Do you like getting mail?

I’m not talking about email, nor am I talking about crappy ad circulars or bills. I’m talking about a nice note from a person you know.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well back in the day, before email and the Tweeter and the Facebook, people used to send each other handwritten notes. They were written with pens, on note cards or paper, and then placed in envelopes and adorned with stamps. These envelopes were stuffed into things called mailboxes. Kinda like that little icon on your desktop!

Archaic, I know.

The thing is, sending notes has become a symbol of true feelings and time spent. It’s a cinch to send an email; it takes a little more time and care to send a handwritten note through snail mail.

The Letterpress Correspondence System

Enter Forgetful Gentleman. Started by Nate Tan and Brett Nicol, their flagship product is a set of manly note cards appropriately dubbed the Letterpress Correspondence System. What sets this apart from typical cards you can pick up at Target is its luxuriousness, quality, and simplicity (read: unadorned with pastel swashes and cutesy teddy bears hugging rainbows). Fun fact: the 100% cotton paper used comes from the same 15th century Italian paper mill that produced paper for some notable characters in history, such as Picasso and Napoleon.

When would you use these?

Say you had a recent interview and you’re looking for a way to stand out, or perhaps you’ve received a nice gift over the holidays that deserves a thoughtful response in return, these cards will be the perfect thing to use.

Our friends at Forgetful Gentleman have offered EG readers a nice deal.

If you order the Letterpress Correspondence System, they will take 15% off your total order. You just have to use coupon code “EFFORTLESSGENT” at checkout. Make sure you punch in that coupon code, or else you won’t be able to get 15% off. Check out the details here.

Here’s the thing, this special deal will only last 5 days.

This Sunday, December 19, the deal will be off. So if you’re considering this for yourself or perhaps as a gift, I’d get on it now. Head on over to Forgetful Gentleman and check out the Letterpress Correspondence System, and while you’re there, peep their other cool items as well. You might find a nice Christmas gift to give to someone (or yourself.)

Happy shopping!

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