Do you want to know how to stay fresh in the warmer months?

Even before picking out what to wear… it all starts with the products you use for your skin and hair.

When it’s hot and humid out, it’s important to use products that make sense for the weather so you stay dry, fresh, looking good, and smelling good all day.

From colognes to hair product to ball powder (yep, my secret weapon), these are the 5 or so products I’m using to stay fresh—both literally and stylishly—right now.

A Fresh Summer Fragrance

How To Stay Fresh - Summer Fragrances

Some fragrances work better in the colder months (or maybe at night), while others work better in warmer weather.

I gravitate towards scents with fresh, floral notes in the spring and summer, and stuff that’s more oriental and woody in the winter.

So for the past few months I’ve been cycling through these two fragrances: Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue Italian Zest, and John Varvatos’ Artisan Pure.

I’m not the best at describing fragrances but I’d say D&G’s cologne reminds me of an Italian coastal town (like Amalfi, or Positano, both of which I haven’t been to hahaha but I’m using my imagination here), crashing waves, salty ocean air, and citrus trees.

Base notes of earthy musk slightly linger, but it’s very subtle and not overpowering like you might find in winter-appropriate fragrances.

Artisan Pure reminds me of Miami Beach. Still by the ocean, but more lively and energetic. A little more flava. It smells incredible. Definitely citrusy, floral, and a bit woody.

I imagine going to a nice bar or outdoor restaurant and wearing this scent. It’s elegant and works well for both day and night.

Ball Powder (seriously!)

how to stay fresh - chassis premium powder

So, it’s hot as BALLS outside, am I right?!

The humidity causes me to sweat the second I walk out the door. I have to take a shower every day because by the time I get home, I’m a sweaty mess.

The worst part is when you get sweaty and swampy down there. You know what I mean?

My SECRET WEAPON I’ve been using the past two years is Chassis’ Premium Powder.

It helps prevent any moisture, odor, or chafing that can happen in your undercarriage, and does a WAY better job than baby powder or any of those cheap drugstore options.

Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men Price: $18 Original Fresh Scent Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men

Here’s why.

  1. I don’t want to smell like a newborn baby down there, and
  2. If I can avoid talc, aluminum, and all the questionable, potentially harmful shit that’s in our grooming and skin care products, all the better.

(Chassis is talc-, aluminum-, paraben-, and menthol-free!)

Also I’ve found that their powder doesn’t get tacky or pasty if you accidentally apply too much – has that ever happened to you with baby powder?

It’s no bueno.

Chassis’ powder doesn’t do that; their stuff is specially formulated with what they call Hydro Shield technology, which basically means the powder will actually stay a dry powder, not turn into a tacky, pasty mess.

They also have a Shower Primer (which helps you be proactive with stench and sweat by treating it in the shower before it happens), Restoration Cream (used to be called “Extreme Cream”, soothes irritation and prevents chafing), and a few different versions of the Premium Powder.

how to stay fresh - chassis

Their whole line is worth checking out, and all products work to help you stay fresh and clean and dry down there.

At the very least, grab a few bottles of the Premium Powder. I’ve been using it the past few years and it works better than anything else I’ve tried.

Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men Price: $18 Original Fresh Scent Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men

Hair Clay For a Fresh ‘Do

How To Stay Fresh - hair clay

For my particular type of hair and the hairstyle I’m going for, clay seems to work best.

For the longest time I was using Layrite’s Cement Clay. I considered it the best hair product for me until I started using Blumaan’s Cavalier Clay.

Layrite’s Cement Clay holds well and smells incredible, but I’ve found it to be a bit greasy after application.

I’m very cautious about using too much product because then it’s impossible to backtrack without washing your hair and starting over, so it’s not that. But even though I use a little at a time, after a while, I still feel greasy.

I could feel the product seeping down the hairs and onto my scalp and eventually my hairline. And this is without getting overly warm or sweaty. It’s weird.

Blumaan’s Cavalier Clay has a better hold and does not leave that greasy feeling.

It doesn’t smell as nice as Layrite’s product, but it seems to perform better overall.

I’m running out of Cavalier Clay and wanted to try Uppercut’s Matt Clay, which is my current product. So far, I’m not liking it as much as Cavalier Clay.

It has a very strong hold and is re-workable, which is great, but getting it off your hands (and even your hair in the shower) is a pain in the ass. I had to soap my hands three separate times to get the product off.

Also, for some reason, it has a bit of shine like a pomade does… I prefer a matte finish, which is why I use clay. And this is called matt clay, so… not sure what’s going on there.

I’ll give it more time and see if I get used to it, but my first impression of the Matt Clay was just meh.

If you’re looking for a clay right now, the best I’ve tried out of the three is the Cavalier Clay.

Sea Salt Spray (instant texture for your hair)

How To Stay Fresh - sea salt spray

Not big on hair clay?

Maybe you have an easy, no nonsense hairstyle, or you’re just not into using product?

Try Beardbrand’s Sea Salt Spray. It adds some grit and texture to your hair (the same texture you get after a day at the beach), and maybe that’s all you need for styling.

Or, maybe your hair is more like mine. When I get out of the shower, my hair is nice and clean, but it falls flat without a bit of help.

I use this Sea Salt Spray to add that grit and texture, and in combination with a pre-styler and strategic use of a hairdryer, I’m able to achieve the volume and side part hair style I want.

While we’re chatting about hair, using the right tools is key. This Beardbrand comb is clutch and one of the nicest combs I’ve used.

It’s made from a cellulose acetate and is super smooth and polished. There’s no snagging as you comb through, and the teeth are slightly rounded so you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or scratching your scalp.

Plus, I just really like the design. ⅔ of the teeth are more widely spaced, and ⅓ of the comb has finer teeth. Really cool look and feel overall.

A (non-oily) Hand Cream

How To Stay Fresh - hand cream

Finally, I’ve been really liking this mineral hand cream from AHAVA.

It has a nice pleasant scent, not too strong, and a light powder finish.

Some moisturizers have an oily finish, which I can’t stand. I want my hands to feel moisturized but not oily or tacky. This does the job well. It absorbs into the skin easily and lasts a long time.

I don’t bring this around, but I usually apply it before leaving the house.

How do you stay fresh (and dry) in the hot weather?

What are some of your favorite products that help you stay fresh (literally, and style-wise) when it’s warm out?

Thanks again to our friends at Chassis for partnering with us on this article.

The Premium Powder alone is worth it—They’re the #1 online product for ball powder, it’s some good shit forreal—but if I were you, I’d take a look at the rest of their line.

You can find the Premium Powder (as well as their Restoration Cream and Shower Primer) using the links below.

Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men Price: $18 Original Fresh Scent Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men

Chassis Restoration Cream Price: $18 Chassis Restoration Cream

Chassis Shower Primer Price: $18 Chassis Shower Primer

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