Hey gents,

So about a year ago, I had this idea.

It came about after receiving numerous emails with very similar questions revolving around these topics and thoughts:

  • I want to start dressing better, but I’m on a limited budget. How / where do I start?
  • What’s in my closet that’s worth keeping, and what should I get rid of?
  • I took your advice and started to buy classic pieces. Now I have a bunch of great stuff. How do I put it together?

It was amazing to see these same questions popping up, all worded a bit differently, but essentially having the same themes.

Then I realized, the answers to these very questions are the fundamental building blocks of creating one’s own personal style… Which happens to be part of the very mission that guides this site!

I had to wonder, why the heck hasn’t anyone written a guide on how to do this stuff?

Total lightbulb moment: If it can help the very readers (you) that ask the questions, why not spend a few days writing up something helpful?

Ha. I actually thought this would take a few days.

The Effortless Guide to Graduating Your Style was born

…but little did I know it would take MONTHS to finish.

Truthfully, I had the first draft of the manual written over the course of a few weekends, but what took the most time was perfecting it: finding links, illustrative examples, supporting photos, you get the idea… as well as formatting the book in a clean, presentable manner that was easy to read and follow. The more detail, the better and more helpful.

I didn’t want to just slap something together and release it into the world; it had to be of EG-level quality (and I’m a bit of a perfectionist).

There were periods of time where I had to put it away and not work on it for a few weeks. At one point, I had the thought of scrapping the whole thing.

Now that I’ve gotten great feedback by several readers who had early access, it’s crazy to me that I almost gave up on this… especially when I get these kinds of comments and emails:

It’s an excellent piece of work. Great information to begin a style overhaul. I highly recommend it.

–Christopher Dravus, the-approach.org

…if I had a copy of this guide two years ago, I would have saved a ton of money by avoiding stuff that caught my undeveloped eye. The guide has just the right level of detail and flair.

–David Li

The BEST Resource

I honestly believe GYS (as I’ve so affectionately dubbed it) is THE BEST resource out there that can kickstart your wardrobe and style overhaul. Once you finish this, you will have set up a solid style foundation for yourself that you can continually build on at your own pace.

Now that I’m older and wiser (and more handsome, ha!) than my 20-year-old self, this is the resource I wish I had back then. It would’ve saved me a bunch of money and time and stress, trying to figure out what I should be wearing and what’s not worth my time.

  • Not sure exactly where to get started? Covered that.
  • Short on time and just want an all-in-one, step-by-step solution? Done.
  • Want to know exactly what kinds of items you should be purchasing? Told ya, in the guide.
  • Need suggestions for putting items together into actual outfits? Totally covered that, too.


Your chance to win a free copy of your very own

I’m giving away three digital copies of GYS (retailing at $26, officially releasing on May 1). Here’s how you can win one:

Simply leave a comment below and let me know what your current style / wardrobe hang-ups are, and what you hope to achieve by reading and implementing the ideas in GYS.

What do you need help with most? What would you like to improve upon most? What kind of outcome would you like? No issues are too big or too small, so let it all out in the comments.

I’ll choose three winners this Monday, April 30, at 11:59 PM Pacific, so make sure to leave your comment in time.

That’s it!

I’ll announce the winners this Tuesday, May 1. Good luck! Can’t wait to read what you have to say in the comments.


Edit 4/23 10:52a Pacific: 103 comments already! Amazing. Keep them coming, guys. There are definitely some great ones in here already.

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PUBLISHED April 22, 2012

Barron is a Lean Wardrobe Advocate and Founding Editor of Effortless Gent. He's from San Francisco but currently living in New York. Connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Tumblr.

  • Colin Gurney

    My main wardrobe hang-ups right now are getting things to fit right. I am a little under 6′ but VERY thin. Everything requires tailoring, as you can imagine. Maybe your book has some tips on how and what to wear for a guy like me.

    My next big thing I’ve had trouble with is creating outfits that accurately match the formality of a situation: What’s really appropriate for semi-formal? business wear? casual date? Again, from the sound of it, this book could really do some damage.

    Third, I do most of my shopping online (dont have the time/resources to go to decent stores). This leaves me to rely on pictures of the clothes I want. Sometimes, I really worry that I buy certain pieces because they look good on the model, or the photo has been corrected to near perfection. Will it really look good on me? Will it really look that good in person? Maybe it’s just practice, but maybe you have some tips on what to look for when online shopping and what to avoid.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • mellotype

    Well, I’ve been trying to fix how I look for over a year now, but even after stumbling across major walls (understanding how things compliment each other, which clothes will look cool on paper but stays hidden in the corner of your closet), I’d say that the things I’m still having trouble with are what to wear in the office and then to the clubs on Friday nights. I realize these are pretty much completely on opposite ends of the spectrum, but I haven’t seen a guide for clubwear yet and people always ask “what’s business casual/formal?”

  • Nick

    I am a first-year college student trying to dress professionally for internships at both an Ivy League institution’s research center and a human rights advocacy firm. I have a slew of button-down shirts and even a suit I have had tailored, but when working in a formal/semi-formal office for the next summer, and next year, I feel I had better look like the job that I am doing. A majority of my duties will be interviewing very important people in the international human rights framework, and I need help looking as mature as possible. Finally, finding what to wear only comes barely before finding something that fits well. As a tall, skinny fellow, I’m constantly torn between medium and small or am searching for impossibly sized inseams. So, that is my story! Thank you!

  • David

    I’m a graduate student surrounded by half-hearted attempts to dress slightly better than the undergrads, which means basically non-jeans and a baggy button-up with an undershirt showing at the collar. I myself didn’t come from a world in which dressing well was much of a concern—in fact, it was positively discouraged—so although I can recognize what’s around me as slouchy, I can’t claim to be doing much better. I’ve started reading menswear blogs for advice, but I really need a systematic getting-started manual to get my act together.

  • I got deeply into my style overhaul after stumbling over your page while searching for a coat. I got lots of compliments for buying a peacoat that fell roughly into your description (different stores in the old world, so your examples did not come into question) and didn’t stop graduating my style since. It has been a great experience so far because i get lots of compliments.
    What i have the most problems with is mixing and matching when other pants than a jeans come into play.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

  • Whiteknight

    I’m struggling to find ways to improve my look at my “engineer casual” job where suits are never seen and blazers and jackets only come out for meetings.  I’m hoping to find some ways to expand beyond khakis and a button down.

  • caleb

    I am an athletic 245lb guy who really struggles to find the right fit. Too often I think I have found something that will suit me, only to be let down. I need to get a better understanding of fit and how to measure correctly, while also being able to tell me tailor exactly what I want and why!

  • Mathis

    I’m struggling between sizes because I’ve recently lost a bunch of weight.  The difficult part is figuring out when to buy and for how long I need to hold off.  Also, I’m dealing with needing to figure out what kind of shoes go well with what clothes.  Since I’m so used to throwing on a pair of Kenneth Cole’s (Yeah, I admit it), I think I would gain the Jedi knowledge of what shoes are worth the expense versus those that would be a bad expense idea.

  • Colin Postma

    Always have had trouble working the old styles out that I have left in my closet for too long. Replacing with new stuff is very difficult for me, cant seem to think of new ideas or stylish replacement for my wardrobe. Getting rid of the old stuff throws a bit of nostalgia in there and instead of getting rid of the stuff I just store it somewhere to think about all the places I have been with it. Doesn’t help my cluttered closet though.

  • Josh

    I’m a lawyer, and I have trouble finding something office appropriate on those “non-suit” days.  The middle ground between tees shirt/jeans and full on business eludes me

  • Danny

    My wardrobe errs on the side of boring because I have particular difficulty matching patterns and textures.

  • Erik

    I’ve been in school for ten years, and suddenly I’m faced with being thrown into the hospital environment full-time.  My wardrobe obviously needs to be completely turned over, and at the same time I have to find stylish clothes that can survive the rigors of the hospital.  I also have to accomplish this while the vast majority of my income goes to paying back student loans, leaving me with very few resources to get my wardrobe up to par.  I could really use the book for some help!

  • My wardrobe style essentially is a balanced between conservative and taking stylistics risks to update somewhat of a boring look. Working in an manufacturing industry full of old school engineers, it seems if you don’t dress like the flock you won’t be taken seriously. 

    Right now I’m working on just having that balanced of being professional without being stuffy and boring. Wearing polos and khakis 5 days a week isn’t enough excite me for me. 

  • Amaccartney

    I wear tshirts and cargo shorts with flip flops. Pretty much all the time. I dont even know where to begin Help!!

  • Rob F.

    My style conundrum: I started reading EG and other style websites this year, so my winter weather fare has cleaned up dramatically. However, I still don’t have anything ready for summer! I’ve always been a T-shirt guy and fear the switch to polos.

  • I’m short and skinny, so everything I find interesting is usually too big. Also, I can’t really find the occasion to wear a blazer, I always feel out of place, too dressed up.

  • Rob

    I’m undergoing a new style change, finding a “middle way” compared to my most recent “why the hell are you wearing a suit and tie” and the previous buttoned-up, pinstripe look.

    I’m sure you know what I mean, trying hard to look “right”, but wanting, above all, to not look like I’m trying too hard!

    Hoping your tips can work some magic for me Barron!

  • Nick

    I’ve just gotten out of grad school and into a full time career in engineering.  In the process of the move I eliminated my graphic-tee and hoodie wardrobe and have started building a new wardrobe of button downs and slacks but it still seems foreign.  Need help designing my new style.

  • Matt Thoma

    The toughest thing for me is finding pants that fit right, I have some pretty large calves and it makes the tailored/slim khakis a total no-no. I have been doing a better job trying on a handful of pants to make sure it’s the right combo of comfort and trim. Other than that I have a tough time picking out the right top for weekends out. Most of the time a button down is too much (especially in the summer) and a t-shirt is too casual. I normally just toss on a polo but sometime I need to switch it up.

  • Timbo

    My biggest issue is taking what I know on paper and translating it to real life. I have quite a few nice shirts that could do with a trip to the tailor, I have a good pair of shoes yet always reach for the ubiquitous black chucks. Breaking out of what is easy, I suppose, is what will make the most difference for me.

  • Ben

    I struggle most with the heat of long-sleeved attire in the Texas climate. Do I step up my game and indulge in high quality and uniquely stylish polos, or do I try to find a perfect material on a long-sleeve shirt?

  • bridgework

    I like to wear simple clothes that fit. Shoes matter the most to me. Summer is hard. 

  • Steven Bremer

    My struggle right now is avoiding the noise of the Fashion industry and instead trying to keep my style as timeless as possible. Following the fads can get pricey and I was raised to buy quality timeless items that would last more then 1 season. 

  • Jeff Bugajski

    As a recent graduate entering the business world, my waredrobe is comprised maily of my college clothes.  I am looking to shed the student look and start dressing more appropriately now that I have a job and am hoping this guide can give me a good place to start. 

  • awhiteley34

    My current style is that of a student who just graduated from college. I’m used to dressing comfortable almost all the time, and dressing up on special occasions. I’d like to look polished and get started with some nicer/better looking clothes more often, especially now that I’m in “the real world”. Even better casual outfits would be fantastic, something more substantial than a t-shirt and jeans.

    I’m excited to read GYS because the questions you referenced in the top section, are the ones I find myself asking often. I think this guide would definitely get me started in forming my adult wardrobe and truly graduating from college wear.

  • NickTW

    Graduating with an MBA in May (28 y.o.); still dressing like an undergrad.  Setting aside a healthy portion of my signing bonus, which I’ll get in two weeks, to completely update my wardrobe for a job on Wall Street.  This book (and this site in general) would be a huge help in getting it right the first time!

  • JR

    After years of being a complete slob, about a year and half ago my life changed. I started getting in shape, and began to really take pride in my appearance. Most of my wardrobe had to go, so I basically started from scratch.

    During this year and half, I’ve lost 110 lbs, and have not only gotten compliments on how much healthier I look, but people have started to take notice that my clothes are no longer over-sized sheets than hang off my body. However, I still feel I have a ways to go.

    The main thing I am looking to continue improving is dressing nice on a budget. I still have much to learn as far as matching outside of the more conservative, very basic “work” looks, and GRADUATING into, well, some effortless casual looks.

  • Adamrabo

    Having graduated college a couple of years ago, I’m still weeding out all of the crap I used to wear.  I’ve found it’s better to save and buy one quality item that waste money on several cheap things that will last a few months or a year at best.  I think GYS would help me find pieces that were worth spending money on.

  • GM18

    Excellent project Barron, thanks for taking the time to put it together. Fall/winter wardrobe is easy…summer not so much. How to coordinate and look good while not over heating?

  • Victor Marks

    I need help with weeding out the old, and bringing in the new that fits with my company’s dress style – where, it’s definitely button down shirt, possibly windsor collar, but there’s some area between what’s a party shirt and what’s a work shirt, that I can’t quite parse.

    The line between fitting in, setting a personal style, and appropriacy – I need help.

  • timger

    Hi, I am Tim from Germany. My wardrobe is a mix between classy and comfortable. Leatherjacket, dark denim jeans, few button down shirts, plain shirts and sweaters, plain shoes, boat shoes, etc. simple colors. Blue, navy, grey, white. Few red ones etc.

    I hope I can learn more about clothing and matching them from the book.

  • Oldhorn

    Working with my 25 year-old son in the migration from teenager to young man.  We’re finding your advice to be the best, most reasonable source for guidance in this important transition.  I believe in buying classic styles on which to build a foundation and your articles and comments bring along the younger, updated viewpoint to this approach. Know that your opinions are valued and appreciated!

  • Gordon Lanpher

    My current hang up is I went from college to a job where I could keep wearing hoodies and jeans ( working in childcare). Now I am in grad school and I feel under-dress. I need an update without breaking my bank because I am low income grad student.

