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I’m about to drop some knowledge on you in a minute. But first, I want to make sure I have your attention. Make sure to read through this whole article because at the very end, I’ll have a special surprise for you, but you’ll have to read through to find out!

For the uninitiated (read: those who aren’t avid readers of this site) “casual” typically equates to sloppy. Most of the time this isn’t intentional; I highly doubt anyone wakes up in the morning thinking “I’m gonna look my absolute shittiest today.”

The problem is, lots of guys don’t know what to put on when they’re not wearing their work uniforms, whether that be a suit and tie, or an orange vest and a hardhat.

Enter the idea of Refined Casual. There is no one type of casual outfit, just like there is no “going out” shirt, despite what most guys think.

I’m encouraging you to blur the lines a bit between dressy and casual. When you have a more refined casual look, you’ll never find yourself completely under or overdressed in any situation you find yourself in.

What does this mean exactly?

Step away from t-shirts on your off days, and throw on a button-up sport shirt. Try a fitted crewneck sweater instead of your typical hoodie. Put on a great pair of chinos instead of your ripped, faded denim.

What better way to illustrate this point than with visuals? Below are three outfits I put together. Study them not as absolutes you should memorize and mimic exactly, but rather use them as references on how to pair color and texture together, and more importantly, how to willingly stray away from your usual casual choices.

Each of these examples feature Bonobos’ Game Day Chinos, some of my favorite out right now. They have great colors available and the fit is perfect. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for new pants.

Take a look at the Game Day Chinos here (opens in a new tab).

Game Day Chinos in red, Resin tailored shirt from Gap, Half-zip lambswool sweater from J.Crew, Navy Bayswater pea coat from J.Crew, Earthkeeper boots from Timberland, Golden / Brass leather belt from Tanner Goods

Game Day Chinos in Petrol Blue from Bonobos, White all-rounder oxford shirt from Bonobos, Millerain waxed cotton field jacket from J.Crew, Red Oak leather desert boot from Clarks, Heritage tan / black leather belt from Tanner Goods

Game Day Chinos in Surplus from Bonobos, Brushed flannel work shirt from Lands’ End Canvas, Waxed cotton field jacket from Lands’ End Canvas, Suede chukka boot from Quoddy, Mahogany / nickel leather belt from Tanner Goods

Lucky for you, since you’re an EG reader, you can get 20% off with the code “effortlessgent”, just use it at checkout. Not bad, right? Check out the chinos here.

What did you score today?

I’m sure you saw my last article about Bonobos’ ridiculous Cyber Monday sale. Well, that’s going on right now, so make sure you check that out and pick up some great stuff at a crazy amazing discount. In case you’re wondering, nope, the effortlessgent code won’t work on Cyber Monday purchases, but you won’t even need it anyway. The deals will be that awesome.

You’re not too late, go check out the cyber monday specials on bonobos.com now.

Aaaand now, the surprise!

  This contest has already ended. Thanks for entering!   

The good folks at Bonobos knew I loved their Game Day Chinos, and when I told them I was going to feature them in an article, they were gracious enough to throw in a pair for free to one lucky winner.


So here’s what you gotta do to win a pair of Game Day Chinos. In the comments below, let’s hear your BEST pick-up line, ever. Make it good! And make it count.

Pretty simple, right? Last day to enter is this Friday, December 2, at 11:59pm Pacific.

I’m looking forward to hearing your best pick-up lines… this should be interesting.

Oh, and if you have any thoughts / questions on “refined casual”, leave em in the comments as well.

Good luck!

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