Get a copy of EG’s latest book, The Lean Wardrobe

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Style Tips

Aah, yes, the Lean Wardrobe. We discuss it a lot here on EG, and I’ve mentioned it many times in several different articles. But what is it exactly? And how do you get one?

Since the Lean Wardrobe philosophy is such an important one, I wrote a guide detailing exactly how to achieve it.

In reality, all it takes is a conscious, active approach to closet management and a long, hard look at each item you are considering purchasing.

The Lean Wardrobe: A Simple, Straight-forward Approach To Looking Sharp No Matter Your Age, Budget, Or Situation is a quick read, but hopefully you find it full of useful ideas to help you get your closet on the right track.

It’s difficult improving your wardrobe if your closet is full and bursting at the hinges with poor sartorial decisions of years past.

Here’s a screenshot of the Table of Contents, in case you’re curious.


Share Your Story

I’m looking forward to hearing stories about your Lean Wardrobe, or the one you’re working to achieve. Paring down and getting rid of the excess, followed by mindful restocking and constant curation is definitely no easy task.

Have you been working on a Lean Wardrobe? How has it been going so far? Shoot me a tweet and let me know.