  • JB

    At the moment, my main issues are fit and staples.

    I’ve lost over 50 pounds in the past year and a half (getting hooked on Triathlon does that, specially training for a Half Ironman) and most of my wardrobe is useless. Granted, I can and have taken some of my nicer pieces to a tailor and gotten them fixed. However, I now want to look better. I don’t want to wear the same old man looking patterns and shirts.

    I have donated over 8 bags of clothes (shirts, pants, suits, belts) all in good shape and now I’m in the process of buying high quality staples. However, this is not an easy process and I’m worried about making the wrong choices.

    Enter the Effortless Gent. I read the site every other day scouring and absorbing all the advice I can get.

    Here’s hoping that by the end of the year, I’ll be set.


  • josuakarnbo

    I’m rather young but still really interested in clothing, and also I live in Sweden, a place where people prefer if you don’t stand out from the crowd. Taking in a lot of information every day through websites is nice, but since it can be a bit much and un-organized at times, it would be sweet to have a comprehensive style guide from someone who I trust regarding clothing and fashion. Also if I would have this I could probably easier explain for my friends, certains “facts” that to me are obvious but not so much to them. 

    And lastly, of couse it would be nice with tips and tricks and pretty much everything regarding clothes in one single book, since well, why do it the hard way when you can do it the lazy but just as good working way?

  • Ivar Zhukovsky

    One of the greatest challenges to me is getting clothes of the right fit. I’m 6.4 feet tall and you can imagine what a struggle it is to find something of the proper length or width. Most of the clothes I buy need tailoring and I not always know what the right fit should be and it’s quite hard to find a professional tailor who would give a right suggestion. 

    Another problem I’m facing is understanding the fabric. I normally buy things that look nice and maybe feel good, but that has led to a few disappointments like having my suit rubbed out in a few places which actually cannot be undone as the fabric was too thin and of not so good quality, so I’ll be forced to get rid of it. The sad thing is that I have owned it only for a little more than a half a year and have put quite much effort in tailoring it and making it look really sharp. 

    Another thing I find myself not so confident about is color. Surely I know a few nice combinations, but they’re all classy and it’s nothing new. I’d like to experiment, but don’t want to lose much money on stuff that wont fit me at the end or that I’ll find nothing to wear with. I don’t want to be flashy, but at the same time want to stand a little out from the black and white office crowd. 

  • Zumozuzu7

    Hi, I graduate college in 2 months so I am really looking for a way to “graduate” my style also. Living in the sigh makes it difficulty to really show ur style because the heat leaves little room for layers and accessories. As I look in my closet I seem to get lost in the sea of Polo crewnecks and Sperrys. These have become my staples during my college years due to their relative ease when waking up late for class. I was hoping to use this book to help give me insight on things that need to be changed in my wardrobe as well as items that may need to come out of the back of the closet. This blog has already given me a great amount of knowledge and I plan to keep using this resource for the years to come.

  • yojetski

    I am in the process of overhauling my warddrobe – slowly and gradually from college to the work environment. I have certainly noticed that I am starting to buy more items “for work”. I would like to blur the lines a little more between work and play. This site has immensely helped my efforts.

  • Mahdi

    Jeans everyday and I have a hard time finding an alternative! 

  • Bill

    I am a 68 year old man in very good condition( 6′ 3″—195lbs.). I enjoy dressing well, but I don’t want to look like an “ass” by dressing inappropiately for my age. I don’t want to seem like and old man trying to look young. Any tips and ideas would be welcomed.

  • logan

    Just started graduate school, but my wardrobe is still a college freshman.  Looking to make some upgrades but not go overboard with complicated and too formal pieces. 

  • Gsrgrachi

    My current style hangup is with buying pieces that will last and stay in style. I get too caught up in patterns and fits that I probably won’t be hearing in 5 years. I hope that by reading GYS, I will be able to avoid that, and buy a wardrobe with pieces that last.

  • IsaacWatkins

    Well Done Barron.  The biggest style hurdle has been finding something I can wear for my job that fits my unique style and is socially acceptable.  I design residential geothermal systems so I drive quite a bit and visit my customers in their homes so a suit is mostly out of the picture.  What I end up wearing is dark jeans, a dress shirt, no tie, black or brown belt and loafers.  I’m new to this whole style thing so I have been scouring the internet looking for tips and tricks to help guide me.  I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  • IsaacWatkins

    JB Congratulations on your weight loss!  Finding multisports was also the catalyst for my lifestyle change!  Good luck on your first Irionman, you will be changed forever!

    • JB

      Thank you Isaac!
      It’s a great feeling indeed. And I know I could still drop another 10-15 and still look healthy. 

  • Stelz

    I know I need help when a major wardrobe change equates to
    wearing a striped dress shirt to work instead of a solid one.


    But seriously, I have long had this thought that “clothes
    don’t make the man” and hoped that everyone else was of the same mindset.  However, I have had a realization that this
    is simply not reality.  First impressions
    are huge and no matter how steady your eye contact, how firm your handshake, if
    you are not dressed to impress, you are bound to fall short.


    My style hang-ups are too numerous to mention (discomfort
    with colors other than shades of blue; ringer Ts still being my go-to; inability
    to find well-fitting shirts; total lack of knowledge on how to layer; etc).  I am at that early-30s crossroads where I
    realize I want to dress better to be taken more seriously – time to stop
    dressing like I’m 20.  I should have done
    this years ago, but I had (and still have) no idea how to begin.  I am a reasonably intelligent guy and I’m
    determined to figure out how to do this myself; I just lack the right guidance.  You have here a blank slate, ready to receive
    your ideas and make a big change in appearance.

  • Sugar Shane

    Congrats on the book and thanks for the great advice. My biggest problem is finding clothes that fit without having to delve into the savings account. I’m 6’3″ and wear a 44L suite, but have a 34 pant size. Just about every one of the shirts in my closet is what I would describe as billowing. I did splurge on my first bespoke suit this fall and man was it worth it. I’d like to slowly add more tailored clothing in, but I know this takes time, and cash, to develop. That’s actually why I’ve been coming here, dappered and some of the other blogs. I want to get it right the first time and not waste any opportunities to purchase clothing that will last.

  • I dress fairly well, and getting better thanks to your site… but I’m a big dude… so it isn’t easy!

  • Chrisbkreme18

    Glad the book is done, looking forward to it. My biggest hang up is finding clothes that fit my body type well without going bespoke. I am six foot but only have a 28 waist and wear an extra small shirt. I find it hard to find anything off the rack that fits me well. It’s either too big in the body or too short in the arms. Hopefully the book will be able to help!

  • kmorris76

    I am pretty good except for the fact that I am in high school and my budget is pretty limited, both of which prevent me from dressing as nice as I want. I would love advice on how to distinguish oneself without seeming arrogant or narcissistic. Also, I always seem to be stuck in jeans and a sweater. Ugh.


  • Jake

    My style is pretty okay, it’s just I’m still in highschool so I can’t really afford to buy much. But I’m graduating this May, so when I get a job I’m going to be growing my wardrobe and this will help me get it right the first time.

  • Being a poor college student, my budget is the biggest issue.  I am also an XS so I have a limited selection to choose from.  Right now Express 1mx make up most of my wardrobe.  I hope to branch out.

  • RyeBread

    Help with: the basic fundamentals to cover in order to effectively create and distinguish my personal style. i.e. this style/color shirt typically goes with or complements this style/color shoe. I need a text/guide that is simple and laid out nicely! 

    Improve upon: developing my style with my age. I am looking to cleanly portray traditional menswear as a 21 year-old student. Graduating my style from sneaks to brogues analogously to my studies! 

  • Hbc14

    I have trouble upgrading my wardrobe from twenty something post college casual style to acceptable adult casual. There is a fine like I feel can define the two and I want to hang on to youth as much as possible while still presenting myself in a respectable manner.

  • Keith Maddocks

    My current wardrobe is made up of stuff I’ve bought one at a time over the last number of years. Add to that the fact that I have little sense of style and most shirts are too short in the arms for me and you end up with a less than ideal wardrobe.

    I want to know how I can start building a wardrobe for myself, now, that works.

  • Dennis Godfrey

    I attempt to dress in a more country – casual style as my office doesn’t handle city clothes very well. My office has a “business casual” requirement ranging from sneakers and jeans any day of the week, to a few gentlemen wearing a tie (without jacket). I have thrifted just about all my clothes so still need some work on fit and tailoring.

  • Geoff

    My Style was non existent for sometime, but I have been working piece by piece with updating my work style as well as my non work style. My hangups are coordination of colors so as not to look a mess, and trying to create my own style that makes me feel good. I really want to improve how to put it all together  (the right fit,  the right colors combinations.etc) as well as be comfortable with making the occasional bold choices I never used to. This site has been pivtol in getting me going and keeping me growing, and I know the book will be a great help.

  • Scott

    I’m looking for help in dressing a notch up. I have some slacks, some coats, shirts and ties, but no realy congruity. I have accepted that I am about to be 45 and cannot shop or dressfrom some of the popular stores and the younger styles. Help with dress shirts and ties is greatly needed. Thank

  • Patrick

    I’m slowly converting over my appearance to more business to offset my very casual work attitude.  Need to be able to shine in a place where jeans are ok, but upper management is suiting up.

  • Minh Nguyen

    current trouble is to find clothes that fit me. I am little shorter than average
    men, and I want to dress sharp but not look like a clown or a kid dressing up
    for church. With the book, I hope to improve my looks with a limited budget but
    do not want to look cheap either. I hope that I can dress well to look like a true

  • Ben Sankey

    My current wardrobe hang-up is building a decent wardrobe. Even though I work in an office the usual attire is jeans and polo so I think my casual attire wardrobe is pretty decent. I want to work on getting my more business or formal wardrobe up to par. I would like 1 or 2 more suits but wear them rarely so its hard to spend the money for wearing them maybe half a dozen times a year. 

  • Josh


    My biggest hang ups are probably finding casual shirts and shoes, as well as selecting pieces/outfits that weren’t inspired by movies (especially James Bond) or the internet.  I hope that GYS would help me develop the ability to create my own selections that are true to me rather than mimicking Daniel Craig’s suits.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

  • Tim Nowaczyk

    I work doing IT for a large public university. Computer programmers of this sort aren’t known for their fashion sense. That plus our casual dress code don’t make for a well dressed bunch of prople. One female coworker wears tye-died shirts every day. Another one occasionally wears cargo shorts that have holes in them. Vendor t-shirts and shorts or jeans are pretty much the norm for most of us. I’ve tries upgrading my style a bit, upgraded to higher quality denim, chinos, funky socks, desert boots, etc. Enough for a few days a week of the more casual end of good looking clothes. What I’m looking for is help with looking good without being too dressy (wearing a tie would be way too much for this environment) and also within a budget. I’m slowly adding to and converting my style so as to keep financial goals in sight.

    Thanks for your blog. Your advice has been very helpful so far.

  • Nick

    I would like to graduate my style; from cultivating my newfound love for brown shoes and just what pieces to wear together. When to wear casual shoes instead of always dress shoes with dark jeans.

  • Ed

    I have trouble moving past a very narrow bandwidth of wardrobe selection. For instance, I have no brown shoes, only black. I don’t have to dress for work, so I wear Levis 514’s every day. Hope your book will expand my horizons,

  • RJ

    I’m a graduate student who is trying to get away from t-shirts and polos and have recently been donning more button-ups and sweaters.  I’m seriously lacking in footwear and hope that GYS can help me find some suitable everyday footwear as well as give me ideas for layering and casual clothes that make me look like an adult, but not a retiree.

  • Tim


    I’m a 27 yr old male that works in a “business casual” setting.  Its a governmental authority career in which i travel all over the country to smaller towns, as well as bigger cities in a regulatory manner.  They really stress a “casual” approach most of the time because showing up in a black suit/tie to a small community brings unnecessary scare to the community.  Its a difficult balancing act for me to stand out amongst my coworkers as a well dressed man, without crossing that boundary of going too far and raising unnecessary suspicion when we try not to.  Thats the overall struggle with my image while at work.  Casually, i struggle with shoes.  I’m clueless on the matter.  When do i want to rock the AE’s?  When should i stick with sneakers?  What type of events call for what type of shoe? etc…  I really look forward to reading more of your work Barron, its been helpful so far. 

  • I work from home and never even see my coworkers, much less my clients.  I’ve been wearing jeans and T-shirts for years and I’d like to take it up a notch.

  • Seamus

    I am about to be a rising senior in college and 21 years old. I live in the Portland OR area, and so I typically walk through quite a lot of rain. Currently I’m working an internship as a Financial Representative, and hope to take it on as a career after I graduate. I’d love to upgrade my style in a way where I can seamlessly look “hip” and fresh on the weekends and evenings, but still be able to look professional and trustworthy. Currently I’m having problems finding inexpensive yet high quality items, as well as shoe choices-and finding shirts that fit my slim body. 
    Thank you so much for the articles and the opportunity-I’m excited to update my style as I continue reading your blog.

  • Richie

    Few problems I have currently are where to shop with a very limited budget, how to add more color into my outfits, weight loss has made many of my clothes too big, and how to dress better than the average college student.

    I typically stick with neutral colors such as navy, grey, brown etc. but it gets old and I know it. I have very few other colored shirts. I’m not the best at matching when it comes to colors so I like to stay safe and what I know already works.

    I’ve lost a good portion of weight recently (30lbs) and the majority of my clothes no longer fit. I have to shop for new clothing now, but I have no idea where to go. Where would I go for the best bang for my buck?

    Lastly, when I do dress relatively well, I feel that I stick out from my other college friends whether it’s at a bar or just dinner. How do I dress more casually, but still well dressed?

