Hey gents,

In the spirit of the once-yearly, weekend-long shopping orgy called Black Friday / Cyber Monday we Americans like to subject ourselves to, I thought I’d talk a little bit today about where I shop online.

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a fan of shopping just to shop. I buy with a purpose, and I always focus on a Lean Wardrobe… so I buy what I need and only what I need. I always encourage you guys to do the same.

Just don’t get caught up in the hype of buying stuff just to buy it. My GYS students know that it takes a lot of work to clear up a closet stuffed with crap you don’t wear or use. The last thing you want to do is put yourself back in that position.

That being said, if there is something you need, this coming weekend may be the one to acquire it, since there WILL be deals out there.

Here are a few Thanksgiving deals and sales from our friends

Black Lapel

My man Warren over at Black Lapel DOES. NOT. PLAY. I wouldn’t consider this a “sale” so much as a “give incredible stuff away”-athon.

I can’t even really explain what’s happening here. Well, I can, but it’s best if you check it out for yourself. Seriously, don’t miss out on getting to know this brand.

Get free stuff from Black Lapel here.

The Motley

Our friends at The Motley don’t always get to provide sales this steep, so now’s your chance to snag a new face wash, moisturizer, or hair product till Monday, November 26!

Shop The Motley here.

Frank & Oak

Looks like they got something secretive (and probably sexy) brewing over there at Frank & Oak (aff link). Not sure what they’ll have at the Black Friday event, but I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.

Sign up and browse the goods here (aff link).

Online outfitters EG frequents

If I plan on buying something, I typically try to find it in a physical store so I can touch it, feel it, try it on, think about it, etc. Sometimes, that’s just not possible (or better deals are to be had online), so I turn to the internetz.

Anyway, in case you were curious, here are some of the places I shop.


Does this count? I own every single piece these guys make.

Ha! I kid. I run that label. Boom.


This is the store I buy from the most. If I’m not wearing Fifth&Brannan, I’m probably wearing J.Crew.

In my opinion, they’re the perfect blend of classics with a twist. Practically every piece is a man’s wardrobe staple, but updated for a more modern look and fit.

Depending on your budget, J.Crew can be a bit pricey. If you’re going for stuff there, make it count. Sign up on their email list as they have good deals from time to time. You could also check out J.Crew Factory, J.Crew’s more affordable sibling.

Good deals, great clothes

Lands’ End Canvas

LEC has deals all the time. Personally, I think that trains the customer to expect these things (and to wait to buy until things are on sale), but hey, as a customer I’m not going to complain. Stuff here won’t normally break the bank (especially if you wait for them to go on sale).

The fit can be a tough one to dial in on; it’s best if you read the reviews and do the best you can. They also have sizing charts so make use of those. I’ve bought a few things from LEC and sometimes they fit perfectly, but other times they were just too big. If you’re an in-betweener, I’d say size down, and cross your fingers.

Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak is a newcomer on my list of regular shopping destinations. I like their selection and their prices are decent. They sell a slimmer fitting product, so buy your size, or if you’re an in-betweener, go with the bigger of the two sizes.

LL Bean Signature

I find this to be quite similar to LEC. I also tend to wait for sales here, as they have plenty of good ones. If you remember my review on their plain-weave suit a while back, this was the first product I snagged from them. I wore the ish out of that suit jacket, by the way.

International, kinda?

I realize I have a lot of international readers, but unfortunately I don’t shop internationally very often… because, well, I’m here in the states. I think most of the stores mentioned in this section have international locations (or ship internationally, though I could be wrong). Anyway, check it out just in case.


I’m a little thrown off by Uniqlo’s offering at their new SF location. I haven’t seen that much fleece and down jackets since Old Navy in 1997. In New York, the Uniqlo shops there have a great selection of menswear basics. If you get a chance, stop by there, or check out uniqlo.com.


Skews a bit young and trendy, but I’ve found nice thick cotton sweaters here, and their suits look and fit great for the price (on the slimmer side).


I’ve never actually bought anything from Topman yet (still waiting for them to open up a location here in SF), but from what I’ve seen online, looks good. Definitely worth checking out.


