Can’t figure out which colors go well together, and which ones don’t?

Do you have a great shirt, pair of pants, or sweater, but no clue what to wear it with?

Stumped when you stare at a plaid sport coat that looks awesome, but aren’t sure if you can pull off that pattern? Or, when you’re out shopping, you struggle picturing if your new stuff will go well with your old stuff?

Most days, are you unsure if the outfit you ended up wearing matches correctly at all?

All you need are a few matching basics and shortcuts

Master these, and you’ll be putting together sharp looks in seconds, from clothes you already own, in ways you never thought of before.

Soon enough, pairing colors, patterns, and fabrics will be second nature to you, tough-to-match items become super simple to wear, and you’ll never look at your wardrobe the same way again.

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Want to learn the secrets to putting together uncommon and unique color and pattern combinations like the ones you see here?

Every morning, you stare at your wide selection of shirts and pants, jackets and ties, shoes and socks, and wonder, "How can I put together something a little different?"

You’ve been standing there a few minutes too long when you realize this is taking WAY too long.

Because you have places to go and people to see, you throw on the same ol’ stuff you always do… the outfits you already know work well… the ones that don’t force you to step outside your comfort zone and figure out how to match new things together.

Every day, you face this dilemma. Great clothes, no idea how to wear them together, no time to figure it out.

It’s frustrating.

You know your basic go-to color pairings:

  • Black and white
  • black and grey
  • dark denim and white
  • dark denim and grey
  • khaki and light blue
  • khaki and white

You know a light blue Oxford cloth button down goes with denim and chinos.

Maybe you have a navy or grey sweater… also an easy match.

"But what else?" you ask yourself.

"What other outfits can I easily put together? There must be other color and pattern combos I can use when I’m short on time and don’t want to think too hard about this stuff."


Over the weekend, you hit the shopping mall. You’re a bit apprehensive and unsure you’ll find what you’re looking for… because even you have no idea what it is you need!

You visit store after store, and stare at the endless rows of clothing racks. You find certain things you like, maybe a few you love, but you have no idea if you can make it all work together…

And making sure they go with clothes you already have at home? Forget it. If everything isn’t in front of you, it’s impossible to tell.

You also realize that buying random clothes with no plan = you never wearing them = brand new clothes sitting in the back of your closet, untouched.

How can you make sure that whatever you buy will go with everything else in your wardrobe?

You glance over at the mannequins, perfectly styled, looking sharp and well put-together.

You can’t help but think to yourself, a bit annoyed, "Sure, stuff looks great on the mannequin, but so what? I’m not gonna buy every item of clothing on it."

What you really want to know is, "How can I put together sharp, creative outfits (without struggling) every single day?"

It’s a huge headache. After a few minutes—or maybe hours?—of internal struggle, you go home, feeling a bit tired and defeated.

Hopefully you picked up an Auntie Anne’s pretzel or a glorious Cinnabon on your way out, just to ease your pain.

Pairing colors, patterns, and textures together aren’t as straightforward as they should be.

Even though the rules aren’t so obvious, it doesn’t mean learning and applying them should be difficult.

That’s why I put together this eGuide, The Effortless Guide To Matching.

egm cover

"Having studied matching theory for years, this guide has it all. Barron lays it all out in a way that’s easy for a beginner to digest, while still offering up enough information that even experts can improve upon. This guide is one every man should not only have but refer to often." Tanner Guzy, Masculine Style

What’s in the eGuide?

This guide is split up into several sections, each tackling a different aspect of matching. Want to take a peek inside?


The Two Approaches to Matching

Two distinct ways to put together colors, patterns, fabrics, and textures. We’ll be going back to these two methods throughout the guide.

How to Match Colors

Yes, we’ll cover the color wheel, but instead of confusing you even further, we’re going to break it down so it’s easily digestible and actually helpful (for once!) We’ll even go a few steps further and show you some practical applications.

Matching colors won’t be confusing any longer. You’ll see that color theory, when applied to clothing, is simply a set of guidelines that you can use to be more creative when putting together outfits.

How to Match Patterns

Bill Murray PlaidMatching patterns can be quite daunting.

You want to do it well. You don’t want to look like an amateur who has no idea what he’s doing. And God bless the man, but you definitely don’t want to look like Bill Murray 😉

This section will show you the correct way to pair patterns so you’re never stuck wondering if you’re doing it right.

How to Match Textures and Fabrics

Have you ever thought about matching textures? What fabrics make sense for colder weather versus warmer weather? Is it okay to mix and match different textures and fabrics together, and if so, what’s the best way to do it?

That’s exactly what we cover in this section. If you were ever confused about wearing different fabrics and textures together, you won’t be after this. And if you’ve never once thought about it… well, you need this chapter more than you think.

How to Match Styles and Looks

Here’s where we start looking at the bigger picture. Do you want to mimic a specific look? Maybe you gravitate toward American Prep, or the Workwear look, or a sleek continental businessman.

Or maybe you prefer a hodgepodge of different styles, and you pull your inspiration from different kinds of looks. That’s great too!

This guide will give you the ammo you need to pull off either of these looks successfully.

Pairing Specifics

This section addresses certain clothing pairs—socks and trousers, shirts and ties—that are usually worn together, and gives you quick and easy ways to either match or contrast them.

  • Should my socks match my trousers, or can I wear more colorful socks?
  • Should the pattern on my shirt be more or less bold than my tie?
  • Can I wear a different pair of trousers with my navy suit jacket?