    Whether I win this copy or not, I’ll be buying one for support.

  • Andrew C.

    I am a packrat and have real difficulty purging my wardrobe,even though I haven’t worn some of the items in years. How can I justify getting rid of items that are still perfectly fine just not to my taste at the current time?

  • HelloNurse

    My current largest hang up is that I’m unsure how to strike a balance between my college-age instinct towards hi-tops and other flashy-yet-tasteful street wear and a more civilized grown up look. Looking like a J.Crew model maybe a something to aspire to for some, but for me personally I find the look to be a little stodgy or stiff. The problem is I don’t look overly urban either.

  • Dave N

    My biggest problem is fit.

    I’m an extremely skinny guy (6’0 and 135 lbs) and I have no idea where to shop for things that fit me.The only shops I know I can find stuff is at Express (XS in Extra Slim), J Crew (XS), and H&M.

    I’m hoping to learn where a guy like me can shop!

  • Aaron

    Shopping on a budget can be difficult. I see many great-looking deals only, but I have enough trouble finding a good fit on something in the store. There are a few vendors I trust to make a proper shirt for someone of my small stature. 

    I probably have too many clothes in my wardrobe already. Not all of them fit the way I would like so I would only like to add pieces which I know will fit my properly and which I will enjoy wearing. 

    You’ve already done a post on when to splurge on an expensive item. Maybe you could do a post on how to properly budget for fashion expenses throughout the year? 

  • Ronald

    I’ve typically had black/white/grey/navy colored clothing, and sometimes, very ill fitting. However after coming across the Effortless Gent, I’ve gradually started to implement a bit more color,as well as placing a high amount of importance on the fit of clothing.  Shoes have always been an issue for me as well.  All throughout high school I’ve stuck with sneakers.  Even now in university it remains an issue, and with the help of EG, I’m looking at picking up a pair of brown oxfords, or to even spice things up a bit, a pair of wingtips. 

    When it comes to improvement, I’d definitely like to expand my pant collection, as it’s very limited to a pair of raw selvage denim right now,with hopefully a solid pair of pants coming through in the future. The shoe game will have to be improved upon as well!  Either way, regardless of winning this competition or not, I know that EG Will remain a style bible for me!

  • Jordon

    I’ve never been comfortable wearing a lot of color.  I’d really like it if I could learn to flare up my outfits a tad. 

  • Kingforadecade

    I just moved away from a colder city to New Orleans I’m finding it difficult to adapt my warm weather gear. 

  • Steven

    I have a lot of trouble dressing in a warmer climate. In the summer months I feel like anything more than a t-shirt will have me dripping in sweat.

  • Mike C

    My biggest hangup is that I’ve dropped 50 lbs in the last year or so, and need to buy new clothing, BUT, being a 42 year old guy, I don’t want to go too young or too old in my style.  My budget isn’t huge, and I’d like get stuff that fits right and will last.

  • Kent Johnson

    I’m struggling with the common problem of wanting to step up my game without gathering too much attention or getting too much flack from people that already know me. I’ve already made a lot of headway, but it’s one thing to go from t-shirts to nicer shirts and it’s another to start rocking a sportcoat (when it’s acceptable/optional).

  • The biggest hurdle is maintaining the same level of style in casual clothing as i do in my work clothing (suits and ties). I need to upgrade the casual and semi-casual to a higher level of style than the college days. I want to make a gradual overhaul but I am unsure what to take on first.

  • Daniel Vuong

    I’m still in college right now and my wardrobe look bleh. You know the whole college look, cargo shorts, shirts with those designs on them. I’ve been reading articles on your website and studying off of them, hoping to improve my style to look older and stylish like a gentleman. 

  • Zhoff88

    My biggest problem is dressing up in warmer weather. Living in the southwest, it is hard to avoid staying in shorts and tee in fear of getting ridiculously sweaty. I want to see how the book can help enhance/ make one stylish by still being practical in relation to the weather

  • I’m a graduate student. I am poor…most of my clothes are picked from target, walmart and some from outlet. cargo pants, relax fit shirts and trousers… I need to overhaul my wardrobe now since I am graduating and need to look more professional. I don’t mind spending more money but just no too much to look better. I hope to find something here that teaches me how to make use of my current wardrobe as much as possible..

  • Julian

    Right now I am trying to reduce the amount of clothes I have for easy transportation since I am in the military and changing bases often. Having clothes that are not redundant and that match with many of the other items are my main goals. Hopefully, this book has advice for these and other hang-ups.

  • Aames Abanto

    I try to make sure that every piece of clothing that I own carries versatility. Whenever I buy new clothes, I am always thinking about how it fits with my wardrobe so I won’t need to buy an entirely new outfit. I think my current focus is making sure that all my clothes fit my body properly. I have been trying to make sure all my suits, blazers and pants are altered and fit me proportionately. If I were to improve on this, I’ll really ensure that my style is top notch. One of my biggest challenges is maintaining a level of professional style when my work environment is a bit dressed down and casual. I want to be stylish but not always be grandstanding at work.

  • I feel like my style is pretty consistently solid, but where I most want help is figuring out the best way to make sure I have a good fit with all of my items, particularly shirts and jackets. It would be really great if there are suggestions on how to not only find things that fit properly, but also to know how to find a solid tailor and what to tell him/her to do to your items so you get the fit you want.

  • Ali Shams

    Currently have a nice collection of shoes, shirts, sweaters, jackets, and suits.  I’d like to learn to add those extra small touches and accessories that make a decent outfit amazing and also figure out the appropriate attire for the appropriate occasions

  • Danjp8711

    I have two main style hang-ups, I am a grad student (so I am poor) and I recently lost 60 lbs (so nothing I own fits right).  I have been becoming more and more style conscious but I only have two or three items that are classic and fit me right.  Being in the best shape of my life has given me a boost in confidence but my clothes pretty much ruin it completely.  So basically I have to build an entire new wardrobe with a very limited budget.  I need all the help I can get.

  • David Cowan

    Oh man, where do I begin? 

    I’m a man in my early 30s and I’m just discovering the power of style and flair. It really does affect the way people see you, helps to bolster your self-image, and is just one area that helps you be the man you want to be.

    Here’s the thing: I’m still a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. I don’t know the first thing about matching colors and materials, getting the right kind of fit for new clothing, or finding time to really choose the best, most versatile pieces for my new wardrobe.

    1. I’m a black guy with a sizable stomach. It’s hard to find colors for my skin tone and cuts that look flattering.

    2. I don’t have much money to devote to this (hey, that’s always the case, isn’t it?) — I’m trying to get myself out of debt and get my first car as well, but I don’t want to wait to graduate my style.

    3. I actually like traditional, comfortable style that still looks good. It’s hard to pull that off without looking like a guy trying to dress like Bill Cosby though. What can I do to adopt a timeless style that still looks fresh?

    No matter what, I’m getting this book. But it’d be awesome if I could snag a free copy!

  • UpcomingMan

    Main style hang up is knowing what is quality what are cheap shortcuts.  What makes a good dress shirt and how do I know it’ll last for a while? Same for pants. I’d like to become more familiar with classic styles that are timeless so I can buy pieces that if cared for, will last many years and maybe I can pass something down later on. Also knowing when and where to obtain good items.  Many better items usually come with higher prices.  If I knew the best times and places to look for these items, I’d be better able to obtain them, otherwise they sometimes remain out of reach and I have to look for substitutes.

  • My main hangup is slacks. I have an office where it’s fine to wear jeans to work and, as a result, most of my wardrobe matches that. But as soon as I have to step it up for a slightly more formal function (but not yet suit and tie), nothing seems to mix. All my blazers are just close enough to clash. 

  • The biggest hangup I have is not only cost but injecting color. I have certain colors I like but I am told they aren’t flattering to me. So I’d like to find what colors are best for me as well as finding the best quality I can on a budget.

  • Celtic878

    I’m currently a undergrad at university – so I have little of money to spare. 
    My outfits usually include a tee, jeans, and a hoodie.

    I’ve become more style-aware since I’ve seen this site and have slowly tried to shift my wardrobe to something that would suit my body style and what-not.
    Even though I don’t have the money to afford a whole wardrobe change at one time, I’ve been aware of what I should and should not be doing thanks to this site!

  • Jay I.

    Main style hang up: summer clothes. I’ve gone to great lengths to dress much more adult and professionally, but most of those clothes are for the fall, winter, and very early spring months. I was going through my trunk of summer clothes to get ready to take them out, and I realized it’s nothing but t-shirts, polos, shorts and sandals. Being comfortable is a priority, but I think I can do much better.

  • Matt D.


    Like a lot of men in their late twenties, I’ve only recently become interested the clothes I wear as an aesthetic medium. Reading through the comments, it seems most of my specific hang-ups and quandaries (limited color palate, difficulty in finding well-fitting staples, overall aversion to risk-taking) are more universal than I had imagined.

    But those specific issues are just symptoms. I suspect the real illness (and, certainly, my biggest sartorial dilemma) is a general deficiency in the language of style. Whether shopping for new pieces, having them tailored or simply seeking the advice of those more knowledgeable in matters of dress, I find most of my efforts to upgrade or expand my wardrobe undermined by my inability to accurately describe the look I’m pursuing.

    Through your book, I’m hoping to achieve a better appreciation of dress as both a science–comprised as it is of certain elemental truths and tested and proven combinations–and a form of artistic expression. After all, it’s only once we’ve learned the rules that we can discuss when best to break them, yes?

    Matt D. 

  • Single Dad Stuck in a Rut

    So… where to start?

    I’m 34, just divorced, and I’ve got three kids. After years of dressing like a slob, I’m now being forced back into the dating scene. Like bungee-jumping, this is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I need some serious wardrobe help. I’ve worked from home for pretty much the past ten years as a graphic designer. This has been great. It has also unfortunately allowed me to wallow in the same T-shirt and jeans style I had in college. Heck, I looked through my closet the other day and realized probably a third of my clothes are clothes I actually wore in school!

    This obviously won’t work anymore. I should have made an effort to improve my appearance years ago, but it’s easy to find a comfort zone and get stuck in it when you work at home. I desperately want to avoid the typical “dad” look that so many guys get once they hit 30 and have kids, but I also don’t have an enormous budget with which to go all-out and buy super fancy designer duds. I’m not all that tall — 5’7″ — but I do have a fairly athletic body type. For whatever reason, though, I tend to wear stuff too big. I’m not a naturally outgoing person, and I think maybe subconsciously I think baggy clothes won’t draw attention. Now I sort of need to draw attention (in a good way), and I’m sure that getting a handle on proper fit would go miles toward helping me look better.

    You know that movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love” with Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling? I’m totally Steve Carell. I know I can look better than I do right now; I’m just not really sure where to start, and I need someone to point me in the right direction.

    Help me, Obi-Barron Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

    • That’s a hell of introduction sir but thanks for sharing. I sympathize with you. There was a time in my life when I went with everything baggy and big and dark to avoid the attention. I wanted it, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t feel like I knew what to do when I got the attention. 

      I talk pretty extensively on my site about confidence and style. It takes a lot to make the first step but once you do it gets easier. You need the determination to power through the first few snags that come your way when you start down the path to reinventing yourself. A lot of people lose steam after the first misstep. You can’t. 

      I don’t have the kids like you do but I’m close in age, 29, and I’m at a place in my life where I’m doing a lot of things as if i’d never done them before. My old ways weren’t working. Relearning how be a human being from scratch is how I always look at it. 

      The dating scene is the toughest but what I can say to you is this: work on you first. Get to a point where you’re confident, comfortable with attention and happy with your look. If you can’t be happy with yourself don’t expect strangers to be. Once you start walking around through life as a confident person you’ll find its a lot easier to deal with women. When you know your a worth while dude you can be choosey. People without confidence take everyone that comes along. 

      You got this my man, I know you do. 

  • Carsten Dietz

    I definitely improved my “style” since I started reading your blog and think that I am on my way to have a solid basic wardrobe for “most” occasions. Did even help “kickstarting” F&B. Your pocket squares are amazing. 
    The one this I always struggle with, even though or especially I live in LA, I always feel overdressed. Where is the fine line between well dressed and over dressed. Furthermore I wish there were more suggestions on black tie or big events? What to wear and how…
    Ultimately it’s all about fit, which I learned thanks to you. But sometimes I wonder what the little extra is to make it more “outstanding” with looking like you’re OUT.
    Awesome job as always. Please keep it going, as I always start my day with reading EG.

  • Thomas

    My challenge is I see great style around me, and I can even pick out styles I think I would look good in, but I have a hard time making it work for me.  Practically speaking, for example, I love the classic preppy look (I recently spent some time in Georgetown, DC) but have a hard time figuring out how to put it together for me.  Certainly my beer belly doesnt help. 

  • Michael Nelson

    I have so many hang-ups I don’t know where to start.  I suppose my biggest is my reliance on jeans.  Sounds simple enough, but I want to go at least a year without ever having to wear jeans.  But in my mind that means wearing dress slacks every day.  What do I do when I want to be casual?  Khakis?  every day?  But if I try to stray outside of that comfort zone I’m left with the horrible realization that all my shoes would look atrocious with anything new.  I don’t know how to purchase clothing that can be mixed and matched, creating several outfits out of just a few pieces.  It’s a skill set I just can’t quite wrap my head around. 

  • Joe Blute

    I just graduated college and am working at a finance company. I am having trouble dressing professionally, yet not looking like I wear the same style as the 75-year-old CFO. What can I wear that is affordable, sharp, yet my age-appropriate?

