • Jarret Fuchs

    I don’t know where this summer will lead me, but I hope for a nice long roadtrip.

  • Majid Ur Rehman

    This summer my travel will take me to Middle East and Europe. In autumn it is possible that I might visit US.

  • Mark Gutekunst

    My summer itinerary includes Paris, Athens and Milan! Unfortunately, that’s Texas, Georgia and Ohio… business travel, of course. (To be fair, Athens GA is a delightful town, but NOBODY goes to Paris, TX in summer for the fun of it.)

  • David R.

    I’ll be headed to Brazil and Australia for my MBA internship.

  • Jordan Martin

    I am traveling to Greece and hopeful to some other places this summer! This would be perfect!

  • Steve

    Going to New Orleans in June. Definitely need a kit for the morning. Hope those aren’t rough mornings (or afternoons)

  • Brian S

    Depending on work, I’m either going to London, England or Wilmington, Delaware. I know which one I’m rooting for…

  • Juan Pablo Sáenz Corredor

    It’d be awesome to go to Colombia

  • Derek Nelson

    I travel about 300 days out of the year. I’ll be all over the U.S. For sure and I’ll be in a few undetermined countries.

  • CY

    I’ll be travelling from the Netherlands to the UK, France and Germany and/or spain for a Business and Entrepreneurial Summer School, I am genuinely looking forward to this summer!

  • Jonathan LM

    I wanna go to some cold place like Iceland

  • Jared

    Africa is on the list! Surfing, climbing, motorcycle touring…adventioneering!

  • Justin Case

    Traveling to Boston this summer for a conference, then Salt Lake City later in the year. This would be great to replace my zip-lock bag!

  • Bryce

    I’m going to southern Utah, California, and Atlanta 🙂

  • Tatu

    As a Finn doing a lot of travelling abroad, this year is gonna be different for me: I want to experience the awesome places near me. The Turku archipelago is a remarkable environment to cycle.

  • Taylor L

    Looking forward to my trip to Hawaii at the beginning of June. This will be my first real vacation in the past 5yrs.

  • Rust

    Cajun country

  • Carlton Melton

    This summer my travels will take me to Bali, Vienna, and Frankfurt. It’s going to be epic.

  • Glenn Wallace

    It’s my 50th this year and I have trips planned for every month! NYC, Florida, Las Vegas (big birthday bash in 2 weeks!), Zion National Park, Alaskan cruise, back to NYC. Sure would love to look good doing it all~! 🙂

  • Luke

    Would go to Nice and sail my heart out.

  • Russ Perkins

    Somewhere tropical is on the list for this summer, most likely St. Thomas.

  • Quinn

    I will be working all summer so I can save up to travel/vacation. I’d like to go some place in Europe as my desired destination.

  • Tom Howell

    Work takes me to Maryland ..My heart “wife” takes me to Anna Maria Island

  • Car travel to Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Go Midwest!

  • Michael W

    I’ll be heading to Jamaica for a wedding!

  • amyearl


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  • Dave

    I’m going on my honeymoon! Beautiful Texas Hill Country!

  • I’m in Santa Monica every single week from Tues to Thurs for the next 6 months. Sigh.

  • amp94596

    Big Sur. Love the California rugged coast and hills

  • James F.

    Croatia for Ultra Music Fest this Summer.

  • Matthew G.

    Heading to Ormond Beach, FL for nothing but sun, waves, and relaxation!

  • Matthew G.

    Heading to Ormond Beach, FL for nothing but sun, waves, and relaxation!

  • nickstapleton

    Heading to Ocean City, NJ for a lot of fun this summer! Excited for the beach and baseball.

  • nickstapleton

    Heading to Ocean City, NJ for a lot of fun this summer! Excited for the beach and baseball.

  • Phil Lowry

    New Mexico in a month for a golf trip, and then Portland for the MLS All Star Match vs Bayern.

  • Matt Johnson

    Plans aren’t on the books yet, but I hope to spend some time on the beach with my bride in Cabo San Lucas!

  • M.

    NYC for governors ball, cabo, LA, & Uruguay for New Years

  • I’d love to go back to Montreal.

  • d2seto

    Heading to P.E.I in the summer!

  • Ted Scheck

    Wherever my fatbike takes me

  • Dmitry A

    New Zealand