Hi gents,

Got a few emails this week asking “Where are you?”, “How come you haven’t been posting regularly lately?”, and “Are you still alive?”

Appreciate the concern, my friends, and I’m glad to know the absence of new content is noticed. That means you guys are reading and learning and getting good value out of EG, right?

So this is my check-in post. Not much meat in this one, but I thought it’d be a good idea to let you know what’s going on in my world.

Time! Or lack thereof

5&B in production

If only there were more than 24 hours in a day… I think I’d even skip sleeping if I could, just to have some more time to work on EG and Fifth&Brannan. But, gotta do what you can with what you have, am I right?

So all this rambling to basically say, I’ve been busy. With the actual day gig, running back and forth to the manufacturers to check on our 5&B collection currently in production, and all the web upkeep that comes with managing both the 5&B site and EG… I don’t have much time.

Oh, right, and I’ve been working on the first EG guide, appropriately named The Effortless Guide to Graduating Your Style.

I’ve had this idea in my head for over a year, and have been working on it sporadically the past 8 months or so. But the last two months? I’ve been hitting it hardcore, just trying to polish it up and add the finishing touches so I can finally get it out there into the world.

I seriously have spent every (free) waking moment working on this thing. I barely saw Kate the gf, and we live together… which sucks because she’s really easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean.

*sigh of relief*

But! GYS, as I like to call it, is complete. I made it available for sale to a small group of über-interested folks to get their initial feedback and see what they thought.

So far so good, from the emails and love notes I’ve received from dudes telling me how helpful it is, how many ideas it’s giving them, etc. Great news.

I cannot WAIT to make it available for you, too. Stay tuned next week; I’ll have something special for you guys.

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“Something about you looks different. Did you cut your hair?”

By the way, have you noticed the slight upgrades to the site?

EG Speedy

The site should be a bit faster now, thanks to some sweet upgrades in the back-end. Not that interesting, but getting to useful content faster is always a good thing, right?

Updated navigation selection

One thing I’ve wanted to work on is the navigation on this site. There needs to be a better way for you to get to certain types of articles more quickly, and I’m working on it.

I did update the navigation a bit, so it should be easier to get around. Click around up there and see what tickles your fancy. If you’re new, I suggest clicking on “START HERE” first. That will get you acclimated and give you a sample tasting of the most useful articles on the site.

More clearly-separated posts on the home page

After staring at the home page a bit, I started to think the two-posts-per-row below the main post was difficult to look at and read. So now each post starts off on its own row, with easily-clickable buttons to read more, and to access the comments.

Hope you like the small updates! If you have any other suggestions that I might have overlooked, feel free to let me know in the comments.

More awesome articles soon

Promise. Though I haven’t been able to write as much for the site lately, I’ve been getting random spurts of inspiration for articles, and I can’t wait to flesh them out some more.

In the meantime, come join us on Facebook. We have some cool conversations on there.

Till next time!


ps: don’t forget to get on EG’s list, and also keep your eyes peeled next week for the juicy details about GYS.

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  1. Kionon on

    I think you just get used to the idea the blogs come, most go, a few hang on for years. I’m about to hit my fourth anniversary, but I’ve never blogged consistently.

    Yours is a blog I probably hit up a few times a year, and is in some pretty good company. I’ll go back and read over archives all at once. It doesn’t give you a genuine sense of involvement, I suppose…