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In 2009, I scheduled an appointment with my dentist. At that point, eight years had gone by since my last cleaning and checkup.

I’d just avoided it for no good reason other than pure laziness. I never had any pain. I figured I was doing a decent job of keeping my teeth clean.

During the checkup, I realized I was completely wrong. Turned out I had seven cavities and would have to come back two more times to get them all filled.

Damn. Guess I should’ve stuck to my twice-yearly checkups.

At my first cavity-filling appointment, my dentist showed me something… pretty disgusting.

After a few minutes of hard pressure drilling into my tooth — enduring the high-pitched grinding and the scent of pulverized bone dust — he took a closeup photo for his digital records. And he showed me what the cavity looked like on a large monitor.

So. Gross.

Imagine one of your back teeth, partially drilled and hollowed out, with a mess of black/brown decay inside it. I could find a similar image on Google, but I’ll let you do that yourself. (Just kidding, don’t do it. You’ll regret it.)

I haven’t missed more than a day of brushing or flossing since.

After that appointment, I got more serious about keeping my teeth clean.

It’s widely believed that electric toothbrushes, when used correctly, have the potential be more effective than manual ones.

And for a short time, I definitely considered getting an electric toothbrush. But I never pulled the trigger for a somewhat silly reason: I never liked how they looked or how much space they took up.

Not to mention, they’re also pricey.

The last time I even bothered shopping around for one (a few years ago), they were large and in charge, had multiple vibrating functions (was that even necessary?), came with a big charging base, had multiple extra heads…

I didn’t want to bother with all this.

Especially when a simple, basic toothbrush took up no room and was a simple solution to a routine nightly task.

An electric brush unlike the others

Quip shipping package

The Quip, shipped

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using Quip, and I’ve since changed my tune about electric toothbrushes.

I’ve also learned some things about my previous brushing habits.

For one, I spend way too long brushing in some areas and not enough in others.

I tend to brush in circular motions, not necessarily focusing on the areas where my teeth and gums meet.

I also brush too hard, as evidenced by how destroyed my bristles are after a month or two.

This toothbrush is designed to help you follow the age-old advice your dentist has been giving you about brushing since you were a little boy and avoid the detrimental habits you’ve picked up along the way.

  • Age-old advice: Brush for at least two minutes, focus on the gum line, and make sure to get every nook and cranny in your mouth hole. Afterwards, floss.
  • Detrimental habits: Brushing too hard (bad for gums), not brushing long enough (at least two minutes), and using long or circular strokes (short quick strokes are best. Visualize hitting every tooth and gum line).
Here's what came in the package

Here’s what came in the package

A few things I like about my Quip (vs. any other toothbrush — manual or electric — I’ve tried or seen):

It’s dead simple: One button, one vibration mode. A pulsing notification every 30 seconds lets you know it’s time to switch areas.

Clean, minimalist design: My wife and I keep a clutter-free bathroom. All we have on the counter is a hand soap dispenser. Quip’s design easily fits in.

Easy to store: Quip comes with a wall (or mirror or tile) mount that doubles as a travel cover to take on the go. And yes – the cover is re-mountable.

Affordable: Replacement heads are $5 and ship directly to you every 3 months. I never remembered to change my toothbrushes; I would let three seasons go by before even thinking about grabbing a new one (bad, I know). Having a replacement sent to me is a nice reminder to swap out the old one.

While it’s only been a few weeks…

I’ve really enjoyed using my Quip brush. It combines the functionality of a typically bulky electric toothbrush with the simple profile of a manual one.

On top of that, its design is sleek and sexy. If you appreciate small details and beautiful design in your everyday objects — I certainly do — you’ll love Quip.

Want one of your own?

To get a Quip brush of your very own, sign up here and use code ‘effortlessgent’ at checkout.

You’ll receive your first $5 brush refill for free as a special thanks for being an EG reader and for trying out Quip.

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