The Endorsement: The manliest glass of wine you’ll ever drink

March 3, 2011 · 13 comments

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A few weeks ago, the folks at Sledgehammer Wine invited me and Katie to an Adam Carolla show at the Uptown Theatre in Napa. We hung out, drank delicious reds, and laughed at Adam’s expense.

It’s been a while since Mr. Carolla’s been on my radar, but I’m glad I rediscovered him. He was hilarious. He has a newly-released book listed on Amazon, and his opening bit was all about the fact that there are ALREADY used copies making their rounds. Oh, and not to mention one “collectible” copy, which he had nothing to do with whatsoever.

No Sipping. No Swirling.

Have you heard of Sledgehammer Wine? They’re a relatively new brand that also happens to be the official wine of the Adam Carolla Show. Sledgehammer focuses on two reds: Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about wine. I know that I can’t tell the difference between a $10 bottle and a $95 bottle. I know that I like my wine red, bold, and dry. I know I enjoy Cab because to me, it’s the most intense. Other than that, I’m still experimenting and “developing my palette”, so to speak. Most of all, I know I like drinking the stuff.

If you’re like me, in that you barely know anything about wine but want to (or are curious enough to) learn more, you’d be in good company with Sledgehammer. Even if you don’t care to learn and you just want to drink, you’re still in good company. Their motto is simple: No Sipping. No Swirling. They’re not your typical foofy, wine-swirling, tannin-breathing bunch, which I love. You pour and you drink. BOOM. Makes me feel all manly inside, which is the opposite feeling I get when Katie makes me sip her rosé, aptly named “Pink Truck”.

An Exciting Announcement

You might be wondering why all this talk about Sledgehammer Wine. To be honest, I feel like their brand and approach to wine really resonates with me, and I feel like it will also resonate strongly with you guys, my readers.

Enjoying wine has always been kinda highbrow to me, like I’m trying to edge my way into this exclusive club of glass sniffers without really knowing what I’m getting myself into. Sometimes I just want to enjoy a damn glass of wine without having to sniff anything or let any tannins breathe, whatever the hell that means. Sledgehammer feels my pain, and they want to dispel the notion that enjoying wine has to be all… fancy. I dig that.

Katie and I have hooked up with the good folks at Sledgehammer, and we’re working on some really cool projects coming up for Fifth&Brannan, Katie’s premiere mens line launching this summer. I can’t give away too much detail yet, but it’s gonna be awesome, and we’re really excited to be working with these peeps. More news on this later.

Check out Sledgehammer’s site and take a look around… you might learn a thing or two:

Also, do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle, or see if there’s a place nearby that carries it in stock. You won’t be spending $60 for some fancy shit, but you’re also not drinking Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s. A bottle of Sledgehammer is around $15, so you can’t go wrong.

What’s your take on wine?

Do you have a favorite brand? Variety? Are you like me, still learning and figuring out what you enjoy? Let’s hear it in the comments below.


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