I remember the first time I actually invested in some appropriate workout gear.

Switching from plain cotton tees to the quick-drying, moisture-wicking shirts was a night and day difference!

Whenever I tried wearing regular tees to the gym after that, I immediately regretted it.

Regular tees soaked up sweat like a sponge. I’d be a damp mess by the end of my workout.

The ironic thing is, in our everyday lives, we still get sweaty… yet there aren’t many non-gym clothing options to help us out with that.

Sure, maybe we don’t sweat as much as when we’re at the gym, but it’s enough to notice. Just wearing a cotton dress shirt during a brisk walk at lunch on a humid summer day can make you sweaty.

Staying dry and cool in regular clothes? Seems impossible

Do your armpits sweat? Do you wear antiperspirant to prevent it?

If you do, there’s a good chance you’ve had your fair share of dress shirts discolored and ruined because of the stains your antiperspirant leaves behind.

How about the sweat marks down the middle of your back or chest, even if you’re wearing an undershirt? The sweat is very noticeable when you’re in a regular dress shirt and it takes forever to dry.

While you wait to dry out, you’re uncomfortable and don’t feel your best (considering you’re all soggy and swampy). Meanwhile, everyone around you looks cool and confident.

I hate that.

Enter Mizzen+Main

Do those terribly sweaty situations sound familiar to you? Are you squirming in discomfort? You should add a few Mizzen+Main shirts to your wardrobe.

In plain English, here’s why I’m a fan of these shirts:

1.) I’m not a sweaty mess, even on the hottest days

How? By wicking moisture away the second I start to perspire.

These dress shirts work just like my favorite performance workout shirts; they repel sweat instead of absorbing it like natural cotton does.

Running late to work? Gotta book it across town? Or maybe you have a big meeting with the boss and your nerves are making your body temperature rise?

Imagine never sweating in your dress shirts again.

You’ll arrive in tip-top shape; any sweat that might have collected on your old dress shirts just doesn’t show on this fabric.

2.) Comfortable stretch, like your favorite T-shirt or sweater

Most woven dress shirts are restrictive. Mizzen+Main’s special material is not only quick-drying and moisture-wicking, but also has the perfect amount of stretch. The shirt moves with your body… or more accurately, lets your body move.

It has the comfort of your favorite tee or sweater (minus the excessive stretching that only a wash and heated dry can fix), with the elegance and sharpness of your standard dress shirt.

What could be better?

3.) Easy to take care of

If you prefer low-maintenance clothes, Mizzen+Main shirts are your jam.

You’ll never have to dry clean these. Simply throw them in the wash and hang them to dry. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant both right out of the wash (simply smooth it out and hang) and as you wear it throughout the day.

Looking for a few suggestions?

mizzen+main red check


The red check shirt

A classic pattern in an attention-grabbing color, the red gingham check is a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Wear this with a navy suit or navy chinos. You could also go with grey or olive chinos, if you wanted something a bit different. Shop the red check shirt »

Mizzen+Main blue green plaid


A fun plaid

When you need a break from the solids, checks, and stripes, throw on this colorful plaid shirt.

Looks great with a mid grey suit or your favorite khaki chinos. You could even wear with a crisp pair of white denim… the combinations are endless. Shop the blue and green plaid shirt »

Mizzen+Main blue pinstripe


All business

When you need to get down to business, go with your best suit and this pinstripe shirt. Shop the blue pinstripe shirt »

“How do they fit?”

In case you’re worried about fit, Mizzen+Main comes in two distinct styles, Trim and Standard.

Trim has a more tapered fit in the body, perfect for slim or athletic builds with that V torso.

The Standard fit works well for the average, not-so-slim body. It adds 2.5″ to each side at the chest and waist with more room in the arms as well.

There you go! Any favorites?

If you’re an active guy who moves a lot and needs to look sharp for the office, or if you run hot and tend to get a bit sweaty (especially during the warmer months) check out Mizzen+Main.


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