Hey gents,

I don’t spend much time pointing out bargains to be found online (my buddy Joe at Dappered already has that covered and does a great job), but this is one I definitely had to tell you guys about.

Bonobos is having a massive Cyber Monday sale, and if I were you, I’d save all the pennies in your piggy bank for this. You can pick up a bunch of great items at prices way below what you’d pay on a normal day.

I gotz some inside info, and lucky for you, I’m able to share it with you here. Bonobos is marking down some of their most luxurious selections. Things like cashmere at 30% off, and suiting (and more suiting, and more) at 50% off.

Admittedly I’m a bit of a Bonobos fan boy, but c’mon, you have to love what they offer, plus they have awe-inspiring customer service and a great fitting product.

This Monday is your chance to snag a couple things at a great savings. Consider it an early Christmas gift to yourself, and to everyone who has to look at you during the day.

You won’t see the deals just yet, but come Monday morning at 9am, they’ll all be posted on bonobos.com. And there will be WAY more than I’ve mentioned here; you have to see for yourself on Monday.

I wouldn’t miss it if I were you. Set an alarm on your phone, throw up a couple Post-It notes around the house, anything to get you to remember.

BOOM. Thank me later.

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