I distinctly remember the fragrances that defined my teen years. First, it was Cool Water. Then, it was Polo Sport. Finally, CK ONE.

It’s been a blur since then, but whenever I smell those scents, I’m instantly taken back 20 odd years to when I wore those scents.

That’s actually called “scent memory”, and it’s one of the things I discuss with Dave, my buddy who runs Fragrance Bros, a YouTube channel where he puts together in-depth reviews and discussions on all types of fragrances.

A few weeks (months? whoops) ago, I asked members of the Effortless Gent Community on Facebook to share with me allll their fragrance questions, so I could ask Dave in a little QA session.

Well, friends, that video is finally here. While we couldn’t get to every single question, we tried answering as many as we could.


In this QA, we discuss things like:

  • How to shop for cologne if you’re not sure what to buy, and pushy salespeople intimidate you
  • What type of scent to start off with if you’re just building your collection
  • The best way to apply a fragrance so it lasts all day
  • Why scents smell differently on different people
  • Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne… what do all these terms mean and why should I care?
  • Why some colognes are $15, and others are $150
  • How to make sure your cologne doesn’t go bad
  • Can men wear fragrances made for women? And vice versa?

Plus, we have a whole bunch of specific recommendations!

See the full list below:

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