  • Gabriel

    What to fill this box with.
    Well, I am in the Army and have a unique job where I have to go between an Embassy meeting with all the people you can imagine to being on a combat patrol and dealing with some unsavory characters. As such, my wardrobe needs to be ever changing and flow from tuxedo to suit to pant and shirt to a tshirt and jeans. I also work out and while I feel I have an athletic build, there is nothing I can get off the rack to fit well – even with tailoring. For example, my last suit purchased at Macys was a drop 11 and the pants were loose at the waist but I had to have them sized so my legs would fit. Rather than look disheveled or spend a fortune on clothing that has to be custom made, can you offer advise on what and how to wear clothing that will look good and function well. I want to buy what will work and what I need, not just something that fits.

  • Franklin629

    The problem I’m having is I am not the 45 year old my father was. I was born in the era of hip hop and it is affecting the way I dress. I want to and need to dress my age without looking outdated. Look at Diddy. He can get away with almost anything because he always reinvest himself and he got $. I also would love to know what styles are still current and what is dead and never coming back. I think you are the new GQ and men will love your advice. Thanks George. [email protected]

  • Adam

    Thanks for creating this great resource. I’m a 36 year old soon to be dad. I’ve always liked the idea of have a classic, stands-the-test-of-time wardrobe, but too often I rush through a shopping trip and grab stuff that I later regret. GYS would help me identify items and looks that I want to create instead of just heading to the mall and figuring it out on the fly.

  • inspectorgadget12

    Just found this site and looking forward to it helping me reinventing my style as I transition from post graduate student to professional having to switch from wearing casual to dressy clothing.  I hope to find recommendations and also am eager to see if you have tips on helping me perhaps bring out my old dress shirts and other clothing to make them work for today’s outfits since I don’t have too much extra cash to buy new stuff yet. I look forward to reading your site everyday!

  • I’m still having troubles with patterned shirts. I can pull off a windowpane or pinstripe, but any more than that and I just feel like it’s too much.I’m hoping that the ideas in GYS help me get away from blindly following advice I see online and help me stand on my own with the knowledge of some fundamentals.

  • I’m struggling with how to maintain style with a good budget in mind. In addition to that I would like to learn how to maximize the life of my wardrobe

  • wardrobeman

    I’m about to graduate college and start a job that requires a wardrobe that I currently don’t own, or completely understand. I’ve perused the pages of this website and dappered.com in an effort to try and improve, but not having a book readily available makes it hard to get things to stick. I would love to have a copy so that I can start all over from the ground up, and make my wardrobe efforts truly “effortless” with your help. 

  • I have a ton of resources I can wade through, websites, blogs, mags, books, but I can use one quick access guide that can cover my basic questions and that I can recommend to all the young guys I know who may need help growing up their wardrobe.  Also I can use more help figuring what tie to wear with what shirt and suit or sport coat. Also, I need to improve my wardrobe on a very tight budget keeping in mind that I cannot sacrifice too much quality for low price. And I need to keep my outfits minimal.


    My wardrobe consist of Chive T’s, Express button ups, Express slacks, one pair of dress shoes(which I hear do not work for me), American eagle jeans and I can never find a pair of shoes that fit my wide foot. I’m not into that skater look, but the only thing I wear are the Nike 6.0 which are getting worn. I’m constantly trying to update my clothing so I can be present myself more as an adult/impressive. The problem is the wardrobe that I’ve built is from listening to blink 182/Football teams. So pretty much I need help w/ the right fit of jeans for the style that i’m looking for which is the buttoned down look. I wear a size 12.5 and I said I can never find a pair of great casual/dress shoes that work for me. I just would like to have a great sense of style where I get I’m getting that second look. To finish up, my day to day mainly consist of me wearing my ABU’s (Air Force Uniform) so I never really know what works for me. Help Please!

  • crockeronline

    I’ve been reading Effortless Gent, as well as other menswear blogs, for the last year now and they have been essential to making me feel better, dress better, and enter a room with more confidence. Girls compliment me on the changes and guys, while it’s not always vocal, have started to feel like they’ve got to pick up the slack.

    My current quandary is that now I have a good idea what I’m doing and what NOT to buy, but I’ve gotten stalled in the purchasing department. I want everything I get to be as versatile as possible. I’m happy to pay for the good leather shoes, the well-made shirts, and the excellent denim, but I get overwhelmed by the options (mostly that I see and hear about online) and don’t end up buying anything.

    When I was just starting out building a wardrobe, I was happy to get cheaper experimental pieces. But now that I feel confident in my personal style, I want to take the next step, and I keep hesitating.

    Thanks for all the great work, Barron! Congrats on GYS.

  • Paul

    Love the content!

    For me, the hardest balance comes from an ethical desire to mostly purchase used clothing, express a handsome playfulness, and still dress like an adult. I’m not sure if this guide will give me all of that, but I can certainly tell you how I incorporate your ideas into my style.

    Thanks for all the great work!

  • My job is a Sales Engineer and I am constantly visiting difference types of customers.  This may range from CEO/Presidents down to the maintenance technician.  I greatly struggle with how to dress better, but not look too schnazzy to scare off the lower level technicians.
    Thanks, can’t wait for 5/1!

  • Dom H

    My problem’s with appropriateness. I’m in college, being pulled in quite a few directions at once. It’s like, what can I wear that will be acceptable everywhere? In a day I might meet with department heads and with truckers, with amateur filmmakers and my D&D group, I might interview for internships or attend a house party or just lounge on someone’s couch playing N64 all day. So my problem is, I guess, that I can’t dress for everything, so I usually end up over- or under-dressed for a given occasion. 

    I want to know how I can… I don’t know, find a happy medium? If ‘medium’ is even what I should be shooting for? And how to dress so I don’t look like a goof?

  • Remu

    I haven’t updated my wardrobe in the last 5 years (except
    for the odd socks and gym shorts), and considering I’m now a college graduate
    with a job I really need to get my act together. Cargo shorts and graphic tees
    just aren’t cutting it anymore!
    Unfortunately starting off from scratch is a daunting task,
    and I really need something/someone (GYM maybe?) to give me that push towards dressing
    like a (classy) grownup. Hell, I’ll even throw in a before-after picture if it

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • Hey Barron,

    As you know, I found this site a few ago, and I absolutely love it. Your insight on things makes it really easy to follow concrete information, yet encourages me to keep exploring with style in order to develop my own personal style.

    As of right now, I have more questions than answers! What color shoe do I wear with what shirt? What type of shirt? How do I mix colors and textures in general, especially with shirts and ties? How do I look presentable but still casual (when appropriate)? And more specifically, what type of of collar do I wear? What size tie? What type of knot? How do I piece everything together, head to toe, to make sure all my colors jive with each other? There’s a lot of questions, and it will take a lot of time in order to acquire a good wardrobe, but I want to start now. I’m at a place in my life that could really use a more grown up wardrobe.

    Things are really tight financially with my fiance and I right now as well. Any changes that I make in my wardrobe (which will be coming pretty slowly due to money) need to be smart changes. Honestly, I don’t even have a spare $26 dollars to buy the EG Guide right now. Winning one would be a very special thing to me.

    I truly admire your work, and the insight that you give, and would love the chance to win one of the copies of your guide. I really feel it would give me tools and confidence to dress in a more grown up way. Having the insight and the information from your website consolidated into one place, with pictures to help guide the reader (I’m a very visual learner) would be fantastic. How you look is more than just clothes – it symbolizes your composure as a person. Moving forward professionally and in my personal life as a well put together individual is very important to me.

    Whether I win one of these guides or not, I’ll still be reading the blog avidly and picking your mind for as much info as I can. Thanks for everything that you’re doing, Barron. Keep it up, and I’ll keep reading.


  • Patrick Regan

    More than anything else:  Matching colors and patterns  I’ve got a good handle on fit, what looks good on my body, what looks professional, etc, but matching colors and patterns is still really tricky for me (I don’t dare try and mix a patterned tie with a patterned shirt).  I refuse to believe that it’s something I can’t learn, and hopefully GYS can help me wrap my head around the color wheel.

  • James B

    I’ve recently had some significant weight loss and figured that it was time for me to graduate from the filipino gangster/hipster look i seem to evoke and upgrade my style and wardrobe.  I’ve made some small changes like going from 501s and timbs to a slim straight cut and dessert chukkas and fitted shirts, but my main hangup is knowing what to purchase and how to put it together.  I am always second guessing myself when I look in the mirror.  Another issue is I’m on a budget.  I’m hoping your guide can help me with figuring out my style, rather than me following fashion trends and hopefully give me more knowledge to develop a more classic/timeless type of style I can be comfortable and confident with. 

  • I have  a tough time with the backs of my suits and shirts. I bought them custom at Indochino and they’re fantastic, but really tight in the back and don’t pass the hug test. I hope there is something regarding sizing in here.

  • Jonathan Estrabillo

    Shoes. I need help evolving my sneaker-freak roots into something more timeless and age-appropriate.

  • Andy Boulton

    I feel like I have pretty good instincts as to what will look good on me but it is hard to actually find things I like on a student’s budget.

  • Markus

    I recently decided that I my wardrobe made me look younger than my actual age. I stopped wearing t-shirts all of the time and started to wear polo shirts and oxfords. I moved from away from the overly washed denim to dark denim. My biggest hangup is that I stick to the same type of wardrobe every day and was looking to change it up a bit. I hope to know how to have the same style but change it up every so often.

  • JY1

    Hello Barron, 

    As a soon to be college graduate, I have definitely seen a change in my wardrobe both casually and professionally. I have updated many of my outfits to be more business and mature driven so that I can  be presentable at all times. However, I do have a very strange build that makes it quite difficult to find clothing that fits properly (15.5 34/35 and 42R shoulders with a 29 inch waist). I’ve spent a lot of time and money on items that are “slim”, “tailored”, and “modern” but none seem to fit properly. I’ve gone to tailors at department stores, chain stores, etc and to this day – no avail. Because of having no older brothers and an immigrant father, my knowledge and resources for sartorial personal experiences are rather limiting. This book will provide me with a plethora of information as I am trying to limit my spending on items deemed “necessary” due to the fact that I am an in debt college student that does not have much money to learn this “guide to graduating your style” through trial and error. I hope that you can see I am attempting to revamp my image so that I can no longer be classified as another “immature college student” but do not quite have the resources readily available to do. This is no sob story in which I want sympathy or anything in that matter; but rather, a humble attempt to get outside help. Thank you for your time and I love your site!


  • I am hoping to learn more about matching different colour of shirts to different style of pants. I am trying to break away from my typical “frat boy” image.

  • Bchin415

    I’m a college student as an athletic training student. Being the only undergraduate professional program my school, I’m required to wear khakis and a black polo 80% of the time. Outside of that.. I don’t know how to dress. It’s like I’ve forgotten. Hopefully with this book, I will be able to look better outside a pair of khakis while going from class to class and while wearing business casual during games. 

  • Moving to SF, my dilemma lately is figuring out what to wear since there’s a possibility I could run into Barron on the sidewalk. Terrifying, really.

    Nice work on the book! Good luck!

  • Ian

    Fit is my biggest issue. Learning how to determine good fit would be my goal. Plus, I’m on a college student budget.

  • Matt W.

    My biggest issue is how clothes fit. I didn’t know that clothes could fit so well until a few months ago! My parents bought my brothers and I clothes that were too big in anticipation of our growth, but we never stopped buying clothes this way even though we stopped growing. Now that I’m out of college and working at a financial institution, I need to do better than shirts that wear like tents and pants with quadruple break. I’m still learning how to buy clothes that fit my 5’8″ “skinny as hell” body. EG has been a great resource so far and I look forward to future articles.

  • Christopher Taylor

    I’m in the process of going to school on the GI bill. I’ve always either worn uniforms, or clothes that I didn’t mind if they got destroyed to work. Now I’m gonna be wearing a suit and tie everyday. HELP ME!

  • Guessed

    Recent graduate looking to develop a style of my own.  My biggest concern is liking a style on paper, then going out and making some purchases and realizing its not for me.  Rinse and repeat this a couple times and I’ve assembled a patchwork of items with no continuity and am pretty much at square one still minus a good amount of doll hairs, and hopefully not my hairs too.

  • Jonathan C. Chen

    I have no idea what to wear in the summer and haven’t fully figured out where I stand on summer clothes.  Hopefully by reading GYS, I’ll get a better sense of what my own style is.

  • I recently left a doctoral program in clinical psychology in favor of applying to law school.  Now, with law school on the fairly immediate horizon (this fall), I need some help “graduating” from blending in with a group of completely non-style-conscious academic types to standing out among a group of style-conscious peers in the legal profession.
    I have some of my own ideas about this, but many of them were formed with the “help” of my hopelessly-stuck-in-1970 father (think pleated khakis, blousy oxfords — ONLY those with button-down collars — and heavily shoulder-padded suits).

    Grad school didn’t require a suit or tie — ever.  Law school (and the legal field) will require plenty of both.  It’s high time I formed a comprehensive style plan, and this book is going to help me do it. 

  • Stanny91

    My main problem right now is blending everything I have into a nice personal style, and choosing clothes that can look nice walking to classes or longboarding around campus (I’m in college). Another problem is choosing shoes that look nice but won’t be completely worn through after a month of riding.

  • Stevenjpro

    I’m working on building a lean–but still mean!–classic wardrobe of casual clothing. As an aspiring young professional, I’m slowly trying to replace my near-homeless college look with a more adult casual getup. I love the helpful tips from EG and love the simple help the site, and now the manual, offer to guys like me who need to start growing up and stop wearing flip flops.

  • docscot

    I need the most help in implementing my style in a college setting. Too many of my undergrad peers are very lax in their appearance. I would appreciate developing looks that are casual enough not to stand out too much but also stylish enough to look sharp.

