Need a suit? Prefer it custom-made? Want to save $100?

October 14, 2010 · 2 comments

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Hey Gents,

My good friend Joe of is running quite a nice promotion in partnership with Indochino right now. If you need a suit and have been waiting to pull the trigger, I believe this will give you enough reason to fire.

Basically, you can get $100 off any suit priced at $349 or higher, by using coupon code at checkout. For full details, just visit the site here.

The best part? You’re getting a custom-made suit, fit to your specifications, for about the price of a suit you’d find at Macy’s. And even then, you’d have to take that to the tailor. Obviously if you’re buying a custom-tailored piece, you can skip that step.

You only have one week, as this promotion ends October 23rd.

So mull it over for like, two minutes, and then start the order process. It’s totally worth it for something that will fit you perfectly. This site stresses the importance of the perfect fit for your body type, and at this price, it’s practically a no-brainer.

Head on over to Dappered to get the full details.

Happy suiting!


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