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  • BarrettBrooks

    What’s the best way to match patterns for shirts and pocket squares when I’m wearing a jacket without a tie?

  • Chris Wolniewicz

    Hey Barron, Love your content!
    Q: I’m a young guy (23) who works in a field where it is advantageous to appear older/more refined. How should a young guy on a budget go about breaking into the professional dress world?

    Thanks, you’re the man!

    • This young dude, Ethan, dresses really well and I’m pretty sure he’s younger than you (and probably has around the same budget as you):

      Getting nice, well fitting, professional clothing is so accessible nowadays. Your budget doesn’t have to be that big.

  • James Hayward

    How would you relate clothing style to body language changes.

  • Bill

    Should men wear brown or brownish socks when wearing brown shoes?

    • Traditional rule is to match your socks with your trousers. So if you’re wearing brown trousers, sure. If not, match your trousers.

  • Cameron Skerrow

    Hi – I was just wondering a couple a things. What is best to wear with navy and dark grey chinos? Also what colours are most versatile for a zip pullover?

    • navy and charcoal chinos are the most versatile colors. So, you can literally wear anything with them. For midlayers like sweaters, I like to have a few foundational colors (navy and charcoal) but also a black, cream, maybe a dark green… it really depends on what else you like to wear. But definitely cover your foundational colors first.

  • toumbo

    Hey Barron! How are you? I bought this grey garment from a thrift store. I don’t know what it’s name is. Could you please recomend me with what clothes should I pair it? thanks in advance!

    • It’s a cardigan. You bought it, but you didn’t even know what it was? Interesting.

      First, I’d probably wear it with a sport shirt (casual shirt with a collar), not a T-shirt. I’d also wear sharp chinos with it, not faded denim. You could wear dark denim with it.

      Lots of possibilities. It’s a grey sweater.

      • toumbo

        Yeah! It costed 2 euros i think. I thought I would combine it with my current clothes but apparently didn’t!

  • Karl Kohase

    Hi EG,

    I’m a 40+ professional living in Miami, where the tropical climate isn’t always (well… Ever!) conducive to a lot of the looks and fabrics that would be common in say, New York or London. To complicate matters, I’m not genetically predisposed to warm weather so I get unpleasantly hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable quickly even in “winter.” Most blazers or suits for the office are simply too warm, and wearing casual shorts makes me feel like I’m 12. Got any advice for beating the heat while still remaining refined?

    • sport coats and suits: lightweight fabrics (linen, lightweight cotton, fresco, lightweight wool), unlined, unstructured.

      shirts and pants: linen, chambray, lightweight cotton.

      fit: a bit looser, more breezy, not so slim, tight, and restrictive.

      hats: straw fedora or Panama

      Keep a handkerchief or bandana in your back pocket, to wipe sweat off your brow

      This is basically all I wear when I’m in Miami.

  • Asif Sohail

    Im 24 year old. What should i wear for an IT interview. Only shirt and pant combinations no Suits

    • How does everyone else dress at the company? How about those on your potential team (other IT guys)? Is it casual?

      I’m going to assume it’s casual. So you can probably do navy chinos and a light blue dress shirt or OCBD, tucked in, and brown leather brogues. Or swap the navy chinos for british khaki chinos. Or swap the light blue shirt for a white one. The dress / sport shirt + chinos + leather shoes combo is standard and will probably work just fine for an IT interview at a casual workplace.

  • Sharon True

    Can you wear the same color vest and bowtie with a tux, but the vest be paisley and the bow tie solid?

    • Is it a tonal paisley? As in, you can see the pattern, but everything is one solid color? In any case, I don’t see why not.

  • Grant

    Got any suggestions on how to decorate my apartment and recommendations on where to buy art/decorations that won’t break the bank?

  • Rush

    I have a silver gray MTM pinstripe 2 button suit jacket, but no same material trousers to match it – tailor ran out same day. Pinstripes are almost the same color as the rest of the fabric – slightly lighter, and are 3/8″ apart, so they blend in from afar, and reveal themselves up close.

