Watch OneRepublic get draped in Ralph Lauren clothing

November 17, 2010 · 2 comments

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Hi Gents,

Just wanted to share this video the folks at RL sent me. It’s a promotion for their new Big Pony Fragrances, but I especially love the makeover the guys received. I’ve always loved Polo and the prep aesthetic because it manages to maintain that casual feel yet somehow still looks more dressed up than what typically passes for casual dress nowadays.

I think some of the pieces look amazing; pay attention to the shawl collar sweater (jacket?) with contrasting knit ribbing along the neck with what looks like leather elbow patches. Eddie Fisher (far left) is wearing it.

In the past, I’ve owned Polo shirts that were more traditional in their fit (read: American cut, aka, boxy and huge), but in recent years the slimmer varieties seem to be more widely available, which is great for those not into wearing blousy shirts… like me. You too, probably, if you read this site.

Now if only the folks at Ralph Lauren will do a makeover piece for a select group of us men’s style writers. What say you, @BigPonyTeam?

Do you have a favorite piece that you spotted in the video? How about in general, as a brand? Do you wear Polo and what are some of your favorite pieces you own? Let me know in the comments below.


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