  • David Higdon

    I have two issues at the moment. One, I’ve lost twenty pounds over the past year, but I have about twenty more to go — so I’m between sizes and don’t want to update my wardrobe just yet. Number two, I’m in a creative casual work environment — I’m an Art Director, but I’m having issues creating a personal style that doesn’t look either too stiff or too young (I’m 36.) You’re site has been a huge resource though, so thanks for that.

  • Matt

    I’m on the young side, and my sartorial sense hasn’t really developed much. I’m hoping to get a sense of what goes with what.

  • Jberrysf

    I have alot of trouble pulling off polo shirts. Im a big guy with a pretty strong muscle to gut ratio but I’ve had the usual pendulum swings, but no matter where I weigh in (190 to 205) the polo seems to be a style that leaves me looking flat and billboardish, round and jolly or somewhere in between. Help?

  • I just wanted to jump in and say that I’ve seen the product, read it cover to cover and I can say it’s worth it. It’s a great tool to put yourself on the right path to a better style. It doesn’t muddle the task with advanced style concepts. It keeps it simple and thus makes it an attainable goal. You won’t be intimidated, you won’t feel like giving up and you’ll be able to follow the book easily because of the slick visuals and writing. 

    Great work Barron and to all those on the fence, just take the plunge. You’ll come out of it a better dresser and with means to put your closet together. But that’s just my approach to Graduating Your Style. The choice is all in your hands. 

  • As I’ve recently graduated, and am attempting to make my way into a more professional world, I’m really trying to get a handle on dressing like a grown up.  I’m getting there, but still flounder on the dressier side of things.

  • Vince

    My problem is filling out my professional wardrobe while not becoming too “boring” but not too casual at the same time.  Looking a little different but not enough to affect anything in a very conservative field a bad way is a hard line to ride.

  • Josh

    I’ve recently joined the working class, purged my closet of old, ratty t-shirts and tennis shoes of my college year – leaving me with very little in the closet.  Your book can provide me that blueprint to build my wardrobe from the ground up.  I need to able to catch the eyes of my superiors at work, as well as those around me socially.

  • Talltexan10


    Howdy! I am just getting ready to start my career as an insurance agent. And being a big guy I would like to start developing my style as a young guy of 31. I’ve enjoyed your website and articles. My style consist of button down dress shirts and a few slacks with one blazer. I’d like to kick it up a notch and learn the correct way to build a wardrobe that can work for me.


  • Z C

    Lost about 35lbs, looking to renovate my wardrobe and improve from just polo shirt and chinos

  • Connor

    My current attire(starting bottom up) is tan socks and shoes from
    Clarks, grey chinos from Jcrew, a tan threaded belt from Clarocket square from Men’s
    Warehouse, and a blue plaid bowtie from Men’s Warehouse

    tl;dr I wear business casual, while following the rules(ex: belt match shoes)

    I hope to learn new styles I can experimenks, a plain
    white tee, a white with blue squares dress shirt from Jcrew, a Navy
    blazer from Lord & Taylor, and a white pt with in my own style, as
    well as new color schemes, and better wear for all seasons seperately

    • Connor

       oh wow copy paste fail

      • Connor

         Ill fix it
        My current attire(starting bottom up) is tan socks and shoes from Clarks, grey chinos from Jcrew, a tan threaded belt from Clarks, a plain white tee, a white with blue squares dress shirt from Jcrew, a navy Blazer from Lord & Taylor, a pocket square from Men’s Warehouse, and a blue plaid bowtie from Men’s Warehouse

        tl;dr I wear business casual, while following the rules(ex: belt match shoes)

        I hope to learn new styles I can experiment within my own style, as well as new color schemes, and better attire for all seasons separately

  • Casey

    I am 27 and require a much needed wardrobe change.  I’m an engineer and work in an office building, where almost every day I wear a polo and khaki pants.  My closet consists of mostly T-shirts from college, a large amount of polo shirts, some pants, and some dress shirts.  I want to purge most, if not all, of my old clothes and make a change in my life.  I really want to make this change so that I can feel more confident about myself and improve my life.

  • Alex

    I love your site, and have been lurking for a little while!
    I’m about to head off to college, and I figured it was time for a wardrobe change; I used to wear a graphic tee + jeans everyday to school, but now I’ve evolved into casual button ups, or just plain t shirts with chinos or dark denim (best advice, ever!) I’m just biding my time and slowly expanding my wardrobe until I have a closet I can truly feel proud of!

  • Otto L Shih

    I’m a sophomore in college, and while I’ve always had a decent eye for clothes, I’ve recently had a large amount of difficulty walking the fine line between an overly casual t-shirt and jeans and going way too far and going to class in a suit. In addition, I’ve recently gained about 30 pounds of muscle, so even finding clothes is hard. Any tips for a muscular guy looking to look good but not overdressed?

  • Brendan

    The hardest thing about transitioning into the “real world” from college was figuring out what was appropriate for which situation. Everyone knows business casual but how do you keep from being boring day after day? I found that the khaki shorts and sneakers I wore in the summers while in college no longer work for me now that I’m in my late 20s. Add in the weight I’ve gained since college and it’s been tough to find practical clothes I’m happy with–although your site has helped me this far. 

  • Stav365

    Everything i have is too big, and i hope to be able to advance my personal style in an affordable, but modern way.

  • Larry S Fish

    Converting clothes that are too big (see button downs) to slimmed down over time, just a matter of money, and finding items that fit. Shoes are tough, 8 4E. Pants are easy, always get them hemmed as long as i find the right waist – 28/29/30. 

  • Michael Li

    When I was younger, I used to be clueless about style and fashion, throwing on random bits and pieces on myself that never fitted right.

    Since then, I have spent much time, energy and cash on reinventing my wardrobe. Now it is full of staples of classic menswear, and I have a huge range of choice in outfits for formal and semi-formal events.

    In my obsession of classic, “grown up” men’s style, however, I have neglected the casual side of things. Now I am either the best (perhaps over-) dressed guy in the room with sports coat, crisp shirt and tie, and fine leather shoes, or the worst dressed, in my only pair of tattered sneakers and faded jeans.

    I hope to achieve a more balanced wardrobe in the future, and now with all the canvased jackets and welted shoes out of the way, it’s time for me to focus on dressing well for the more laid back occasions. Hopefully a read of the GYS can give me some pointers in this regard 🙂


  • jason posey

    Spent about 1 1/2 years losing about 150 lbs. I’ve had to get smaller clothes, but I still lean toward loose fitting attire. Don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable in anything that is form fitting.

  • I look forward to changing the everyday look of my life. As a twenty-something in the ridiculously competitive finance landscape of NYC, you need every inch you can get over the competition. Sometimes, looking good is almost as beneficial as being good. 

  • Jason Williams

    If you want to clean up the world, you have to first clean up your backyard. Focusing on style, personality, and self confidence is something we are missing in our generation.

  • Hey Barron. 
    I’ve been upping my style, now that I’m 18 and heading off to college soon, and I want to start off looking great, making the best first impressions on future peers and professors as possible. 
     Currently I have two or three favourite shirts I wear, usually under the same black v-neck sweater as always, jeans, and some old clunky dress shoes I wore for band four years ago. I usually wear these things under a weird old leather jacket I inherited from my grandfather, and sometimes with my only tie. I think I look good, but it’s just a notch above the average, and the few good-looking things I have don’t make up for a full wardrobe. 
      I noticed that there are definitely some dressier shoes out there, but I don’t know where to look, and I definitely can’t meet much more than $100 in price, and I’m hesitant to wear anything other than my jeans on my legs… I am unsure just what real pants should be like to look good. My options are limited because all the used and cheap clothes my family has got for me don’t tend to fit me, even if I wanted to wear them. I’m much thinner than what most shirts and pants that match my height will fit. I’m in need of assistance in terms of where to find good fit, what constitutes a good pair of pants, where to find shoes in the $100-$150 range (I couldn’t find those nice Mr. B’s you mentioned), and just what colours match with what. More than one colour kind of intimidates me.  
        I think your advice is really great, and I’m thinking that your Effortless Guide to Graduation Your Style could ensure that I am definitely looking the part of the effortless gent when I head off for post-secondary this year.

  • I was one of the lucky few to obtain a prerelease of the GYS, and after reading it beginning to end, I can easily say that it is incredible. Starting from the ground (er.. closet?) up, it guides you on what to wear, when to wear it, and any other wardrobe-related questions one could have. If you’re not one of the three winners here, but you still want to develop an understanding of how to look your best, you owe it to yourself to get a copy.


    After browsing this site, SF, and AAAC, I have figured out my look. I mainly wear chinos and well worn raw denim. I’ve been wearing Sperry Top-siders, and L.L. Bean Signature shoes, but I’ve recently moved into Allen Edmonds! I’m still a high school student so I’m just a teeny bit overdressed. I wear a lot of OCBDs and am starting to wear polos now. I have some great outerwear from Club Monaco, and some huge wool sweaters, as well as some great Jcrew things of similar nature. From this site, I hope to learn more such as how to get a better fit, how to match certain things, and how to find high quality items without putting a huge dent in my wallet. So far, it has helped a lot and I hope to improve my wardrobe using your guides as I get more money from working during college. Currently, I need most help with my fit. My eyes aren’t good enough to tell when something fits impeccably (have yet to get anything tailored though most of my things seem to fit well). I’m also short (5′ 5″) and have a bit of trouble finding my size. Besides all this, I’m looking to get more into blazers, sportcoats, and suits as I slowly work my way towards professional settings. For now, I’ll stick to the Ivy Style and stick to this site to buy better things in the future!

  • Miles

    I’m 34 and work downtown Toronto. I used to spend decent $$ on my wardrobe (never uber trendy, but fashionable) but as a new dad with an 11 month old baby girl, I fell into the trap of letting things slide.

    I’m trying to get it back together, and have my bases at work covered I think, but I really struggle on the weekends, especially in the summer. No matter what I wear, I always feel like I’m 10yrs old, especially during the summer… and at 6’4″, you can imagine how odd this must be!!

    I simply want to look like a mature and fashionable dad. Too much to ask!??

  • gmt4

    I’m 20 and about to graduate from college.  I dress fairly well and am happy with the basic components of my closet, but am having trouble finding the finesse for my post-grad life. At my college, most men wear a coat and tie to class, but we swear by some seriously rumpled casual style. 

    I am looking to streamline my wardrobe and develop some trim, clean looks for life as a young professional. I’m hoping your guide will help me to find the wardrobe I need for the real world.  Learning how to develop more mature style will be a huge help as I venture into the real world. 

  • Denny

    I’m 26. About a year ago I became interesting in improving my personal style. I’ve been learning how to dress better and I’m trying to put together a classic looking, quality wardrobe. Most of the mistakes I’ve made have been buying clothes that don’t quite fit, usually because I got a good deal on them. I’ve yet to purchase my first suit as I’ve been hesitant to make such a large purchase. I’m not quite sure what I need in that regards. I still have trouble matching different patterns, and the ‘little things’ that tie everything together.

    • I think if you’re buying your first suit you should go with the well fitted black suit. It’s always in style and can be worn a variety of ways.

    • Hi Denny and Richard,

      I have to disagree with Richard (though I appreciate the enthusiasm of the response). On EG I openly advise against a black suit (unless you’re a funeral director, priest or some other profession that makes a black suit mandatory).

      If you’re buying one soon, go with one in navy, single breasted, single vent, two buttons.

  • I’m 25, been out of school for a couple years now and in the last year landed my dream career job. While the workplace is casual (we’re a tech start-up), I don’t want to be stuck in the same clothes I’ve been wearing all throughout my college days.

    Hoping to not only upgrade my current wardrobe, but to also develop my own style as second nature – knowing intuitively what works and what doesn’t for me.

  • A_wall82

    I’m 29, recently single with a new job. I have the pinstripe three piece suit and my standard blue jean with white tee/ maybe a sweater. I lack any style clue on anything blue, brown or anything varying from my norm. In fact, I just bought a pair of khakis and have nothing that I feel comfortable wearing with them. On top of all that, I’m 5’8″ and 120lbs. I need a lifestyle change, that starts with me.

  • I’m 24 and am on the brink of changing my style and dressing in to adult hood. 

    Current hiccup:
    My office is business casual, my Pinterest is more business than casual, but wardrobe is more casual than business. I’m finding it hard to make the transition from what I have to what I want. I run in to problems like:
       – How do I go from untucked to tucked when it seems like all my button up shirts fit really well when untucked but aren’t long enough to be tucked?
       – How do I go from Converse All-Stars or Boat shoes to dress shoes?
       – How do I go from leather sport coat to blazer and tie?

    What are the key items that I need to buy first in order to accomplish this transition? Once all those questions are completed, how do I use the new wardrobe to dress down if I want to?

  • Edwardjsiegel

    My big problem is imaging how to keep in mind how different pieces of an outfit can work together when purchasing things. Its easy to know when you buy a blue blazer, chinos, or a white collared shirt that they will go with a lot of things. But I have a harder time with say, colored chinos, or certain ties,or whatever, that may look good as individual pieces, but dont know how to bring them together. 

  • Brian

    My current wardrobe consists of a large number of t-shirts, well-worn jeans, and some outdated dress shirts, of which many look like garbage bags over my thin frame.  I’m 24 years old and starting off my professional career, which means I’m dressing up much more often.  Because of this, my t-shirts, jeans, and baggy dress shirts aren’t cutting it anymore, so I’m looking to upgrade into something more fitting in my profession (dress pants, shirt, and tie).  The most difficult part I’m finding is how to tie the outfit together with accessories.  What can I add to the bland pant/shirt/tie combination to make it a style of my own rather than just another person dressed the same at the office.

