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June 23, 2011 · 5 comments

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Hey gents,

In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious, I’ve been busy. Fifth&Brannan is open for business and now that our photo shoot is complete and our launch party has come and gone, it’s time to organize our inventory, get our product shots up, and officially release the shirting on the 5&B Shop. All this behind-the-scenes work leaves little time for thoughtful articles on style, but once things settle, I plan on getting back into it, so don’t you worry.

I’ve come across some cool stuff recently (Twitter tends to distract), and I wanted to take a minute to share some of the useful content I found:

Style-related goodness

My friend Antonio from Real Men Real Style wrote an in-depth article (when are his articles NOT in-depth and packed with tips?) on The Art of Manliness about upgrading your business casual clothing … exactly the type of thing most guys struggle with. It’s that weird purgatory state of outfits, where you’re not in a suit, but you’re not in jeans and a tee either. Here’s how to do it right.

I’ve been interested in a seersucker suit (or shorts, or a jacket, or something seersucker) for quite a while (even though San Francisco never gets that hot), and I’ve also been curious about the fit of Bonobos’ suits, so Joe at Dappered had my attention when he reviewed the summer seersucker suit from Bonobos. Detailed descriptions with some nice images, as usual. Go Joe.

When I travel, I never take a separate garment bag. I hate carrying my one bag as it is, so I’ve always used this method of folding suit jackets to minimize wrinkling. Here’s a good video (found by Andrew over at Primer Magazine) on how exactly to fold and pack your jackets sans garment bag.

An Effortless Bodyesque Article

Nerd Fitness founder and all-around awesome dude Steve Kamb featured a success story on his site that really floored me. The transformation is astounding. I’d be surprised if you walk away from this post and not be inspired to do just a little bit more to take care of yourself. Check it out here.


As I was editing this post, I realized that today marks my third complete month of 9-5 independence. Three months ago I quit my job to freelance, work on EG, and build Fifth&Brannan full time. It’s nice to know I’m still alive and kicking, and also that my sites and businesses are doing better than ever!

Aside from tooting my own horn a bit (toot toot), I wanted to say thanks to each and every one of you for your constant support, emails, tweets, and comments on this site as well as over at Fifth&Brannan’s blog. It means a lot to Kate and I, and I hope the stuff we put out adds a bit of awesomeness to your life in some way.

If you want to check out what I’ve been up to lately, feel free to check out our newly-launched Fifth&Brannan shop.

Till next time!


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