Plenty of brands can lay claim to military inspiration and aesthetic. Few can say they’re cut from the same cloth as the tough, durable gear produced for the armed forces.

Chicago-based Stock Mfg. Co. produces classic, rugged-yet-refined clothing out of a factory that still manufactures non-combat gear for the military – and that’s just part of their story.

Stock is part of a wave of brands that draw – rightfully so – on America’s love for all things American. The dual tenets of quality and craftsmanship remain as big a draw as ever.

You want toughness plus style? You got it.

That’s refreshing at a time when so many brands are in the race for fast-fashion, always chasing the latest and greatest trends.

In the Know: Stock Mfg. Co.

Focus on the Classics

Stock Mfg. Co. – on the other end of the spectrum – focuses on the classics. For readers of Effortless Gent, that’s very good news.

You already know that buying better quality leads to exceptional value over time. Stock gets this right – from simple pieces like its lightweight linen shirts to tough outerwear.

Stock Mfg. Co. designs and produces its clothes in a family-owned factory with military production value. It even looks to like-minded brands – such as Taylor Stitch – to launch applause-worthy partnerships. Case in point: the American Highway Collection, a set of tough menswear essentials for the open road.

This attention to detail leads to what the brand calls “a level of quality unsurpassed in the industry.” Those are words that should make you sit up and pay attention indeed.

How does this play into your daily life? What if you need to rock a shirt and tie more than a pair of tough denim?

In the Know: Stock Mfg. Co.

Modern Wardrobe Essentials

The story behind the brand is worth knowing. It can make you rethink your approach to buying (investing in quality applies to the Lean Wardrobe philosophy).

If you’re hunting for a particular item, there’s no better place to start than a brand that practically guarantees your purchase for life.

When transitioning outerwear between seasons or buying ahead for chillier weather, look toward the classic field coat. The Brush Brown Waxed M-65 Jacket gets a ton of things right: unique pocket detailing, a functional hood and an eye-catching color.

In the Know: Stock Mfg. Co.
The Houndstooth Corduroy Shirts merge a houndstooth pattern with corduroy fabric. This uniquely textured shirt does well on its own or over a slim white henley.

Stock takes a more casual route, too. Their heathered sweatshorts combine a tailored silhouette with comfortable French terry fabric.

This multi-pronged approach allows the brand to control both production and design. All the while, they never stray too far from a rugged-yet-versatile design ethos. Ya dig?

Quality + Variety

Stock is a rare brand that has something for everybody without ever skimping on quality. Heck, they even make tweed ties.

If a brand can claim to be a one-stop shop and boast a production facility that also makes clothing to military specifications, sign me up. Like its “slow-fashion” counterparts at Apolis, Stock focuses on quality, durability, and timelessness.

If you’re able to find some room in your wardrobe for that versatility, they’d be worth a look. And now you’re in the know.

Have you shopped at Stock Mfg. Co. before? What’s your favorite pick out of the stuff we show here?

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