Keep yer pants on: What to look for in a belt, plus the one belt you need

February 17, 2012

Belts are one of those afterthoughts, aren’t they? Kind of like your wallet after you purchase it: you don’t really think about it until you need to buy another one, which, if you buy quality, won’t be for years. So if you’re like me, make this purchase count so you won’t be full of regret for the lifespan of this thing.

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The Lean Wardrobe: Favorite Clothes of a Minimalist

February 14, 2012

My friends Ryan and Josh from The Minimalists approached me with this article, which I found pretty interesting. It’s on the more extreme end of the Lean Wardrobe philosophy I’ve been exploring, but a great perspective nonetheless. What do YOU think?

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Clothing crimes: Brushing up on your basics (aka, don’t let me catch you doing these things)

February 8, 2012

For some reason, I’m still seeing these clothing crimes committed every day on the streets. That either means not everyone is reading EG, or… yeah that’s probably it. Maybe I should start handing out business cards to these criminals with my URL on it.

In the meantime, make sure you’re not committing these same mistakes. Just knowing these are mistakes should be second nature by now! But just in case, here’s a little refresher.

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Quick Tip: Flash those ankles

February 2, 2012

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet this week with this little gym-inspired tip. Don’t be afraid to show those ankles. Let’s stop wearing these sad excuses for socks, and start putting on the real deal, something called a “no-show sock”.

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Splurge-worthy: How to make the final decision on a big purchase

January 25, 2012

How do we strike a balance between affordability and luxury? How do we choose what’s worth the extra coin, and what we should pass on (or at least substitute for a more affordable alternative)?

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