Asos has good basics and casual clothing for a decent price. Once in a while, you’ll find more interesting pieces and for a split second, you’ll wonder why they even exist.


Designer stuff, with good deals from time to time. Also definitely worth checking out if you have the budget for a great piece (like a nice coat or suit). Be prepared with your measurements as this is the best way to make sure a garment will fit.

Pants, mostly


This is a fun site to browse for pants (and they have much more than just pants nowadays). Price point is a bit higher, but Bonobos is known for their fit. Great pants for larger dudes with meatier legs. They’re starting to carry more slim models for skinnier gents as well. Cut is definitely more on the straight leg side than the tapered / skinnier side.


We have the Levi’s flagship store here in SF, and that’s always a fun place to browse. But for you guys that are everywhere else BUT here, levis.com is a close second. Check out the 513, my new favorite model.

Urban Outfitters

Urban skews a bit younger, but they do have some good finds. Nice selection of Levi’s in washes and colors that are different from other stores, too. Decent collection of casual shoes.

Grooming supplies, skin care, hair care

The Motley

Over the years I’ve become friends with Matt, founder of The Motley. I like their approach to men’s grooming products: highly-curated, all natural, made from good stuff. This stuff is going on your skin and hair, after all… don’t you want the best and most natural stuff you can find?

Scroll up in case you missed their Thanksgiving sale deal.



Zappos (aff link) has everything—not just shoes—but I tend to only shop for shoes there. When I need everything else, I typically turn to Amazon (aff link).


Barney’s New York / Barney’s Co-op

When I’m feeling fancy, I like checking out the stuff at Barney’s. The stuff is beautiful. Some things look ridiculous, and most items are ridiculously priced, but for some stuff, it’s worth it.

Members-only, flash sales

I wrote an article on my favorite members-only, non-clothing-exclusive online sites (and I mentioned a few of the usual suspects, as well). These are the ones I tend to frequent the most nowadays.


Huckberry (aff link) has fun products. Lots of manly, outdoorsy products you won’t really find in stores. Definitely worth checking out and signing up if you haven’t already.


Fab (aff link) satisfies my designer side. You can find great stuff for your home, office, and yes, sometimes clothes too (but I don’t come here for the clothes).


With Gilt (aff link), I definitely come for the clothes. They also have a great selection of stuff for your home and office from time to time. You just have to check the site regularly since new deals pop up all the time.


MyHabit (aff link) has surprisingly been one of the more popular members-only sites I featured on this post. Good selection of clothing, worth taking a look every once in a while (or every morning).

Where do you shop?

What are your favorite sites to frequent online? These are the ones I gravitate towards when I’m browsing or shopping. Let’s hear some of your favorites!



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2 Responses

  1. D on

    I actually have several pairs of jeans and chinos from American Eagle because of their 26 waist size (I know I’m tiny). Thus far, I’m extremely pleased with them.

    JCrew factory is also a good place, just got 4 ties from them at $10 a piece because of their 30% off and freeshipping.

    Bananarepublic is another good place for smaller guys like me, got a silk cashmere sweater from them that was on sale for $40 and I added another 30% off on top of it.

    I’m trying to establish a good purchasing habits, so right now I have a list of about 3~5 things I need next and wait for good deals to snatch them.

  2. ScottWC on

    I managed to pick up a Henley at an actual J. Crew Factory store for $30 after taxes, which is a sweet deal, but Henley’s can be tricky if you want to buy one online; the fit is so important just like with a cardigan — they can be unflattering quite easily.

    Being fairly new to menswear style for the most part (only started getting serious about dressing better than average in August) I’ve realized it’s best to stick with Canadian based sites to avoid the hefty duties and taxes.

    I have taken your advice and slowed down a lot after going a bit crazy with spending over the last three months. Do I regret some of the purchases I made? Yep… but I definitely bought more things that I liked.

    For now I’ll be focusing on saving up and buying quality clothes to fit my uniform and colour palette (mainly white, blue, and grey with bits of brown, black, burgundy, and green).

    Here are the Canadian sites I frequent:









    I listed these because I remember that Jessy wrote about how much trouble he had finding decent style based Canadian sites. I hope this helps him and others!