Hey gents (and ladies),

Happy new year!

2011. Wow. 2010 just FLEW by! How did that even happen? It’s funny how fast the years go by as you get older, and I’m sure there’s no slowing down.

Lots of stuff happened this year for EG. We celebrated our first birthday not too long ago, and we’ve had some great discussions on this site. Thanks again to all my regular readers for your insight and conversation. I love seeing you guys interact in the comments and through Twitter and Facebook. As always, if you ever need to reach me, feel free to do so on the contact page. I read every email.

Remember “The Project”?

A couple weeks ago, I asked what do you want from me. I’ve gotten great responses, some more detailed than others, yet all seem to have this underlying theme:

How do I transition from College Schlep to Grown Man? And how do I do so when my wardrobe consists of mostly worn jeans and T-shirts, and I have an entry-level job with barely enough money for a weekend bar tab, let alone a new wardrobe curated by the editors of GQ Magazine?

All very valid questions. So, in 2011, I aim to create an über guide. Let’s consider it the Essential Guide to Wardrobe Transitioning: From College Schlep to Grown Man (totally just made this title up right now, and it’s not finalized at all.) Here are some topics (requested by you) that I’ve considered including in the guide:

  • Where do I even start?
  • What are the essential items?
  • What are not necessarily essential, but really beneficial to have?
  • What kind of suit should I get, if I can only afford one?
  • Chinos: What’s the deal? How and where do I find a good pair?
  • What is the happy medium between jeans / t-shirt and a suit?
  • What looks good on different body types, different physical attributes?
  • Common casual wear (going to the coffee shop, a game, the bar, the park)
  • What goes best with brown shoes / black shoes?
  • Carrying your stuff: what’s a good bag?
  • Can you recommend a nice dressy coat?
  • Can you recommend a nice casual jacket?

Here’s where you come in

What else can you suggest? I welcome any and all suggestions because I want to make this the most kick-ass über guide ever.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below! And RT and Like this post (up at the top!) so we can reach as many people as possible. The more input the better.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading all your suggestions!

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7 Responses

  1. Drew Allen on

    I am very excited about this list… I remember buying and reading several books, and sort of forging my own way from college schlep to grown man, and I got flak for it from some (mostly my younger guy friends), and I spent too much on some things unnecessarily in the beginning (really nice cufflinks aka dust collectors).

    Anyway, I look forward to it!

    • Barron on

      Hey Drew,

      Yeah, I realize sometimes guys aren’t really sure what to focus on (certain essential pieces) and what not to focus on (cufflinks, in your case). I’m glad you at least took the time to try and figure things out. Hopefully this guide will still have some things you will find useful.

  2. Kevin on

    Like to see a section on summer style (both casual and sharply dressed). I live in Phoenix and dealing with the heat in a stylish way is a challenge. Too often, I end up beach casual (sandals, shorts, rolled up casual button up).

  3. Dan on

    I think a discussion on the importance, availability, and price of quality footwear is essential. I graduated just this past spring and am now working, but i have already gone through several pairs of shoes because i neglected to buy a quality set. From my experience, Bass shoes are hard to beat for the quality you get compared to the price.

  4. Financial Samurai on

    Sounds like a great project/e-book or whatever you want it to be!

    I remember shopping at stores such as Ross for cheaper clothes. I think at the end of the day, if the fit is good, and you’re in shape, that’s like 70% of the battle.

    Highlighting the basic wardrobe is a good idea imo.


    • Barron on

      Hey Sam,

      Yeah I hope to create something great from it. We will see. There’s a ton of info to distill and organize.

      You “remember” shopping at those stores? I still shop at those stores. haha. You’re right about fit though… that’s what it’s all about.