    What color trousers would you recommend to complete this item to a full outfit, since I don’t want the MTM to go to waste.

    • Pinstripe odd jackets are the MOST difficult to wear as separates. They’re often too formal to split up. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it, but if you must try, I’d probably go with a dark navy wool trouser. Stay away from gray trousers that are similar to the color of the jacket. It will look like you’re trying to match it without actually being successful.

  • AK

    On the shop portion of the site you recommend Alpha Khakis in slim tapered fit but it seems that the company has transitioned to a new material they label as “stretch.” Would you still recommend the Alphas or do you think the new material really doesn’t suit the style you are a proponent of on this site?

    • They still have their standard slim tapered and also this new “stretch” ( The only differences are a bit more elastane (3% vs 2%) and a lighter weight fabric.

      I don’t have a problem with stretch in my casual pants, in fact, it’s waaay more comfortable and a lot of my chinos have some sort of stretch in them.

      So to answer your question, I still like them and recommend them over a lot of the other models, but again, it depends on how they fit your specific body type, and also what you’re dressing for.

    • One thing I should mention: The alpha khaki has a pretty low front rise. The zipper seems to be 3″ long haha, which is tiny. Might be worth trying one pair before outfitting your whole closet

  • Ian

    What helps you decide between lapel styles on single breasted suits? I want to add some variation, but I also want to maintain a classic and essential collection as I build my suit wardrobe (currently only working with two: charcoal and chalk stripe).

    • What do you have so far? I typically stick with notch lapels in the beginning, but once you have a few, you can graduate to peak. If you’re getting a dinner jacket, you can experiment with shawl, but in general, I typically stick to notch. I think a good way to add variation is to experiment with lapel WIDTH (assuming you’re going custom).

  • Livio

    I am 42 and I intend to go to college in Vancouver (creative writing).
    Probably all my colleagues will be young (between 18 and 25).
    I do not want to dress like I’m trying to be younger, but I don’t want to feel too isolated either.
    Any ideas?

    • Dress your age, who cares if everyone around you is 18-25. When I go to the mall, I don’t dress younger because all the teeny-boppers are walking around. I dress my age.

      Make sure your clothes fit. I always recommend the uniform of dark denim, dark leather shoes, white dress shirt, grey sport coat, because it works in 97% of social situations. Start there.

  • Anders

    Where can I find a linen blend navy sportcoat? I’m 38L slim and am having trouble finding a reasonably priced jacket. Thanks!

    • My go-to is SuitSupply in most cases. Try there.

  • Johan Viljoen

    I’m looking at getting the store I work for listed on your articles.However I can’t find your contact e-mail.Please advise? the store is called Kings Road Luxuries

  • Paul Giamu

    Hey. For the past years , I’ve always been presented with a problem that affects my life : I’m fat. Not reaaaaaaally fat, but about 210 pounds. This issue has been affecting me , due to the discomfort that I experience in almost every piece I own, due to a “sweaty” sensation I always feel throughout the day . Do you have any tips for me to buy more confortable clothes that will make me feel fresh and clean?

    • If you’re uncomfortable in your clothes, they probably don’t fit well. I can’t really help with your sweat situation. Best advice is to buy clothing in breathable fabrics, since you tend to get hot easier. Lightweight chinos instead of heavy denim. Lightweight cotton / linen sport shirts instead of, say, heavy twill or flannel.

      Also, losing weight helps. I was 60 lbs heavier 10 years ago than I am today, so I know where you’re coming from.

  • John Miller

    Hello, I’ve been hearing about rounded edge tie by Edge Signature and the tie seems to look good, do you have anything on it or any recommendations.

    • Never heard about it, don’t like it.

  • Charles Teague

    Do you have any suggestions for evening casual? I am attending my 30 year high school reunion. I want to look sharp, but not over dressed.

