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When you start caring about how you present yourself, it all comes down to your “firsts”.

A string of solid firsts will set you on a good trajectory, while firsts that don’t turn out so well may derail you or prevent you from progressing further more quickly.

The process of successfully upgrading your appearance depends on a good foundation, a string of solid firsts done right.

Our guest contributor, Robert (from Restart Your Style), wrote an eBook called The Beginner’s Guide to Dressing Better, and it’s a book full of firsts.

More importantly, it’s a guideline for you, dear Style Beginner, to get your firsts right.

Sites such as EG and other style-focused publications have so much good information, but at times (especially for a beginner), it can almost be too much.

No idea where to start.

No step by step instructional manual.

Do you ask yourself these (and other similar) questions?

  • “Should I buy black or brown wingtips? If brown, which shade? Dark brown? Tan? Walnut? Burgundy?”
  • ”Do I need to spend $200 on a pair of selvedge denim?”
  • ”Should I care about the stitches per inch in my dress shirts?”
  • ”Do I buy a suit first, or should I find a few shirts first, or what about shoes, or should I…”

If you’re just beginning, how do you know where to start?

Short answer, you don’t. That’s the exact pain point Robert’s remedying for you.

If you like doing things on your own, then you’d probably prefer spending hours or days combing the archives of this and other favorite men’s style sites, reading and learning as you go.

But if that doesn’t sound intriguing, or if you’re a busy guy and you just want all the answers in one place presented in a clear and logical order (so you don’t attack step four before figuring out step one), Robert’s got you covered.

Does this guy know what he’s talking about?

You tell me.

Robert’s written some really popular articles here on EG over the past couple years. When he sent me an advanced copy of The Beginner’s Guide to Dressing Better, I expected the same well-thought-out content, and he didn’t disappoint. After taking a look for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree.

What I love most about the book is his coverage of the absolute basics. I’m talking about the stuff seasoned style guys sometimes forget about (myself included), simply because most of these things have become second nature.

Robert covers all this for you, so you’re guaranteed to not miss a beat when on that path of style improvement.

In fact, I can’t think of one topic you’d need to know as a beginner that Robert didn’t touch upon, which is great for you. You’ll get all the information you need, all in one package.

Who this book is (and isn’t) written for

Robert’s looking to help a specific individual. He’s assisting the man who’s an absolute style novice.

The guy who may have potential, but currently, no sense (or a very limited sense) of style. Someone who’s open to resetting his understanding of style “rules” and willing to learn fit and wardrobe basics.

Someone who can’t seem to pull the trigger on building (or rebuilding) his wardrobe, and needs to make sure he has all his ducks in a row, one last time.

On the other hand, if you’ve already built your basic wardrobe and have the hang of things, you may find yourself familiar with many of the concepts in this book. At the same time, that doesn’t mean you won’t pick up a useful knowledge morsel or two.

Even I was able to pick up a few subtle things, simply because the information, although familiar, was presented in a new light.

Ready to start dressing better?

Take a look at what Robert has to offer. You have a selection of packages that range from just the book, to the book plus a handful of bonuses, even a one-on-one consultation.

Just so you know, that’s an affiliate link, which means I’ll earn a couple bucks if you purchase one of the packages. If you don’t want to purchase the book through this site, that’s fine too. Simply head on over to Restart Your Style and I’m sure you’ll find a Buy Now button there.

The whole reason EG exists is to help regular guys discover their personal style and feel confident in their appearance, and part of that is exposing you to resources you’ll find helpful and beneficial. I’m not as concerned about how you decide to purchase it.

I don’t mention many products other than my own, so you can be confident I’m doing so because I believe this book is truly helpful. If you purchase it and disagree, Robert offers a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Questions? Fire away

I’ll do my best to answer, and I’m sure Robert will be jumping in to answer questions as well (he did write the thing, after all).

Here’s the link with additional info and to purchase the eBook.

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