In the Know: Stock Mfg. Co.

Plenty of brands can lay claim to military inspiration and aesthetic. Few can say they’re cut from the same cloth as the tough, durable gear produced for the armed forces.

4 Keys to Having Great Male Friendships

We need community and interaction. We crave the encouragement, accountability and support that come from strong relationships – especially meaningful friendships with other men.

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Learn about Shinola – an American accessories and lifestyle company that does things a little differently with everything from watches to journals.

The Art of Small Talk: A 30-Second Primer

Small talk is light and casual conversation that avoids obscure subjects, arguments, or emotionally charged issues. It forms the everyday conversations you have with casual acquaintances, both old and new.

Five Ways to Wear One: The Denim Jacket

There’s one item I somehow manage to find a way to wear nearly year-round — my trusty denim jacket. It’s timeless, rugged and built to last. A piece that’s a favorite of rockers and movie stars alike, its classic workwear roots give it an authenticity that continues to evoke great stories.

10 Simple Ways To Accessorize A Suit

There are many ways to liven up your suits without taking it too far or spending a fortune: just spruce up your look with some stylish accessories that will bring color, pattern and playfulness into the mix.