As much as we talk about style, clothing, and the buying of said clothing here on EG, a man can’t live on clothing purchases alone. A man needs to buy things other than clothing once in awhile, right?

Juuust in case you’re not on your computer as much as I am (I really hope you’re not… I spend too many of my waking hours on this thing), I wanted to point out three members-only shopping sites that I think are super great and suggest you check out if you haven’t already.

“Wait, ‘members only’??”

Before you get your peach-colored panties in a bunch, fear not! I would never lead you astray.

“Members only” isn’t really as exclusive as they make it sound. Basically it’s just a private site that requires you to sign in before taking advantage of the deals. And when I say deals, i mean DEALS. Like serious discountage going on up in that piece, yo.

Registering is quick, painless, and free. It should take you all of 3.4 seconds to input a bit of information and you’re all set to go.

But first, some that are clothing-related

Before we get to the juicy stuff, let me cover some of the (more established, clothing-related) members-only and flash sale sites out there. In case you haven’t yet checked these sites out, you may want to take a peek.


The big Mac Daddy (or Daddy Mac, depending on which Kris Kross member you prefer). Gilt is one of (if not THE) oldest members-only, flash sale shopping site out there. Think high-end designer clothing for men and women at a ridiculous discount. The thing is, because the pieces are designer, you’re still paying a pretty penny… but if you consider the garment’s original purchase price, the item is a steal.

I recommend Gilt if 1.) you’re quick (because it’s a flash sale site, products are sold out almost instantly when they’re released every morning at 9am Eastern time), and 2.) you browse quickly and decide even more quickly if something is what you need.

Like I said, stuff goes quickly, so it’s not like you can come back to the site and decide later.

Well, you could, technically… but the item will be gone.

Anyway, not my favorite site but fun to browse every now and then. They’ve since expanded to items for the home, travel, and much more.

Check out Gilt

MyHabit (Now Amazon Fashion)

MyHabit is Amazon’s answer to Gilt (now completely an Amazon vertical called Amazon Fashion).

Though I don’t use it very often, they seem to have a nice selection of menswear products, with many brands that aren’t as prohibitively expensive as the ones on Gilt.

If you’re interested in things other than men’s clothing, they have stuff for women, children, and home goods as well.

Check out Amazon Fashion


HauteLook is Nordstrom’s version of a flash sale / members-only site. Nordstrom has a good selection in stores, and I’m sure that selection makes its way to HauteLook eventually.

Check out HauteLook

Now, onto the next

So here are the sites I really wanted to share with you. They’re formatted similarly to the ones we just discussed, but the twist is that they’re not so focused on clothing and fashion. They encompass more home design and lifestyle type products as well as travel deals.

Like I said, a man can only look at clothes online for so long before he gets sick of it and wants to look at other things.

If you’re a fan of good design, interesting art, useful products, and dream travel, the following might be more your style.

Fab is all about design. Sure, there are quirky tees and interesting kicks once in awhile, but if you’re trying to get your home fitted with wonderfully designed, one-of-a-kind goods, Fab is the place to be.

Some stuff is expensive; for example, they have limited edition modern designer furniture that costs as much as a few fully-loaded Macbook Pros. But they also have limited edition wall art and prints you probably can’t find in most places for the cost of a two-person dinner at Applebee’s.

The products on Fab don’t necessarily fit one category, rather, the site takes well-designed products (from clothes to art, rugs to furniture, and more) from all over and makes them available in one place.

Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Check out Fab


Huckberry is a fun one. They consistently have a collection of really interesting products geared toward a more active and adventurous gent. Again, some clothes and accessories here, but definitely more utilitarian (but still well-designed) than purely aesthetic.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re the outdoorsy type, but I know you’ll still find neat products even if you’re about that urban jungle as opposed to, you know… the regular kind of jungle.

Check Out Huckberry


Aahhh, Jetsetter…

I can’t say I’ve actually purchased anything from Jetsetter (yet), but damn if that site doesn’t inspire you to dream.

The site features insider pricing and access to ultra-exclusive vacation destinations (i.e. luxury hotels, villas, suites, etc) all around the globe, and is filled with captivating, detailed, jaw-dropping imagery.

You’d be surprised, some featured locales aren’t all that bad as far as price goes. If you’re planning a getaway, take a look at Jetsetter and see if you can snag one of these slick accommodations. Besides, if you’re going to travel, might as well do so in style, right?

Definitely recommend perusing this site as well.

Check out Jetsetter

There you have it!

A few shopping sites I recommend (that aren’t necessarily all about clothes). Enjoy browsing!

Any I missed, or other great ones you’ve found and want to recommend? Leave em in the comments below!

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