  • BudiCW

    I surely need this Baron, thank you for the chance to win it. I’ve been following effortlessgent & all the other sites you’ve recommended, & really helped me to improved my personal style, especially about style on a budget, so to have it all in one book will surely be a convenience, thanks. I hope I win 🙂

  • Akira Tamashiro

    I recently graduated, and now I’m moving from a marketing trainee to a headhunter position. Wink wink, the outfits are absolutely different. I used to wear jeans, casual shirts, and sneakers – that won’t work when you need to interview CFOs. I always thought social dress code was boring, but now I see its true potential.

    Love from Brazil!

  • Christopher Johnson

    Since I graduated from college last year, I realized wearing tees and sweatshirts of my school’s football team doesn’t cut it outside of the campus bars. I’ve found I like to dress nicely, but as a bigger guy (I was a defensive end), I feel like some styles I like don’t particularly work well for me. To complicate matters further, I’m on tight budget, so I can splurge only once a month. Effortless Gent has really helped in this area. Thanks a lot!

  • Ethan

    I’m 23 with a very athletic body type but am struggling with how clothes should fit. I typically wear conservative/Dad-like clothing that do not fit me very well. Ideally, I would like to shift to a wardrobe that is more youthful, lively, and more form-fitting, while still being office appropriate.

  • TenneZman

    My problem is that my work is business way casual every day. Even most days when I wear wool pants and a dress shirt I am overdressed. I can remember wearing ties on my job interview and being told then I didn’t need to wear all that. Oh well, so many ties so few occasions.

  • Hi Barron! This is great news! I mean it. I have been following effortlessgent for a while and always thought a guide like this, that compiles all good tips you have given out, was a must!.Like it or not, we all are judged by the image others have of us, what others THINK of us. I’m a 24 years old Business Analyst, this year is crucial for my professional growth and earning a promotion, but despite working hard and giving results, as my colleages are older people, I am faced with the need of projecting an image that says: “Yeah, I’m young, but I’m a professional, competent and reliable man that works hard to achieve his responsibilities” I think I have a young-formal-casual style. I’ve always liked good shirts, polos, sweaters, cardigans, good jeans, formal shirts, ties (my addiction), suits.. etc.I enjoy buying clothes and dressing up. But somehow (due to budget, being in a hurry, lack of imagination or color-coordination habilities…) I can’t seem to put it all together.. that’s my major problem.. It’s kind of frustrating. Sometimes I end up with things that look individually good but don’t know how to match them in order to create a good complete look (example: I have more than 5 ties that have never been used because of this). I end up repeating the same combinations and disapointed of my ‘style’.I really think I need GYS’s help. I expect to understand the ‘science’ behind those great outfits I see in this site and how to build my own personal image.. Effortlessget has already helped me understand the reasons why a good personal image is important and how to solve some issues such as how to choose the right fit, how to choose quality shoes, how to manage the basics.. but still have not been able to reach that complete look that shows how much I appreciate life and enjoy work.David R.

  • OutofSkool

    I’m 23 and started my first job out of college a few months ago.  I’m used to wearing polos and jeans, but now that I’m in a business casual workplace (law firm), I feel a little sartorially challenged.  I’m starting to develop my own style and replacing my loose fitting wardrobe with a sharper looking one.  To that end, I hope the Effortless Gent can help me.

  • SouthernScholar

    I’m eighteen years old, and about to graduate high school. I’ve spent the past thirteen years of my life focusing far more on the academic aspects of my life than the social – such decisions have served me well, as I will be attending my dream college next month, but with this new chapter in my life comes a new opportunity for growth. I want to show the world that this generation CAN be capable of chivalry and class. I have a bright future ahead of me, but my current wardrobe of jeans and graphic tees simply won’t cut it. The ultimate goal is law school, and I’ve been around long enough to know that impressions and appearances are half the battle where I”m headed. It’s hard for someone my age to try and adapt what is generally accepted as a grown mens’ world of style, but frankly I’ve grown weary of the old “teenage nonchalance” wardrobe. It’s time for a fresh start, and I’ve a strong feeling that this is as good a place as any to begin.

  • Michael Berwick

    Hey Barron, I’m 20 years old and just finished my first year of college. I like trying to dress with style but I find it hard because of my summer job as a roofer. I wear old work clothes all day and can’t find the time or place to “dress up”. I would like to learn from the guide how to bring together my wardrobe so that I can wear formal outfits with a casual side to them (business casual I guess). The majority of my friends dress the same and I fall into that category. I hope to at least stand out as more fashionable than I use to and gain a more older look! I have found your website very helpful for starting to dress better (with people noticing already) and even if I don’t win the free copy I will be sure to purchase the GYS.

  • Kennmyers

    It doesn’t matter what you do, who you are or how you dress, we can all use some great advise and an honest opinion at times. I lost 50 pounds a couple of years ago and have had the pleasure (?) of having to completely rebuild my wardrobe. The question I always struggle with is how to incorporate trends with an overall desire to achieve a classic and professional look. How far can one go without looking like a total douche bag? What is the line between fashionable, personal style and being too trendy? My budget (do to current economic circumstances) is very limited. Trendy clothes can be found everywhere at my budget, but how does one decide what the classic investment pieces should be? So many questions… I look forward to winning a copy of your book to read on my iPad, and have my questions answered. 🙂



  • Ryan Ferrier

    I can’t consistently pick out killer outfits. My game will be tight maybe 1 or 2 days the week. Then I get lazy. And I feel way less together and sharp when I’m dressed all sloppy.

  • Jesse

    As I continue to build my foundational wardrobe it’s so helpful to get expert guidance.

  • Liam

    I am stuck with blues and greys.

  • Ckiser7744

    I live in the world of olive drab!

  • Garrbbage2

    All I have is black blue and grey clothes. I need a change in my life!

  • Psych

    I’m a graduate student transitioning from the carefree life of a young 20-something beach bum to that of a mid-20’s clinical professional. My style is in desperate need of an update, and fast. Not only am I working with a meager assistantship budget, but with my lady and I currently in a long distance relationship, I a) have no clue how to dress and b) would love to dress to impress (her) when we do get to see each other. Help me Effortless Gent, you’re my only hope.

  • Justin K

    Hey, Barron. I’d appreciate one of the free copies of your style guide because I’ve just made a major life change. I’m 27, and I’ve been studying for the last five years as a graduate student, ready to join the world of oddly dressed English scholars. I would have fit right in. But after a recent change of heart, I’m abandoning the doctoral coursework I’ve now completed (and I’ve completed all of it) and opting for a career in the banking software industry–an environment I’m ill prepared for both psychologically and sartorially, I’m afraid. I read your blog and Dappered all the time now, and I’ve learned a lot, but a guide I can take with me anywhere would be of great help. I’m an intelligent guy, and this will be my first professional full-time job. Because of the nature of the work (I’ll be traveling, teaching our clients how to implement the banking software), I need to look sharp from day one. Hope you understand. Please help!

  • Jimmy T.

    I’m 22, a week and a half from graduating, and then I start my work as a professional consultant early in June. My wardrobe right now is in its adolescence – this past year I’ve worked on transitioning from worn-out jeans and t-shirts to dark denim and button-downs. With this guide, I hope to literally, and figuratively, graduate my style. I need to start preparing myself to dress for the world of business appropriate – where some days I’ll need to be wearing a suit and others I’ll be fine in a collared shirt and nice slacks. I’m looking for that je-ne-sais-quoi that can take me from the level of collegian to college-graduate/pseudo-professional, and I believe your style guide might just be it.

  • michael y

    I’m 23 and I have recently realized my style and wardrobe are very much in need of an upgrade. Soon I will be entering the office world (currently working in construction) and I’ll need to make some clothing purchases. the biggest hangup for me is money. I don’t have much of it so I need to make the best purchases I can! I realize that it takes time, but I am trying to learn all I can so that I can step into a new wardrobe as efficiently as possible!

  • Chris L.

    I’m a 23 year old new graduate finally getting a fashion sense. I’m pretty naive about how to build my wardrobe (from ties and shirts to shoes) for the different seasons – what materials are for winter, spring, etc. I’m also on a very limited budget so I really have to pick and choose what I’m going to buy every couple months. I’m sort of between sizes too so a lot of times I have trouble deciding to go with sizes with what fits. Finally, I’m also interested in learning about proportioning my clothing – getting ties, shirt and collar size, and lapel width all in proportion in my outfits. Making the right decisions on seasonality, proportion, and price are all things I hope I can improve on by reading GYS – and maybe I’ll notice more looks both in and outside of the office. 

  • I have my professional daily work style pretty well in place. it does what it needs to and is easy enough to put together each day.
    I also have my most relaxy, lazy sunday bbq done and done.
    Where I need work in my wardrobe is the in-between. Whether I am going to a bar with some friends, out on a casual date, or just around town, I need to work on the effortless yet adult and well put together look a few levels above a t-shirt and few levels below a shirt and tie.

  • EB

    I’m 23 and needing to prove myself at work and with clients.  Dressing appropriately is critical for my future success.

  • Craig

    I’m a 20 year old Junior in college and I’m just starting to revamp my style. I’m slowly trying to graduate from all the American Eagle button ups that I wore in high school in order to have a more sophisticated yet simple look. I’d love to know what things are worth spending on (seeing as how I’m a college student with not much money), and where to shop for good affordable clothing.

  • Daniel Vedamuthu

    What do you need help with most?
    I’m a 35 year old. I’ve been implementing many of the ideas I’ve found on EG. Some I did unknowingly. I’ve been working on losing weight; it doesn’t make much sense to upgrade my wardrobe if it’s going to not fit in a few months! What I need help with the most RIGHT NOW is whatI can do to keep some type of style while I’m transitioning. Another Big Issue for me is finding footwear that can survive a Minnesota Winter. Even the independent shoe store that provides that high quality service and products carries mostly rubber soles because of our winters. I also have wide feet and it makes canvas or fabric dock shoes or sneakers look strange (or if I get something to fit the width of my shoes, they are so long they look like clown shoes!)

    What would you like to improve upon most?
    I want to improve the efficiency of my closet and dresser. That is, I don’t want it to be bursting at the seams (ha ha?) with stuff just because, but to have a very modular wardrobe that is high quality. It also has to work through Minnesota winters and Minnesota summers.

    What kind of outcome would you like?
    I want a wardrobe that is stylish for work, but that can adapt to also be comfortable so I can still be stylish when sitting on the couch or playing with the dog.

  • Snoboardp

    My wardrobe consists of mainly v-neck tees for casual wear, with dark denim. Dressier nights will include a button up (i favor checkered designs) with a sweater.

    Hope to get a better sense of what style works best for me, and some more versatility in the wardrobe without breaking the bank.  No one wants to look the same everyday.

  • john

    I need help with fit! I only just realized over the past year or so that I’ve been buying size large all my life because that’s what I thought I was when I’m really more of a medium. 

  • hotdogwater

    matching colors – eg ties to dress shirts

  • AndersLS

    I’m 24 and looking to improve my professional wardrobe.

  • Joseph W.

    I’d like to figure out what kind of shoes to be wearing in the summer when I’m wearing shorts and a polo.

  • G.

    I am changing jobs and need to purchase some professional clothes, my previous job had a uniform and my wardrobe consists of old things I’ve had since college and gifts.

  • I’m currently struggling with what to wear to the office day in and day out. Everyone around me dresses so low key and casual, so it’s very easy to get caught up in doing that…but I’d rather not!

    Hopefully your book addresses that!

  • Flexobrau

    I am graduating college, so I do not have much of a budget, and I need to make the wardrobe transition for my first full time office position.

  • aHarold7

    I would really like to dress well, and I believe I do, but I don’t want to make myself stand out in my small-town, high school crowd.

  • Chris

    I think I do ok with putting outfits together and dressing appropriately for the occasion.  My issue right now is that I’ve added some pounds so I want to make sure the way I’m dressing is right for my weight (no man-muffin tops, etc.) as well as learn some ways to dress that accentuates the good and helps disguise the bad.  I’m hoping GYS can help me with this, as well as just broaden and expand my knowledge.  Thanks!

  • Joe D

    I’m currently trying to expand my seasonal wear. I want to find out what fabrics and styles of clothing work best for various weather conditions.

  • positivecarry

    Most of my clothes are button up shirts and pants for work, and I just wear long sleeve tees, t-shirts, jeans, sweatpants when I’m not at work.  I’d like to find some new clothing combos.

  • Brian

    I’m trying to up the work attire to match a new promotion. I need some help!

  • judeobscure

    Work wear is funereally easy as I am suckishly limited to black shoes,  black trousers, black suit jacket and any color shirt and tie I so desire. It’s the casual wear that I need the most help with although, I do know enough to avoid cargo shorts.

  • adiventure

    I’ve been having trouble as I lost a lot of weight, and now have options I never had before but also clothes that are far too large.

  • Sdesai3

    Trying to find the the right pant size for slim lanky guy like me. 30/30 or 30/32?!

  • Matt

    Hi Barron. Love the blog. I have a bunch of problems, and want to dress well, but it never seems to work out. First off, I have no idea about sizing whatsoever. As far as shirts, M’s look skin-tight, but L’s look like I’m wearing my big brother’s stuff…short sleeves come down to the elbows. Whenever I find a shirt or sweater that seems to fit right, it’s short and comes up in the back when I sit. I’m a very normal size and shape, so I don’t get it. I also have problems with jeans and pants…either they look skin tight or baggy. I can never find the right fit. I think I have a good sense of what my personal style is, but I don’t live it. I always tell myself, “one day” I’ll dress the way I want. But it’s always “after I drop 10 lbs” or “after the holidays” or some other excuse. I’m thinking of finally taking the plunge, and your site has given me a ton of great advice.

