Hey gents,

Really quick: I’m working on organizing an EG meetup in the near future. I think it’d be fun to meet readers (and for readers to meet each other), have a casual chat, maybe a drink or two.

Still working out the details, but do me a favor and respond to this QUICK THREE-QUESTION SURVEY if you live in San Francisco / the Bay Area, or are willing to travel to San Francisco.

Yeah? Cool thanks.

Are we connected?

Sure, we’re pretty active on Facebook and Twitter, but by far, my favorite mode of (visually) communicating things is using Tumblr and Instagram.

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Stuff EG has been in recently

It’s always an honor to be interviewed by others. Sometimes I forget to let EG readers know about the interview, so here are a few of the more recent ones from the past few months. You may have seen some of these already!

Luvocracy Stories – Luvocracy asked me to contribute during Fashion Resolutions week, and we also did a quick QA. Here are my Luvocracy recommendations.

Solosso: Blogs You Should Know – Solosso is a custom dress shirt maker, and they were nice enough to feature EG on their site as a blog to know.

Electrogent – Electrogent is a men’s interest site that covers everything from the arts to grooming. I chatted with Andrew about the beginnings of Effortless Gent, the current goings-on in menswear, and some style pet peeves.

Restart Your Style – You’ve probably heard of Restart Your Style; Robert’s a regular contributor to EG. A few months ago we riffed on personal style, casual looks in the modern workplace, and how to balance modern trendy stuff with more classic pieces.

Ask EG anything!

Since this post was more about catching up / checking in / updating you, feel free to ask me about anything in the comments! I’ll do my best to answer.

ps — don’t forget to answer these three questions for me!

PUBLISHED January 29, 2013

Barron is a Lean Wardrobe Advocate and Founding Editor of Effortless Gent. He's from San Francisco but currently living in New York. Connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Tumblr.

  • Although my question doesn’t quite relate too much with the majority of the content you’ve posted, I do have a question for you Barron. I’m just starting out as a young aspiring blogger and would like to know how you’d recommend making a name for myself and my site? I’ve done all the more obvious advice such as SEO, keep the site aesthetically pleasing, etc. I am also only a week into my endeavor, but what hidden gems have you found to be helping your status and credibility? Thank you Barron and I look forward to your reply.

    • Having a message you believe in, helping everyone you can, and being consistent. Nothing else matters, really.

      • Beautifully put Barron. I believe I am then on the right path. Thank you.

  • Ruben

    I have a question about sweatshirts. Is there really much of a difference between JCrew and Gap sweatshirts? I’m upping my wardrobe and would like to not spend so much money initially. If both sweatshirts are 100% cotton shouldn’t I go with the cheaper Gap version of a sweater?

    • David X L

      Sweatshirts won’t do much to improve your wardrobe, unless you’re trying to dress for the gym. Maybe try sweaters (wool, cashmere, or silk blend) instead.

    • David X L

      Sweatshirts won’t do much to improve your wardrobe, unless you’re trying to dress for the gym. Maybe try sweaters (wool, cashmere, or silk blend) instead.

      • Ruben

        I was thinking of a sweatshirt that actually fit me to wear on the weekends just hanging out with the fellas watching a game. Most of my clothing runs baggy and I’m trying to ease into the whole wardrobe change thing by starting off with clothes that actually fit me and that I’m comfortble with. For example, dark jeans, white sneakers, and a grey sweatshirt that fit me properly. A grey sweatshirt is pretty basic stuff but I would like to get something that is somewhat constructed well and was wondering if there really was much of a difference between a sweatshirt from Gap and Jcrew. Those other sweater options you mentioned are future gets for me I suppose.

        • John

          You can also just go for some simple colored cotton sweaters like the Merona V-necks from target (I’ve got 3 and their great to just throw on). Other simple hooded sweatshirt upgrades can be found here:
          As for your question on quality, I would assume that J. Crew would be better. I’m not saying the Gap version would be bad though. If it’s casual and you want it more as a transition piece as you start dressing better then Gap should be fine. (I don’t have experience with sweatshirts from either, these are just assumptions made based off of other pieces they make.)

          • Ruben

            Thanks! No. 5 on that Dappered list is exactly what I had in mind. I think for myself, getting clothes that fit (mainly being comfortable with tighter clothing) is the main key and I think starting with basics like a sweatshirt will help me move on to more diverse pieces of clothing. Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.

    • If budget is an issue, then focus on fit. If Gap has a nicely fitting sweatshirt that works for you, then go for that. Other than that, it’s all preference and what you care about (brand, quality, origin, etc) just like all the other pieces in your wardrobe.

      Speaking of preference and sweatshirts, for example, I think the guys at American Giant make killer sweatshirts (http://www.american-giant.com/). Most substantial sweatshirt I’ve ever owned and it’ll probably last longer than I want it to. Comes at a price, and again, it’s just your preference.

  • crockeronline

    Undershirts. Need some new ones, never been happy with my choices. I am in need of guidance. I’m looking for a basic thin undershirt. (While I like to spend for quality most of the time, I’m more interested in getting the best value for something I’m wearing on my delicate skin.)

    • I’m not much of an undershirt guy (I never wear them, though I used to). What have you tried, and what didn’t you like about it?

      • crockeronline

        Tried Emporio Armani and Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren are too thick and lose their shape real quick. The Emporio Armani are too short to last being tucked in all night at an event. I just want something thin, adequately long, and a decent value. I don’t mind if I have to buy a pack of three twice a year.

        • For v-necks or tanks (“wife beaters”) I’ve had success with basic Hanes or Merona from Target. Gap has soft v-necks that I use as undershirts sometimes, but they’re not that long (unless you buy the Tall version i guess). Sorry I’m probably not much help in this area. I wonder if Antonio (realmenrealstyle.com) has any good suggestions, you should check him out.

  • Kevin

    No question, just a hearty compliment. I’m a young guy from a poorly dressed locale, and I have made great strides in a short time, thanks to EG and the blogs you link to. My focus: fit (thank you), natural fibers, and no logos. I’ve discovered that nice clothes are actually MORE comfortable than the junk I used to wear, and that it is easier to gain the respect of respectable people when you dress like you care about yourself. It is shallow to think that clothing is superficial. Keep up the great work, friend.