Hey Gents,

Gonna keep it short and sweet today. You might’ve heard that I’m opening up registration for the Cladright Association again soon. That day is this Tuesday, December 17th.

If you’re relatively new to this site, you might not know what Cladright is. Let’s chat about it for a bit.


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It’s not easy figuring all this “personal style” stuff out

I found a few problems when talking to other guys about how they work on and develop their personal style.

  1. Some felt like they were in a vacuum: there was no one else (other than oneself) to really evaluate one’s choices and processes
  2. There is TOO MUCH information: this led to questions like, “Am I following the right advice?”, and “Does this make sense for my body type, my personal style, my tastes?”

Sometimes you need someone

… to talk to, someone to exchange ideas with. For a guy just getting into this whole personal style thing, that can pose a few problems.

First off, who exactly do you talk to? There are places online, but some style-related forums aren’t exactly the most welcoming environment for newbies. In fact, they can be a little intimidating.

At their worst, forums can reek of snark and pretentiousness, and carry a know-it-all type attitude.

My favorite thing about Cladright is the nonjudgmental attitude of all the members. We all understand the journey to being a better dressed man and we acknowledge not everyone is in the same place on this journey. We recognize and appreciate different styles, tastes and color choices as being personal and encourage everyone to follow their own path to being better dressed.

—Rob J.

You could ask the people you know in real life, but they may not have the same tastes as you. Their misguided advice may be leading you astray, or they might not have the best overall opinion about what looks great on you. Even worse, they may not be interested at all and change the subject. Sad face.

There’s no centralized place to find style info that digs deep

There are plenty of inspiration images online, endless “You should do this!” type articles, and a glut of “The Top X Must-Have Items” type lists… but how does that help the style beginner?

How do those lists and images help you establish a base foundation?

Do those images help you decipher WHY things are paired together, and WHAT exactly goes well with those other items you may own?

I wanted to create a space that brings together all guys who have the shared interest of learning style fundamentals, as well as the desire to dig deeper into the details of how to dress well, in an environment that isn’t snarky, pretentious, or judgmental… a place where guys can ask questions and get straight-forward answers, all within a community of like-minded individuals.

And with that idea, the Cladright Association was born.


The Cladright Forum, only for members

A few months ago, 91 founding members joined the association and we’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ ever since.

Just so you know, our members are helping us build since we’re still very much in the beginning stages with the community. The edges are a little rough, and there’s still sawdust on the floor.

But that’s also why it’s so exciting.

Every member has ownership in the courses and lessons we create, and the forums are alive and brewing with activity.

This is where you come in.

This Tuesday, December 17th, I’ll be re-opening registration to a new group of members, but only for a short period of time. Still among the early adopters, you’ll have plenty of influence in how the Association is shaped and developed.

The reason I’m limiting registration acceptance is because, like I mentioned, we’re still building and constructing. We’re not fully primed and polished. The decorative pillows and comfy couches haven’t arrived yet.

I realize this community needs its early members to help build it into something big and special, so in exchange for (and in appreciation of) your trust in me, the community, and the bigger picture and mission, I’ll be offering you a significant discount on monthly association dues, and that’s for life.

The Cladright Association makes learning how to dress better a lot less intimidating. The community Barron is building is supportive and we’re all on the same journey; the journey of becoming better dressed men.
–Robert K.

If you want to refine your style, dig deep into what exactly works for you and why, and be part of a laid-back, nonjudgmental community of men dedicated to improving their personal style, sign up below and I’ll let you know when registration opens up on Tuesday. (No spam of course, and you’ll only hear from me about Cladright).

(Don’t see the signup form? Click here.)

I have a bunch more work to do before then, so I’ll talk to you on Tuesday! Until then, have a great weekend.

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