The summer style train keeps rolling at Effortless Gent, folks — and today’s topic is one that’s seemingly simple, yet only on the surface.

We’re adding to our EG Style Staples series with classic white sneakers – one wildly affordable, highly stylish, supremely timeless pair: SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Sneakers.

These are quite possibly the best white sneakers on the market for your hard-earned dollars (and not a whole lot of ‘em, at that!).

White sneakers, particularly a low-cut version in a summer-friendly construction, are a helpful style building block. They also offer a way to switch things up from leather loafers, chukka boots, or boat shoes — or heck, even leather dress shoes.

With roots in sporting style, they’ve also got that touch of old-school cool going for ‘em. And the list goes on. Let’s get started.

Classic White Sneakers - SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll

Why These Classic White Sneakers Are a Style Staple

Every guy needs a pair of white sneakers in his closet, even if you dress up for the daily grind during the week.

The rest of the time, you just might find the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Sneakers become the most versatile footwear offering in your closet — and that’s no bull.

Classic White Sneakers - SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll

These classic white sneakers, especially in a hard-wearing poplin twill fabric (more on that in a second) are the right alternative in every situation that calls for sneakers — outside of the gym, that is.

They step up your style without overdoing it — these are an affordable workhorse pair of sneakers. So you won’t have to stress about scuffing them up.

And for sportier, sneaker-appropriate occasions, they’re a heck of a lot sharper than the pair you typically wear to the gym.

These sneakers are an easy grab-and-go pair. They’re not overpriced or difficult to style with your menswear neutral wardrobe. And they’re rugged enough that they won’t fall apart from a bit of real world use.

Plus, this basic style has been immortalized in popular culture. Classic white sneakers have the staying power that matches well with similar style staples — like the Oxford shirt or tan chinos.

That’s what we call a true style essential around EG. And what’s more, they’ve got heritage and history baked right in.

SeaVees has been making sneakers imbued with California cool for decades, and many styles call out memorable historical events. In the case of the Hermosa Plimsoll that event would be the first-ever skateboarding competition, held in August 1963 — hence the 08/63 designation.

What Makes the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Different

They might look simple on the surface. But these classic sneakers – with their low-cut, West Coast-inspired touches – are worthy of consideration in your wardrobe.

For one thing, the poplin twill used on the uppers is what SeaVees calls “garment-quality”. That’s the sort of fabric that’s good enough to double as the material you’d find in one of your stylish shirts. And it makes them harder-wearing than thin canvas sneakers.

Classic White Sneakers - SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll

These aren’t sneakers to be kept in the box — wear them with tan chinos and a blue Oxford shirt. Or with a classic slub tee and light wash jeans (more ideas below).

A few more details set them apart:

  • Comfort memory foam footbed for extra cushion
  • Gum rubber outsole for extra traction
  • Brushed antique brass eyelets

Add these all together and you’ve got stylish sneakers that can go the distance.

Classic White Sneakers - SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll

How to Style These Classic White Sneakers

White sneakers are your answer for versatile, off-duty, casual style essentials. And this pair is designed for comfortable, all-day wear. But it’s not as simple as throwing them on with any old outfit…

Keep things classic: Match them with slim khaki twill chinos, a blue Oxford, and a tried-and-tested NATO strap watch — now you’re ready to grab a pint with your buddies.

Dress ‘em down: White poplin sneakers are at their best when you don’t overthink it. Wear these with tailored navy shorts and a grey slub pocket tee — keep your NATO watch handy, too.

Dress ‘em up: Mash up your classic white sneakers with a blue chambray shirt, a navy cotton blazer, and those same tan chinos — bingo, you’re ready for Casual Friday.

Wear them to a music festival: Yes, really. Be it a massive festival, an outdoor amphitheater show, or a laidback lawn concert, these sneakers can go there (take it from someone who’s done it). Keep it casual with an olive green military jacket to combat evening breezes. Then throw on a grey slub tee and light wash jeans. Get me a beer while you’re over there, will ya?

So, what’s your take? What’s your favorite pair of white sneakers? How do you plan to style this pair?

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