Hey Gents,

initialsSqYou may have heard me mention this before, but consider this my official announcement.

First, let’s talk a bit about the State of Personal Style today. You’d think with all the information out there on the web, it would be easy to get what you need, down to the every last minute detail.

Even with what’s available to you today, EG included, it feels a bit… fragmented, doesn’t it? Sometimes you find conflicting information. Sometimes you find the exact topic you’re looking for, but the content merely skims the surface of the issue, leaving you wanting more.

Fragmented content. Surface-level information, but no “meat and potatoes” heartiness. Lack of in-depth knowledge.

Sound familiar?

“Imagine a world where…”

That reminded me of every movie preview I’ve ever seen. Just read that above line in your best Movie Announcer voice.

Anyway, imagine having access to a site that provides all the information you need about any style-related topic. Not just surface-level information you’ve read on other men’s style sites, but the good stuff. The in-depth, nitty gritty, meat and potatoes type stuff.

On top of that, imagine having access to interviews with real tastemakers… stylish, confident, interesting dudes who can provide that extra push to discovering and honing in on your own personal style.

Oh, and how great would it be if this site had a forum with a real, live community built right in? One that was motivated and pulsing with excitement? Similar to what EG has now, but a few steps beyond, with the ability to swap stories, chat, work with, and help each other?

It would also be great if the site had fun style challenges, a monthly online video meet-up and Q&A session, special member perks and discounts, and additional downloadable worksheets and PDF resources… wouldn’t it?

(Officially) Announcing: The Cladright Association, an online platform for the best style education

I want to build the internet’s most useful, detailed (and of course, witty) style education site. A site that contains every single element I’ve described above.

A few of my overall goals for this project?

  • “Useful, Detailed, Witty”: I’ve used this trifecta of adjectives many times, and I believe it embodies the bulk of what I want this platform to represent… detailed, “meat and potatoes” content, that’s not only highly useful, but presented in a witty, fresh, and down-to-earth way… much like the culture we’ve cultivated together here at Effortless Gent.
  • Ever-evolving presentation and content: Sure, classic style is timeless, but that doesn’t mean the way we interpret classic styles never changes. I want this resource to evolve over time and encompass curriculums that benefit not just beginners, but advanced students, and everyone in between.
  • Learn lots, and have fun at the same time!: Look, I went to college. I’ve even taken a few online classes. That can get really, really boring. Cladright will be insanely useful, effective, and educational, but presenting stuff you want to learn about style. Oh, and I want to have a bunch of fun building and teaching this stuff, so I’m expecting you to have a bunch of fun being a part of the community. Trust me, I don’t do boring. (Not well, at least.)
  • Cultivate community: Almost like a fraternity! But without the rough hazing, unnecessary machismo, and consumption of inexpensive, subpar beer. (Occasional use of the word “bro” will be tolerated.) It’s essential to cultivate community within a buzzing, vibrant group, and the forum will be the perfect catalyst for this. We’ll be there supporting and encouraging each other, setting goals together, taking on challenges with one another, and having a lot of fun along the way.
  • Affordability: I want the cost of joining to be manageable. Something where you can say, “Yeah, I’m paying my association dues, but it’s no biggie, because the value I get out of this membership far outweighs the price.”

I’m really excited to be creating this new platform for you

Like I mentioned before, I haven’t been this excited about a project since I first started EG four years ago.

On launch day, I’ll be opening this opportunity up to a small group of charter members. If you want to be considered for this initial group, just sign up below.

(Don’t see the form above? Sign up here.)

By the way, I’d love to hear about your biggest obstacles when it comes to personal style. It could be anything! Nothing’s too vague or unimportant; I’m here to help. And who knows, your qualms may inspire a lesson or course within Cladright.

Simply reply to the email you receive once you confirm signing up to the interest list.

I hope to see you in the association!


PS: here’s that link one more time, sign up and receive more info once it’s ready.

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11 Responses

  1. GDR. on

    Congratulations on opening this up!
    My biggest obstacle is just finding clothes that fit.
    I’m short and small framed—I like to look good too, you know.

  2. SB on

    B, it’s great to hear that you will have this available as a definitive resource – I look forward to seeing it.

    One suggestion for Cladright, or even for an EG article, can you put info together for the thin man? I see info for bigger/well-built/shorter men, but could use some further help for my body type.

  3. King Kazma on

    I just want to escape from the neutral/plain outfit line up. I mean a solid foundation is always important, but I still find myself in boring outfit combinations. I have a few colors, prints, and patterns that help me stand out, but I still feel like something is missing. Most of my outfits either have a very low contrast, or they simply just lack appeal. So how can I spice it up?

  4. Mikhail on

    So, Barron, you’re asking about obstacles. Well, my biggest obstacle is inability to find well-fitting clothes in the mass market. I’m tall and thin, so I usually suffer from the lack of lenght of sleeves, trousers and even torso when it comes to outerwear. Only chance to have perfectly sitting shirt is to go with custom clothier.

    Another problem is hardship of identifying piece’s formality level. Especially with footwear. Sometimes I’m looking at the pair of good looking shoes and just can’t put together whole look. I doubt whether may it go together or it doesn’t.

    So , that’s my two main obstacles.