    • Sorry, a bit late answering your question. Evening casual is a bit of a contradiction. If it’s a 30-year reunion, I’m assuming people will be at least a bit dressed up. I would, at the very least, wear dark denim, a nice white dress shirt, dark brown lace-ups, and a simple grey wool sport coat.

  • AK

    Hi again, guess I have trouble understanding the “stretch” trend in pants. I’ve noticed that there is a long line of styles which you have suggested on the site for jeans in the Levi’s line, but are stretch jeans just a little to tacky? I’d personally prefer pure denim but it seems almost impossible to find the perfect supremely dark washed slim-straight pair of jeans without any stretch in the Levi’s line.

    • I personally like a bit of stretch in my denim. It’s more comfortable to me. It’s all personal preference, though.

      How dark are you trying to go? Levi’s has a 501CT non-stretch selvedge in this color called “mossy”:

  • Rafael

    Hey, Barron! I have a question for you. I live in a country with tropical weather, which basically means 28-30ºc all year round, with almost no variation. Needles to say, it can get quite humid and hot most of the time. With that being said, do you have any tips for clothing that is more appropriate for such climate? I’m quite interested in which fabrics are best, but also for more style-related features such as color, fit and overall build of an outfit.

    • Clothing: same stuff you’d wear in any climate. Pants, shirts, sport coats, shorts, etc, just in different fabrics.

      Fabrics: lightweight cotton, linen, fresco. That goes for shirts, suiting, etc. Light colors will help you stay cooler, generally. So tan, white, creams, light blue. I have some navy and olive linen shirts, so although dark in color, still really cool for the humid months.


    Hi Barron,
    I Live in India and I am going to travel soon to the windy and cold city of Chicago and Cedar Rapids Iowa. Can you please suggest some essentials that I need to carry or should I buy them from Chicago itself.

    I would be living in Chicago for about 10 weeks from 2nd of December to 10th of February, which will be the peak time for winter. So wiould require some really warm clothes to wear. For which I need some guidance.

    Please help.
    Aditya Bharadwaj

    • Eek, good luck. It’s really windy and cold there. Like biting wind that chills you to the bone.

      You’ll need an insulating down coat, or a heavier wool duffle coat with a bunch of warm layers like wool sweaters, or down vests. And accessories (gloves, beanie [or toque], ear muffs, etc.)

      I like the brand Gloverall for their duffle coats. The brand, Uniqlo, has a great line of down vests and jackets called “ultra light down” that is perfect for layering and keeping warm.

      For pants, I just wear heavy denim, with long underwear on underneath if necessary. You could also pick these up from Uniqlo. I’m sure there are other options out there.

  • Jocelyn


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    • toumbo

      2016-11-08 20:34 GMT+02:00 Disqus :

  • Joel Kanatt

    Hey Barron,
    Im an indian with a brown skin tone and I’m planning to buy a denim jacket. Do you know what will be the best wash for me?


    • Instead of skin tone, I’d think more about what kinds of clothes you want to wear it with. A dark, raw, unwashed jacket generally goes with more outfits, but doesn’t always look good worn with jeans, especially if they’re lighter in color.

      A lighter colored, washed / rinsed jacket is more casual and can sometimes be worn with dark, raw denim if you’re going for that specific look. In the end, you may want one dark, unwashed jacket and one that’s lighter and washed.

      • Joel Kanatt

        lets say i want to double denim with a lighter pair of jeans, will the lighter denim jacket win? Also, I wanna pair it with sweatpants…

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  • Eddie Cifuentes

    Hi Barron,

    Greetings from Guatemala! Your content is great, seriously. Please let me explain. Here, the weather is not very intense, it doesn’t get extremely hot neither extremely cold.

    I am planning to buy some outerwear right now but I need something that I can wear throughout the entire year. I currently own a leather bomber jacket, a navy field jacket and a dark denim jacket.

    I don’t usually dress up, so with that being said, I would like you to help me pick something versatile, that can be layered and worn in most weather conditions, something that I can find in stores like Zara, American Eagle, Mango, Express, etc.

    Eddie Cifuentes