    I also own one suit, which I’ve had for years. The top looks fine, but the bottoms look like MC Hammer pants. I just recently discovered that I could get “athletic cut” suits. Meanwhile, I look like a boy in 1989 getting ready for his communion or bar mitzvah, with ill-fitting pants that envelop my shoes.

    This is the tip of the iceberg. I hope to win a copy of your book because a.) I’m a disaster and could really use some more advice, and b.) I hope to take the plunge and buy some clothes soon.

    Take care!

  • Rafal

    Hi Barron. Mostly my style issue is that I do not know how to wear some of the pieces I already own. There are also probably vast holes in my wardrobe that need to be filled!

  • Azhrei

    My biggest hang up is how to dress well but not look like an old man. To combat this, I’ve put colored laces on my leather shoes, but I can’t figure out the rest. I’ve also found it difficult to develop my own personal style. By reading your book, I’m really hoping to have a one stop resource to answer by basic style questions.

  • Vic Licciani

    Because im a 40 year old virgin who dresses like a loser.   still living at home ..need help from you barron to get my act together..

  • Smooth510

    My current style is basically khakis and a polo shirt or some color shirt cuffed up. Not pleased with my physique so I still keep my shirts untuck.

    Somehow found this site along with a few others and finally realized i was long overdue to dress more grown. Wore baggy jeans, Jordans and LRG tees or jerseys for way too long. Unused to hate it when my girl asked me to dress up for her family parties.

    But thanks to this site, diapered and some others, im slowly but surely changing.

  • Thinning in SD

    I’ve had some pretty big life changes the last two years having gone from a size 54 pant and 3 or 4XL shirts to a size 36 pant and large shirt (still want to lose 15 more pounds!). During that transformation I’ve also met the love of my life (who fell for me packing an extra 80lbs or so from where I am now) and makes me want to be the man she deserves. On top of that I’ve also been promoted to a management position at work, so I have people reporting to me as well as more interaction with executives at my Fortune 100 company. My office itself is business casual, so I want to look good and like I belong and be memorable, but without sticking out like a sore thumb and looking like I’m trying too hard or trying to show people up, especially since I’m about 20 years younger than my fellow managers.

  • Reggie V

    My biggest style hang up is finding off-the-rack clothes that fit me well. 

    I am on the shorter side (5’6”), have a wide chest, slim around the waist, and have short arms. Until last year, I was unaware how badly my clothes fit me. They were simply too big for me. Then, I started reading a few style blogs and realized that almost everything in my closet was wrapping me like a blanket. 

    I started to throw out most of my old clothes, which was a pain because  I had spent years and $$$ accumulating them. I decided that I will only buy stuff that fits me properly and not be tempted by discounts and new trends. The idea was to develop a small wardrobe in which everything would be a decent fit. Since I cannot afford bespoke clothing, I have been searching for off-the-rack brands that fit my particular frame well.

    It has been a frustrating process. I have lost count of the number of times I have bought something and returned after trying it at home because the piece  was too long, too loose or both. Specifically, the dress shirts seem to billow around the waist (even the slilm fit ones) and almost all of them have longer sleeves than my arms. The casual shirts and polos that I want to leave untucked are too long and look like I am wearing a dress. Some trouser fit me well around the waist but almost all are too long. I want to wear pants that have no break but I invariably end up with ones that have too much break.

    The brands that have XS size does not fit around the chest and shoulders. If I move up to S size, these fit well around the chest and shoulders but tend to be loose everywhere else. I have found a couple of brands that fit decently, but only after some alteration by a local tailor. And spending $20-30 to alter a $50 trouser does not feel like a good use of money.

    What I hope to get from GYS is a sense of how I can slowly eliminate the ill-fitting clothes from my closet (there are still a lot of them in there) and replace them with ones I truly like and fit well. I would be very interested in seeing specific recommendations similar to what is provided on the site often. I hope to be able to do all this without spending thousands of dollars!

  • Devyn Nelson

     My biggest style hang-up is incorporating color into my wardrobe. I’ve always liked black, but it has been to the detriment of having color in my wardrobe, and while I am slowly changing that, I need some help going about it.

  • Dzimalrash

    Oh yea I do have some wardobe hang ups.

    I’m 24, just started my career as an engineer. So with lots of help from your blog, I managed to pretty much overhauled my wardobe, getting rid of the ‘college boy’ look.

    But I find myself still fond of graphic tees, even though I hardly wear them anymore. Is there a good way to inject the ‘fun’ of graphic tees (think Pull & Bear, definitely not Ed Hardys) into my getup?

    Keep up the good work with your book. I’m sure it will stand the test of time so don’t bother writing a sequel to it 🙂

  • Jake

    As a college student on a very tight budget, it is quite difficult to be able to dress as well as I’d like to. Not only do I have to balance replacing my Hollister and Abercrombie with more mature clothes with being able to afford books, I have to do so in a way that I don’t come off as “that pretentious asshole that dresses as if he were meeting the President everyday”. Not an easy task, let me assure you.

  • NateR

    The biggest hang up for my style currently is the tight budget I have to live on.  I’m two years removed from college and still haven’t landed a decent job so my doing everything I can to make my meager income work for me.  So as of right now, I have very little room in my budget for new fashion, but I’m also coming into a place where my style is changing and become more and more my own.  Up until recently I was still receiving clothes from my family, and you can’t be as choosey with someone else’s money as you can with your own.  But I’m working toward that goal and while it is a slow process, its definitely worthwhile.

  • Joe

    I’m a big fan of your site and would love a copy of your new guide. I’m in my late 20s now and have finally figured out what I want most in my wardrobe. The most important issue I find is fit. I’m short, 5’5” and finding the right fit at most stores is difficult. I’m stuck somewhere between a size S and M. Experimenting with color can also be tricky. I do have some quality pieces in my wardrobe but I normally just throw on jeans and a T to save time. Help!

  • Hi right now I have no real style. I’m a very fresh guy who works from home so I normally wear jeans and some tee. I would really like to find a style that looks more professional but still keep my fresh attitude. I would love to win that copy! 

  • Joefamous

    I have a hugely varying sense of style. I have nice stuff from my days as a Nordstrom employee but my current job is a jeans and t-shirt gig that is polar opposite to my former wardrobe. I find that I randomly try to dress up just to prove to myself that I still know how. I mostly try buy things that are stylish but not trendy and have things in the regular rotation that are years old but still look good. I just try to make what I have look nice without looking like I spent an hour figuring out what to wear.

  • D4rkRXN

    Over the past year or so I’ve been slowly been working on improving my wardrobe. However, I tend to still wear mostly jeans and a t-shirt, albeit well fitting ones. Though it’s a tremendous improvement from my old “uniform” of baggy cargo pants, clunky white new balance sneakers, and an oversized t-shirt. Now I’m at the stage where I’m really trying to upgrade my style and what I struggle with currently (and hope that GYS can help me with) is: knowing what a good fit is, how to wear colors that complement each other, and overall just expand my horizons in what I can wear and how to wear it. 

  • amcdonald

    Hi Barron, thanks for the giveaway! For me the biggest challenge is putting together a wardrobe systematically, so that quality and style are maximized, while $$$ and wasted items are minimized. If I could pop open my closet, see a handful of clothing items, and be able to quickly assemble a stylish and dress level appropriate outfit, I would be very happy indeed.

  • K301

    Hi, I’m in college and my challenge is finding good stuff on a college budget, and knowing exactly what to look for.

  • Hi, I’m a college student on a small budget. I recently realized how important it is to look sharp and how people view me differently when I dress nice. I shop at thrift stores and recently started saving and researching so I can get some base wardrobe clothing to upgrade my style. I’m still researching and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes I’ll buy something (specifically at thrift stores) and realize later it doesn’t complement me at all or just doesn’t plain fit right. This guide would really help point me in the right direction. Thanks -Zach

  • Andrew

    I have suits, shirts, ties and all sorts of formal wear. I have plaid and other comfortably casual things to wear. I can’t for the life of me find a good middle ground of casually classy. Furthermore, I love color but I can’t seem to find the right colors to make my wardrobe cohesive and still a little flashy, I know you wrote a post on it, but I imagine you wrote more in GYS so I want to take a crack at that.

  • Josh L.

    I’m a new young professional, but here’s the problem – my company is super lax in dress code out here in California.  Most people come to work in jeans and a t-shirt: a hoodie if it’s cold.  That’s been my fall-back for years, and so while I want to graduate my style, my incentive is very small. I hope that this will give me a way to up my ante without going too over the top; a balance I can’t seem to find!

  • Rob

    Ah, hahhaha. I’m likely a different kinda guy than most of your readers. I’m a transgender man (which means I lived as female for the first bunch of years of my life.) I’m just now living as the guy I’ve always felt I should have been, and oh, man! The clothes are fun! The clothes are confusing! I’m graduating my style in a really great big way. 

  • Chasmang

    I feel out of place sometimes when I try to dress nice at work because there isn’t much of a strict dress code at my office. Just wearing a nice pair of slacks or a button down makes me feel too formal, much less trying to incorporate more interesting colors into the mix. I manage most of that through my ever growing collection of awesome and colorful socks, but I’d love to be confident enough to wear some of the chinos I see advertised here. They look so cool, but I imagine I’d get them and just leave them in my closet, too embarassed to wear them in front of my co-workers.

    Your site has helped me to start being more style-conscious and dress better, but I hope your book can give me the confidence to jump completely in.

  • Lou F.

    I have no respect for tradition and no respect for
    non-expert opinions.  I guess that’s why
    I worry about falling into the common fashion tropes I see every minute of
    every day in my working class New England home. 
    My life is filled with Polo wearing ex-frat boys, older Dads with tired,
    earth toned button down shirts, ironic T-Shirt wearing aging “gamers” and blue
    jeans, blue jeans for every and all occasions.

    I’ve also got a hard time understanding common social
    queues.    I’m
    worried that by experimenting with new ways of dressing I’ll fall into an
    existing stereotype that doesn’t describe me at all.  So as a 30 year old I fall back into the way
    I dressed in High School, cargoes, T-Shirts and Sneakers with an occasional,
    stumbling foray into something more dignified. 
    At least I know what that style says about me, even if it’s not great.

    I know what it feels like to dress well because I do so at
    work but in the rest of my life I want to develop a style without falling into a

  • A. Wintervold

    I am 17 years old so my current wardrobe consists of chinos, a pair of dark slim cut jeans, white t-shirts and oxford button down shirts.

    I would like to get some tips on how to expand on this by adding more variety and especially ties as there has never been a place or time to wear them during my high school years. 

  • Love the concept! I like how you do what you do

  • Hi, hailing you all the way from Trinidad. Dressing well in our tropical climate has always been an issue. What you all call “Summer fabrics” i.e. Seersucker, Mohair etc are very very expensive in this part of the world because of this as an aspiring gentleman at times I have no choice but wearing polos & t-shirts over dress shirts. Wearing a suit during the day is out of the question unless you’re in an air condition environment all day.  Even at night it’s a challenge and layering is also out of the question. For evening events that arent formal I may wear caridgans or polos. I really like what you all are doing and any advice or knowledge I can gain to help me shape my wardrobe accordinly would be awesome! I definitely need to learn more ways to dress well while not feeling like I’m a walking sauna.

  • Jon

    I’m  in process of building and finalizing a wardrobe that can last for the rest of my lifetime (28 – working professional in socal) and would like to know the components and how to guide to do so, with minimal waste in spending and maximizing efficiency. I employ a conservative, classic, timeless style

  • Nate Gilbert

    Shirts that fit right, Oh, and money. I try to do the best I can with what I have.

  • Spencer

    About a year ago I embarked on the extremely long and arduous task of getting healthy and losing 140 (!!!) pounds (I’m half way there!). Obviously along the way, as the pounds fell off, my clothes, such as they were, started getting looser and looser. As I started to consider new wardrobe options, I realized that I actually cared about style, and that I no longer wanted to be a t-shirt and jeans schlub. About a month ago I started frequently EG, as well as a couple other style sites, to start getting an idea of how I should start rebuilding my wardrobe. As I still have a considerable amount of eight to lose, I cant jump right in and buy a new wardrobe, but I want to get a head start for the finish line and start developing better taste in clothes as I make the transition from “silly t-shirt guy” to “dashingly handsome gentleman”. I’ve recently picked up a few new clothing items as I just started a new job, and was amazed at how even little changes has done wonders for my confidence. I’m going to buy the guide either way (unfortunately I couldn’t get in on the prerelease for various reasons), but hell, I cant help but try and score a freebie!

  • Christian P.

    Hey Barron, I’m a 20 year old college student studying to become a high school teacher. This semester, I started an internship at a local high school. Sometimes, I’m mistaken for a student! I mean, there are actually some students with great style. One time, a student and I were both wearing blue button downs, khakis, and sperrys. I can’t seem to find my own style and haven’t graduated from my teenage wardrobe of hoodies, oversized t-shirts, and jeans mixed with the polos and button down shirts I now buy. My wardrobe is in its awkward years and right now, I don’t know what clothes to buy or get rid of. I need a style overhaul. Your blog has helped a lot and I hope to read more about having my own affordable style in your book.

  • I’ve got a few challenges that require regular problem solving. For one, I’m a video journalist by trade. There’s not much of a dress code, but I’m a bit of a clothes horse, and like to look sharp under any circumstances. Here’s the trick… on any given day, I could be interviewing the Governor, covering a fire, or doing a feature story at the dog park, etc… . Since the news isn’t always planned, I have to be ready for anything, so balancing style and functionality can be tricky.
    On the “build” side, there are challenges too: Broad shoulders, narrow waist, long torso, short and thin legs, but with size 12 feet. Its hard to find even casual clothes that don’t require tailoring.
    I don’t care about “brands” but I tend to stick to the few things I know tend to work… Bonobos shorts, Fred Perry Polos, Levis jeans, and a few basics from H&M usually work… for the weekends. Where it gets sticky is staying sharp during the week in something I won’t mind being destroyed if my morning story with a room full of “suits” is followed by an afternoon of documenting flood damaged neighborhoods.
    As I move through my mid 30s, I also want to stay age-appropriate without getting boring. I’m sure your book will have lots of helpful information.

