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seikoIf you’re like me and love watches, or even if you’re a guy still looking for his first watch, you want one that’s handsome yet tough… one that works well for most occasions and can serve as a daily wearer.

You appreciate a nice Rolex or Omega as much as the next guy, but even if your dream watch weren’t cost prohibitive, you may still want something more casual for your laid-back days.

The perfect everyday watch would be something classically styled, but not too sporty, so it can still be worn with a blazer.

At the same time, it wouldn’t look too dressy or fancy, so it doesn’t feel out of place with denim. Most of all, not so expensive or fragile that you’d be scared to scratch it up or break it.

A good example of this is the Timex Weekender. This is a super inexpensive option (I found a similar one, the Timex Easy Reader, at Target for $30, and switched out the stock band with a NATO version).

The Seiko pictured above is another watch I wear almost every day (more than even my Timex). My uncle gave it to me 15 years ago, and it’s still going strong. Stylistically, it’s understated (except for its blue face) and works with the clothes I wear on a daily basis.

Your perfect everyday watch, much like your perfect Lean Wardrobe, will depend on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Here are a few that you may like, or at the very least, a few that will incite you to explore more and find one on your own (click the photo to enlarge).

perfect everyday watch

From L to R: Seiko 5, Stuhrling, Daniel Wellington, TokyobaySwiss Army, Braun (via Huckberry), Tsovet (via Huckberry)

Those last two watches are from one of my favorite flash-sale style shopping sites, Huckberry (though, nowadays, they’re much more than flash sales). You may need an account to view those. You can sign up for one via EG here.

On a related note, if you’re looking for nylon (or NATO) watch straps, or the tools you’ll need to swap out the original straps easier, those links should help you out.

Note that the spring bar tool set isn’t always needed for NATO straps, but can come in handy when adjusting metal link watch straps or taking out a stubborn leather band.

What’s currently on your wrist every day? If you don’t have a watch yet, which one from the above list is your favorite? Would love to hear it in the comments below.


[images via Amazon, Huckberry]

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