barronHey there, I’m Barron, founder of Effortless Gent.

Thanks for checking me out on Fitbay. I appreciate you stopping by.

As a special thanks, I wanted to send you a special PDF that I’m calling the Contrast Cheat Sheet.

This should help you hone in on the best color palette and combinations for your skin and hair.

You’ll also get access to these useful, informative, style-related freebies:

  • A free copy of The Lean Wardrobe: Five Principles to Achieve Closet Mastery
  • How To Use ShopStyle To Find Your Lean Wardrobe Items – Quick screencast introducing you to a tool that will make finding your garments much easier.
  • Does This Go With That? A Short Primer on Matching Color – One of the most asked questions, this quick PDF guide will walk you through the basics of color matching. Trust me, it’s not as difficult or overwhelming as it seems. Once you get your hands on this guide, nothing can stop you.
  • Elements of a Business Casual Outfit – Tired of being unsure if your everyday work attire is actually appropriate? Stop getting advice from Brian in the Accounting department; clearly, he has no idea what he’s doing. Take this informative one-sheet and study it. Nine items, seven different outfit options… And that’s just the beginning.

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