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Hey Gents,

I’m excited to bring you a great giveaway from the folks at Combatant Gentlemen.

You may have heard that name before, but in case you haven’t had any experience with the brand, let me catch you up.

Combatant Gentlemen (Combat Gent, if that’s easier) is a men’s online retailer that started with a focus on suiting and shirts, but has now expanded to everything else, from denim and knits, to scarves and ties.

Prices are competitive: suits start at $160, shirts at $25, and selvedge denim at $70. Typically, low prices come at the expense of quality, but not so in this case. The fabric and construction quality of the garments I’ve checked out are far from budget quality.

This probably has to do with the fact that they aren’t mere resellers of pre-made goods; they own the whole setup… from the flock of sheep that supply the wool, to the facility your garments are made in, to, of course, the site you view and purchase products through.

I Checked Out Some Great Duds

…and I talk a bit about them below. But in case you can’t wait any longer:


Combat Gent Sampling

I was able to take a look at a few items: The slim fit charcoal herringbone suit, a white oxford cloth button down, a pair of chinos, and the slim selvedge denim in gray.

Slim Fit Charcoal Herringbone Suit

This is a great introductory suit for the guy on a budget. The quality of construction alone, in comparison to others in this price range, makes this suit worthy of serious consideration.

If you don’t wear suits very often, you probably have a tough time justifying spending a lot for something you wear a handful of times a year.

Sound familiar?

If so, take a look at Combat Gent’s selection, and I have a feeling they will suit you just fine. (Sorry, had to do it.) You’ll have a great starter suit without spending all your hard-earned cash.

Check out the slim fit charcoal herringbone suit.

A bit on sizing. They have two fits: modern and slim. The slim fit is truly slim. While it fit me well in the chest and shoulders (the two key points that really matter), I can see it being a problem for someone with an exceptionally broad back and shoulders. In that case, I believe the modern fit provides a bit more room, and you would just have to get the waist taken in.

I didn’t see a sample of the modern fit, so I can’t say for sure how it fits on the body in comparison to the slim fit, but the guys at Combat Gent are always available online to help you through any sizing questions.

“So, how’d your suit fit?”

I usually wear a 40S, but since that size wasn’t available, I tried a 40R, 38S, and 38R.

The 38S was simply too tight overall. The 38R hugged me nicely in the shoulders and back, but was too tight in the waist. The 40R fits decently in the shoulders. There’s a tiny divot at the shoulder seam (indicating that it’s slightly big), but not enough to be noticeable. The jacket is a bit longer than I would prefer, though it is in the realm of traditional jacket lengths, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

I’m going to assume that the 40S would have fit me perfectly in the shoulders as well as have been the perfect length.

The trousers fit as expected and are true to size. They come unhemmed and seem like a straight leg. When taking them to be hemmed, I’ll probably ask my tailor to taper the leg to my preferred 15″ leg opening.

By the way, they’ve recently introduced a line of tuxedos (starting at $200), which, if their suits are any indication of the tuxedos’ quality, would be a much better option than renting from your local retailer for your next formal event.

Slim Gray Selvedge Denim

I love this pair of denim. The denim is sourced from Japan, construction is solid, and really, where can you find a great pair of selvedge denim for $70?

Interestingly enough, the slim model fits me well. They come in one length (34” inseam), so you may have to get them hemmed. Or, you could just roll them up, which is what I’d do.

Slim Oxford and Slim Chinos

Both the oxford cloth shirt and chinos look great; the fabric feels substantial and durable. These were also a slim fit, but so slim, they don’t fit me comfortably. If you’re a svelte guy who has trouble finding “slim fit” shirts and chinos that aren’t baggy or billowy on your frame, you need to check out Combat Gent. I bet these would fit well on you.

Check out the chinos and the shirts.

Your Chance To Win: $1000 Shopping Spree from Combat Gent!

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This giveaway starts NOW and ends December 3, 2014, at 11:59pm Eastern. Sorry, international readers, Combat Gent only ships to the US and Canada, so you guys aren’t eligible 🙁

Good luck, Gents! I’m rootin’ for ya.

This giveaway has ended. Thanks for participating, Gents! Congrats to ‘jjdelmore’ for the big win.


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