  • Erik

    I believe I’ve gotten a decent start on overhauling my wardrobe, but I still have quite a few details to fill in. I’m 22 years old, live in a temperate climate, but I love taking the opportunity to travel to other (often colder) climates and wear some of the pieces I’ve acquired so far. Because of my limited budget, a fair amount of my recent wardrobe has come from ebay, consignment stores, and thrift stores. A guide that would help me best allocate my funds would be very much appreciated though, because I’ve been told and come to realize through experience that the most expensive pieces in your closet are the ones you don’t wear. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • RTulk

    Hey Barron,
    I’m currently in the military (stationed in California), so my work clothes are not about to change. I need quite a bit of help when it comes to the off time though. I’ve been wearing jeans (and sometimes cargo shorts) and t-shirts for as long as I can remember. A few weeks back I was looking through some of the higher end outlet stores in Cabazon, and I realized my wardrobe was severely lacking and need improvement. I’ve been logging in several hours of research on websites like yours to fix that.

    My biggest hang ups (besides starting from square one) would be using color and stepping away from only wearing t-shirts. I have a little trouble with my color vision, and when I go looking for clothes I rely a lot on my wife. She likes to suggest black, grey, and white, and very few colors outside of that (except when it comes to ties.) As for stepping away from tees, almost everybody here on base walks around in their Afliction, Metal Mulisha, and other ridiculous graphic tees, and I want to be close to the polar opposite. I’m just a little iffy on where to start.

    I hope GYS will help me build a solid foundation for developing my own style. Then I can step away from the teenage clothes and dress like I should have been dressing for some time now. I also hope to accomplish this without taking hard hits to my finances.

  • CSweet

    I live in Bangkok and I am just starting to get into style.  My biggest problem here is that the heat and humidity in this city is INSANE!  Layering with coats/jackets is not an option.  I am looking to upgrade my style for this tropical climate, but still look killer weather I be outside in the heat, or at a University nightclub chasing Thai girls in the AC.

  • I just finished the transition from labor jobs to college to an office job. Now I need to upgrade my wardrobe to fit. After doing some research (here and on some of sites that you’ve recommended) I recently purchased some new shirts and am slowly building my wardrobe.
    The hardest part for me is that I ride a motorcycle as my main transportation. So I have to stay safe (jeans, boots, and the heavy leather jacket) while commuting and am still figuring out how to make that look ok.

    Ultimately, I want to create a personal style that is subtly but distinctly my own. I am picturing jeans, perhaps french cuff shirts (I’ve got the cuff links, might as well use them), and possibly a vest. (You may be shaking your head as you read this…)

  • Dave

    Having survive the last several years as an unfunded PhD candidate, my wardrobe was my absolute last priority. Now that I’m in the write-up phase and working professionally in NYC, I’ve had to quickly adapt and try to get my clothes and wardrobe up to snuff. My hang-up, jeans and a fitted shirt have been my primary outfit for the last few years and now I’ve to be able to look respectable in the pubic and professional arenas. 
    My hope would be that GYS can help me learn the foundations for my personal style and can help me gain the knowledge necessary to develop a wardrobe that will fit with the branding and professional image I am trying to create as a non-academia based scholar and consultant.

  • I am a Veteran, and a National Guard retiree. For eight years I was full time with the National Guard, which included a four year mobilization working with wounded Soldiers.  So for eight years I wore the uniform and didn’t have to worry about what to wear to work and all that..
    Since retiring I have struggled  with trying to figure out what to wear to work, so I am always looking for information about dressing for work.

  • Adam Luo

    I’m starting graduate school in a new city in the fall, and my hope is that GYS will help me in … every area.

  • I’ve learned an incredible amount from the site over the last year. I’m looking very forward to this.

  • yabbs

    I’m struggling with getting over my penny pinching ways and actually spend some money on quality. Then there’s the “office style” at my workplace is much more casual than I would like.

  • Bobby

    I’m training to become a teacher but feel my wardrobe does not match accordingly. I know GYS will change my situation for the better!

  • Nick D

    Looking to develop a consistent style rather than planning for a nice outfit once and a while.

  • Judsonmeherg

    Late entry, but I am  a senior in accounting, graduating this upcoming May 12th. Really nervous about hitting the interview scene, knowing what to wear and feeling comfortable in it! Could really use a guide to help set myself apart from all the others out there gunning for the same jobs!

  • “Average” Brian

    What is your current Style?I’d say personally that my style is timeless, as cliche as that may sound. I dress like how a respectable young man from 1960s America would’ve dressed. Just a normal look of chinos, a long sleeve button shirt, and usually boat shoes/penny loafers or boots of some sort. I don’t really think there is a term for it, but if you had to label it something, I’d say classic American. What are you wardrobe hangups?This question was pretty easy to answer and my biggest wardrobe hangup is possibly the fact that I lack variety in my closet! I have hangers with button up shirts, a blazer, a charcoal suit, and chinos folded……… But that’s about all I have. Everything looks pretty boring in there :/  Lack of color, diversity, or anything exciting at all.   The thing is my closet and my current wardrobe aren’t things a kid my age should be wearing (college kid).Aside from this, I basically wear a uniform to class all the time (chinos, shirt).  I look like the guy that has no personality at all……..What would you hope to achieve by reading GYS?Well, if I do win the book, I’d like to be able to add more color to my wardrobe (everything in my closet is white, blue, and khaki).  Aside from this, I’d like to be able to build a unique style, something uniquely my own, yet borrowing from the Classic American style that I’m embracing now. I’m hoping this book will give me interesting concepts and ideas and not try to give me a “do this, do that” cookie cutter method on how to dress. What do you need help with most?Adding more substance to my personal style for lack of a better word.  Learning new concepts so I know how tintegrate different patterns, textures, textiles, and colors into a cohesive and classy outfit. Blue shirt/white shirt with khaki chinos on a daily basis isn’t fun at all. Also out of curiosity will the book be covering some aspects of being able to determine the fit of a suit? I find that every male, young and old, should own a good fitting suit and know what a good fit is. I’ve read many resources on this (Alan Flusser, Ask Andy, Antonio Centeno, and ect).Hoping I win and my post doesn’t get skimmed over. Lol

    • “Average” Brian

      Formatting was off so I thought I’d repost it, apologies for the mess

      What is your current Style?

      I’d say personally that my style is timeless, as cliche as that may sound. I dress like how a respectable young man from 1960s America would’ve dressed. Just a normal look of chinos, a long sleeve button shirt, and usually boat shoes/penny loafers or boots of some sort. I don’t really think there is a term for it, but if you had to label it something, I’d say classic American.

       What are you wardrobe hangups?

      This question was pretty easy to answer and my biggest wardrobe hangup is possibly the fact that I lack variety in my closet! I have hangers with button up shirts, a blazer, a charcoal suit, and chinos folded……… But that’s about all I have. Everything looks pretty boring in there :/  Lack of color, diversity, or anything exciting at all.   The thing is my closet and my current wardrobe aren’t things a kid my age should be wearing (college kid).Aside from this, I basically wear a uniform to class all the time (chinos, shirt).  I look like the guy that has no personality at all……..

      What would you hope to achieve by reading GYS?Well, if I do win the book, I’d like to be able to add more color to my wardrobe (everything in my closet is white, blue, and khaki).  Aside from this, I’d like to be able to build a unique style, something uniquely my own, yet borrowing from the Classic American style that I’m embracing now. I’m hoping this book will give me interesting concepts and ideas and not try to give me a “do this, do that” cookie cutter method on how to dress.

       What do you need help with most?

      Adding more substance to my personal style for lack of a better word.  Learning new concepts so I know how tintegrate different patterns, textures, textiles, and colors into a cohesive and classy outfit. Blue shirt/white shirt with khaki chinos on a daily basis isn’t fun at all. Also out of curiosity will the book be covering some aspects of being able to determine the fit of a suit? I find that every male, young and old, should own a good fitting suit and know what a good fit is. I’ve read many resources on this (Alan Flusser, Ask Andy, Antonio Centeno, and ect).Hoping I win and my post doesn’t get skimmed over. Lol

  • Papa Doble

    I am trying to balance my interest in classic style while working in a truly casual, even “weekend casual,” environment.

  • Diablosblvd

    I think you are producing the exact product that guys need. Most style guides start off WAY too intricate discussing textures and patterns. What we need, first and foremost, is a guide that explains what looks good on which body type. Does GYS do this?As a reader of Effortless Gent, I know that your advice is synchronous with my needs. You like to ‘pop’, but not look absurd. Remain classic so that certain items continue to stay legitimate and therefore not waste money, but also present a contemporary feel.

    What I need…is to ‘pop’ without being absurd, and knowing what looks good on myself without having to ask the advice of a female. Will the Graduating Your Style guide do this for me?

  • Alex

    In general, I feel like I’m stuck in a teenager phase of “jeans and t-shirt”, although I tend to prefer slimmer cuts of each. Color combinations are an area I’d like to branch out into more, as well as some dressier bits. Overall, I really just want to achieve a better taste in fashion but don’t want to waste money experimenting on what works and what doesn’t.

  • James

    I suppose my main concern now is that most of my wardrobe is on the casual side.  It’s certainly not all jeans and T-shirts.  I generally wear polos or turtlenecks with Dockers, and I have some dress clothes for when I need them.  But I’d like to have more options in between there — something a bit nicer than my daily wear, but not quite as formal as dress clothes.  I don’t really have a good idea of how to do that, what clothes to get, how to match them up, what makes a good look, etc.  From what I’ve read about GYS here, it sounds like your guide would cover exactly the kind of topics I’m interested in.  By implementing its ideas, I think I’ll gain a better sense of men’s style and be able to get a more fashionable look.  This should be helpful for work, especially since I’m getting a promotion now and want to try to improve my look a bit.  Thanks for your giveaway offer and the info on this site.

  • DTAV

    Right now it is getting to be 100 degrees in Phoenix so my current style/wardrobe hangups are mainly warm weather issue related. What is a good classic summer style? Shorts at all? or lighter chinos/jeans? Also I am just started at looking into getting a good suit/dress shirts/ties/bow ties/pocket squares for different occasions and I feel GYS can help me with a basic minimal classic setup. I also need help with mix and matching patterns too. I would love to improve my more formal wear and also layering in the winter. 

    I hope that GYS can help me develop my own unique style based around a classic look that won’t go out of style. Thanks for the GAW!

  • Aniruddha

    Thanks a lot for this giveaway…

    I am an international student here in US…so lots of my style is pretty basic…Jeans, T-shirts, hoodie (in a cold weather), and some formals…Since I never grew up in a lifestyle that looks at ‘Clothes are an important part of a lifestyle’, I still struggle a lot putting a decent outfit on a everyday basis…

    I have been reading an Effortless Gent for a few months now and this site has helped me a lot in upgrading my wardrobe and my attitude towards clothing, although not to a greater standard but now I’m way ahead than my earlier self…

    If I win this I am pretty sure this will help me in giving me that final push…

    Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • Joe Pence109

    Hello! I have been trolling your site as well as many others in an attempt to not dress like a college kid or a hobo. However, I also have the added hang of never learning how to dress properly in the first place! When I was younger is was drastically overweight and the main goal of my clothing options was to cover as much of myself as possible. Now that I am in much better shape I want to look like a care about my clothing but my first instinct is to always go with safe colors and baggier cuts.

    The number one thing I need help with in clothing myself is how and where to buy basic clothes. To be honest most of the shopping I have ever done is in a mall, which is hard to avoid where I am because I don’t have many options. I try to shop online every now and then but the idea of spending $60 on something that might not fit scares the daylights out of my flat, meager wallet.

    As I said before all I really want is too look like I care about my wardrobe. What that comes down to for me is:

    1) Can afford to dress like this forever? I will need to buy cloths periodically so I need to know what to buy and where to buy it

    2) How can I differentiate myself from others while not violating rule one?

    3) How can I look different while still maintaining a level of comfort and class in my clothing (meaning no big goofy logos, no ridiculous colors, no trendy geegaws).

    Save me!

  • jdogg85

    Hey, Byron. You have helped my style a lot in the past 6 months
    since finding your site. I have gone from wearing Michael Jordan brand shoes
    everyday to knowing when its appropriate to wear them or not. My current style is Tommy
    Hilfiger button downs & Levi’s Jeans (its a start). I really enjoy the help
    you give me and my style and life has changed since Ive been reading you blogs. I still need your help in many ways so im still on your site daily trying to
    come up with new ideals on my style. 

  • JustinDeon

    I just graduated college & have learned a lot on how to dress in the professional world. Your web site has been such a huge help and a real life saver.  My wardrobe has definitely changed for the better. Bow ties have been my latest style, and I love everything it says about me. My new style has made such a difference in my confidence. 

  • Hey Byron, I’m graduating from college where I am in a fraternity. Through experiences within the fraternity, I’m confident that I’ve learned business formal dressing habits pretty well, but struggle still with the casual and business casual looks. My typical wardrobe is a tee shirt and sweatpants or a tee shirt, jeans and sneakers, and I’d like to bring more collars/dress into my casual look. I plan on using your blog as that resource!

  • Thanks Christopher!

  • seanosaur

    I’ve always gotten hung up with color coordination. Do purple and dark green go together? What about cornflower blue and green? etc etc etc

    I’d like to get better at looking at my closet and KNOWING what looks good with what.