Wearing shirting on your legs is a lost art. It truly is difficult, considering the small openings and lack of coverage for your man jewels.

My friends at Bonobos got the right idea, though, with the Oxleys.

You know that oxford cloth button-down shirt I always tell you about? The staple that every man should have at least four of in his closet? Well, Bonobos took that fabric, and made pants out of them. How brilliant!

These pants are perfect for those sweltering days with obscene levels of humidity. Those days you don’t want to wear any clothing at all, but have to.

Sure, it’s the middle of summer, but most of us (in the States, anyway) have at least 8 more weeks of crazy hot weather. Stay cool and collected in these when shorts won’t do.

By the way, they come in great colors. I know I swear by my dark denim like most EG readers do, but to be honest, wearing denim when it’s 90 degrees with 200% humidity outside is SO not appealing, regardless of how great they look with everything. Summer is a great time to experiment with color and lighter fabrics, so if you’re feeling extra daring, transfer that burst of color to your pants.

A word on fit: They’re a straight leg model, and for the super slim dudes (or dudes who like their pants on the more slim side), these may be too big. It’s worth a try though, considering Bonobos’ great shipping / return / exchange policy.

Anyway, let’s say you love the pants but they’re wider than you prefer. (This advice applies to all pants, by the way.) You have two options: Take them to a tailor to get slimmed down, or petition Bonobos on Facebook to start making more slim fit pants! They’ve started rolling out a few slimmer styles in different models, but I don’t see the Oxleys on that list.

Some tips on wearing brightly-colored pants

It’s one thing to own brightly-colored pants, it’s another to pull off the outfit, am I right?

Stick to one bright color

Okay look, your pants are magenta, or cobalt blue, or lime green. You don’t need a bright shirt as well, unless you want to look like a creamsicle (or a crazy person). If you have one bright item, keep everything else muted and/or neutral.

Fit is extra important

You’ll be drawing a lot of attention with your smashing new look. Do you really want to highlight the fact that your clothes are ill-fitting? Before you worry about color, focus first on fit. That’s the most important thing. Once you have that down, then worry about which colors go well together.

Dress up, dress down

No one said you can’t wear bright colors when you’re dressing up or getting fancy. Same rules apply, however. Keep it limited to one brightly-colored piece per outfit, and always put on a great pair of shoes.

That’s it!

Experiencing any hang-ups on how to incorporate more brightly-colored pieces in your everyday wardrobe? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

You can find the Oxleys here, and if this will be your first Bonobos purchase, don’t forget about the special code for EG readers (hint hint, it’s EFFORTLESSGENT).

[photo credit: Bonobos, Tommy Ton, Christian Kimber, Acute Style]

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