About a week ago, EG celebrated its one year anniversary. Our first post went up on November 23rd, 2009. I wasn’t certain of how far I could take this, but I knew what I wanted to discuss, the kind of community I wished to create, and the peeps I hoped to reach. I picked up a lot of style knowledge throughout my life because I enjoy clothes and actively tried new things, which helped me learn what works and doesn’t work for me personally.

However, I know most men don’t care to do the same, and that’s okay. I think that’s where this site comes in; I hope to be that platform where ideas are provided, and you can roll with what works for you. It’s easier to figure stuff out when you have a place to start. This site provides that starting point by pointing out styles, combos, and even particular pieces you might not have thought to try.

This site is meant for the everyday man wishing to up his own personal style.

EG has discussed a lot, and here’s a bit of a recap. You might’ve missed some of these articles so here’s your chance to go back and check them out.

The idea of french cuffs as overly dressy seemed to be reason enough to avoid them, but I pointed out some alternative ways to wear them. We also talked about the best way to roll up shirt sleeves, which got a pretty good response. Seems lots of guys had the issue of the sleeves unrolling a little too often. We started discussion of the ever-versatile brown dress shoe, and came to the conclusion that there are so many hues of brown, as well as a multitude of dress styles, that you can’t really go wrong with this option. This article discusses how to choose a brown dress shoe and what features to look for, and which ones to avoid. We also talked a little about what to wear with a pair of cognac-colored shoes (my favorite “brown” shade).

One particular article got a good laugh out of most people, and hopefully you can understand my obvious sarcasm when discussing how to be the best dressed man ever. For some reason, the topic of what undershirt to wear under a dress shirt was quite controversial; I guess people feel really strongly about their preferences. Although I expressed my opinion on the best style of undershirt to go with, you definitely don’t have to take my advice (although I think you’re crazy not to… just saying.) It also seems that when most guys hear me say “slim cut”, they think I mean skinny jeans, but that’s clearly not the case. I talked about the differences between slim and skinny jeans and hopefully that cleared up some things.

Broader Topics

EG also explored more general (yet equally important) topics such as defining your own style , actually getting rid of clothes once in a while, why it’s good to spend money on quality, why you should take the time to find your own style, and most recently, some pointers on how to dress when you’re fat.

Collaborations, Partnerships

I also started writing for Primer, an online magazine which serves as a guy’s post-college guide to growing up. We discussed the beauty of a slim wallet , the kind of accessories a man needs, what NOT to do when in a suit , the basics of finding a tailor and what you should pay him for,  and some pointers for a can’t-fail first date getup.

I worked with Matt over at The Motley and he contributed a series of articles entitled Maintenance 101 that covered things like how to best save your skin, the right way to care for your hair, and the proper way to shave.

The Perfect EG Complement

I also managed to start a side blog of sorts, called Less Effort. Consider it a street style blog for trends you DON’T want to follow. I think this is helpful in the sense that it’s one thing to talk about bad style and trends to not follow, but it’s another to check out a visual representation. This site is run with the readers’ help, and we are constantly requesting and accepting submissions from all you guys. Whenever you see something that just shouldn’t be worn… snap a covert photo, and submit it to Less Effort. Share with the class! We all learn when we share.


Looking back, I guess we did cover a lot. Crazy what can come about in a year’s time. You can find the unabridged list of every article on Effortless Gent in the archives section, in case you were interested in checking out articles that weren’t highlighted in this post.

I’m always open to hearing suggestions on topics, style examples, or anything, really. Even if you just want to drop a line to say hello, you can do so on the contact page. I really do read every email and do my best to respond. I get quite a bit of mail though, so forgive me if it takes several days to get back to you; I promise I’m not ignoring you. If it’s been ultra super duper long and I still haven’t responded, feel free to send me a reminder email.

Here’s to another super awesome year filled with great discussion and great style.


photo by crystal