We answer these questions and more in this section.

Three Useful Matching Shortcuts (for when you’re in a rush)

Most of us complicate matching, and it doesn’t have to be so confusing.

If you forget everything in this eGuide except for the three shortcuts I give you in this section, you will be 100% A-OK.

Your Burning Questions, Answered

I wrap up this eGuide by answering a few matching-related questions I receive most often, things such as: Can black and brown be worn together? When is it okay to not match my shoes with my belt and other leather accessories? How do I stop using black as my "safe color"?

There’s a good chance you’ll find a burning question in this section, and if not, I give every student the opportunity to reach out and let me know their questions, which could end up in a future eGuide update.

"Before reading this matching guide, I’d be getting dressed and my wife would look at me with a confused face and say, ‘That doesn’t match at all.’ Now I know what colors and patterns go well together. Even with a smaller wardrobe, I’m able to put together so many different outfits. Thanks Barron!" Caleb W., CA

Here’s everything you’ll learn with our new eGuide, The Effortless Guide to Matching

  • The two approaches to matching
  • How to match colors
  • How to match patterns
  • How to match textures and fabrics
  • How to match styles and looks
  • Pairing up specifics the right way
  • Three useful matching shortcuts
  • Your burning questions, answered

Ready to be a matching master?



30-day Refund? No risk? Nothing to worry about? You bet.

If this eGuide didn’t help you in any way, you’re still a matching MESS, and you can’t decode the process…

No biggie. Just let me know, and I’ll refund your purchase. I’m so certain you’ll find this eGuide incredibly useful, that I’m willing to send back 100% of your money if you absolutely hate it and got nothing out of it.


Frequently A’d Q’s

Do I NEED this guide? Can’t I figure all this matching stuff out by myself?

Sure, it’s possible, just like with any subject, to learn it on your own. But the whole reason this eGuide exists is to give you a shortcut.

Instead of spending hours and hours researching (figuring out the good advice from the bad), and then days and weeks practicing, learning how to apply what you’ve learned to the clothes you already own… I’m giving you the chance to bypass all of that.

Don’t waste time finding the information. Pick up this guide, know exactly what you have to do, and give yourself a head start.

"The way Barron describes colors, styles, and patterns in this guide makes putting together an outfit simple. That’s what I want when I wake up in the morning: simple style. Now I know I have a go-to reference guide for any occasion, with photographic examples to boot. Good work, Barron. Thanks for making an otherwise cumbersome process easy and accessible." Barrett B., OR

I’m a doctor / software engineer / farmer / stay-at-home dad / [INSERT OTHER CAREER HERE], will this still apply to me?

Absolutely. If you’re a man that wears clothing, you will find this guide useful.

It’s one thing to throw on jeans and a T-shirt and call it a day. But once in a while, you may have to step it up a bit and look more polished.

So whether your definition of "dressy" is a classic black tuxedo, or simply a shirt that has buttons and a collar, you’ll find useful matching strategies in this eGuide.

We go very deep into the subject of matching, but approach it in a way that’s easily understandable and applicable. And since we cover not only color, but patterns, textures, and even outfit looks as a whole, you’re bound to have all your questions answered (and if not, I’m always just an email away).

Is this a physical book?

Nope. As with all our eGuides, they’re delivered digitally in a PDF format. Once you purchase, you’ll be able to download it immediately to your device. No waiting for a book to be shipped to you.

You’ll also receive a new copy whenever we release major updates to the guide. You will be notified by email and a download link will be sent to you. These updates are free for all students.

It’s time you felt like a million bucks, every day

Look, I’d never want you to aimlessly wander around the mall, attempting (but failing) to find new clothes that match the ones you already own.

I also don’t want you spending ridiculous amounts of time staring into your closet, trying desperately to imagine better outfit combinations you can put together with your existing wardrobe, but ultimately succumbing to your usual looks just because it’s easiest.

When I taught myself how to wear colors, patterns, and textures well, even in combinations I never thought possible, it completely opened my eyes.

I now have an endless array of outfits to choose from. I’m able to take any pair of pants and combine it with more shirts, mid-layers, shoes, and outerwear than I ever have before.

All it takes is an understanding of how these combinations work, and the way every piece complements each other, to create a seamless, put-together look.

"Barron’s managed to take one of the trickiest things to talk about—matching—and show guys a path to effortlessly mastering it. He goes deep without bombarding you with too many rules. If you’re an Effortless Gent fan, this one is a no brainer." Peter Nguyen, Private Personal Stylist for Entrepreneurs, and Founder of The Essential Man

I want you to have the same confidence and assuredness I do when I pick out stuff to wear in the morning.

I want you to be excited about the outfit possibilities in your current wardrobe.

I want you to see the combinations in your closet that are interesting and unexpected, so you’ll never feel like you’re wearing the same things over and over.

I want you to head to work looking and feeling like a million bucks, and I know that starts with putting together a great outfit without it taking up too much of your time in the morning.

I want matching to become second nature to you. I want to help you establish a system so you can easily put together any outfit and instinctively know what colors and patterns look good together.

For some guys, putting outfits together comes easy. For the rest of us, we need a few shortcuts and strategies to make sure we’re doing it right.

Grab your copy of The Effortless Guide to Matching. I made sure to pack it with everything you need to know to do it yourself successfully, every day.

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Ready to be a matching master?