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We have a special project in mind, and we need help finding a title.

Which name do you find the most interesting? What would you be most compelled to read and/or watch?

Let us know by voting below! Your vote will go straight to our inbox. And as always, please elaborate further (or suggest others, if you’d like) in the comments section.

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PUBLISHED June 7, 2010

Barron is a Lean Wardrobe Advocate and Founding Editor of Effortless Gent. He's from San Francisco but currently living in New York. Connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Tumblr.

  • Elena

    I like 24- Hour Dress Code because it implies a certain lifestyle and dressing for yourself, rather than discovering personal style. I think the 24- Hour Dress Code man is aware of art, culture, fashion, technology, etc.

  • Interesting perspective Elena! I didn't see it that way when I thought of it, but I like your view.

    How exactly does the title imply those ideas to you? Just curious and wanted to pick your brain a little more.

  • Kevin Ryan

    'Dress to Impress – A Man's Guide to Dressing Well' seems to have a certain ubiquitous aspect that applies to any situation, time, or style. Everyone has the common sense to know what to wear when presented with an event, but it is rare for an individual to be able piece together an outfit/style that suits their personality, body type, season, event, etc. while maintaing a comfortable and effortless look. Anyone can wear a suit to an interview, a bathing suit to the pool, or jeans to the store but not everyone has the know-how to wear it correctly, which is something that desperately needs to be addressed.

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  • Schmidty – Man Vs. Style

    I think even a combination of Kevins and Elena's choices would go well as well. such as “Dress to Impress – the 24 hour mens dress code”, or something along those lines.


  • I like the fact that this particular title does apply to many situations, regardless of theme or whatever, just like you mentioned. I also completely agree with this statement:

    “…it is rare for an individual to be able piece together an outfit/style that suits their personality, body type, season, event, etc. while maintaining a comfortable and effortless look.”

    That was the overall goal of this site from the start, and I hope to address it further and in more detail with this project.

    Appreciate your insight.

  • Hey Schmidty,

    To be honest that was one of the problems I had when whittling down my list. There were so many good combinations of titles + tag lines… Most likely I will have to come up with some sort of hybrid, or at least an add-on tag line once I decide on the title.

  • I'm loving all the input from our readers. Thanks everyone for voting… keep it coming; I could always use more suggestions.

  • What is the 25 hour mens dress code?

  • @CHRIS