I love the new year. I think of them like mile markers, helping me gauge what I’ve done versus what I had planned to do over the past twelve months.

Now that you’ve been along for the ride with us at EG, I encourage you to set some style goals for yourself as well. I’m sure most of you had goals you tried accomplishing this year, and there are probably some things you haven’t gotten to yet.

Things like finally clearing out your closet that’s stuffed with crap you no longer wear, or purchasing a navy suit so you can get your grown man on. Maybe there are some essential pieces you’ve been wanting to pick up but just haven’t yet.

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to do it all in one shot, so it’s okay if you haven’t even taken care of all the basics. In fact, I have some things I hope to take care of this year.

Here are a few of mine:

  • Find an awesome gray wool puff vest for the colder months
  • Pick up a gray flannel suit, two-button, single breasted, double vented
  • Buy a few white / light blue oxfords (I’ll probably just snag a few of the new 5&B ones coming soon)
  • Solidifying my personal uniform, something I’ve been working on for a while now
  • and more, I’m sure, which I’ll figure out in the next week

What are yours?

Just like regular life goals, if you don’t commit to them in writing (or even better, in public) you’ll probably never get around to it.

I want to hear your style resolutions for the new year. What are you hoping to acquire? What changes are you looking to make?

Remember, establishing your personal style isn’t about picking the most expensive items, or having a warehouse-sized wardrobe to choose from every morning.

All you need are several key (interchangeable) pieces in your closet, mixed in with a few things you love that aren’t necessarily considered basic, but help to define your personal style.

Having trouble thinking of ideas? Check out Dappered.com’s suggestions from the beginning of 2011. This is a good place to start.

So let’s hear em below! Consider the comments section of this post a place to hold yourself publicly accountable. And if I can help in any way, let me know.

Till next time.



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25 Responses

  1. Stefan on

    I want to get a few blazers, one more suit (dark maybe charcoal), and a few more cardigans, shirts and dress shoes. And maybe one more watch ūüôā

  2. Alex on

    Love the idea of ‘style resolutions’. 2011 went really well for redesigning my wardrobe after university, for fitted simple style – EG really helped.

    As for 2012:

    ‚ÄĘ Focus on the basics, the staples, with more solid colours. Avoid greys and blacks as they wash me out.¬†
    ‚ÄĘ Invest in two pairs of good quality brown Oxfords with semi-brogue.¬†
    ‚ÄĘ Buy my first tailored suit, make it three piece, midnight blue. Hopefully a second in mid-grey sharkskin.

    Fingers crossed. ūüôā

  3. Calvin A. Walker on

    I love the idea of vocalizing this! I always say it in my head but only really thought of writing down things like “Don’t flip off children on the subway anymore.” Anyway! Here are some of my style resolutions!

    More blazers! With a new job, a more slick and tailored wardrobe is a must.
    More button downs! I feel like I know how to rock a blazer with a tee, but I’m going for a more mature look.

    That’s essentially it. The only other thing? A pair of double monkstrap shoes. Cheerio! ūüôā

  4. Modern Connoisseur on

    I actually have a few, being in I.T. for the last 6 years dressing well wasn’t on my top list because at a time I was always digging in a¬† pc or¬† running network cable below desks or in server rooms etc. Within 2011 I’ve been more of an aspiring gentleman and my attire has changed completely but the new year definitely brings new things.

    In 2012:
    French and Cocktail cuff shirts
    Some lighter blazers and sport coats for more casual events
    I want to stop using belts and have tailor made trousers with side tabs
    invest in some bow ties
    and a few Cardigans

    • Anonymous on

      There is a middle ground to find, too.¬† Workmen of all stripes used to wear a tie; the guys at the service station would tuck theirs into their shirts.¬† My great-grandfather worked as a carpenter and also wore a tie tucked into his shirt.¬† Somewhere between that and the french cuffs lies attire that’s both sharp-looking and suited to crawling around under desks.

      Also, just some mild advice: before you go into the turn-backs with both feet (wrists?) in my experience, cuff-links are a PITA if you’re typing on a computer all day — plus the cuffs will get dirty edges from the desk faster than your barrels do.¬† Get a shirt you like (Charles Tyrwhitt is having a great sale right now) and try before you commit.

  5. brandon on

    -Get a navy suit
    -Keep branching out to colors other than blue and black/white/grey (i’m getting comfortable with shades of green and purple)-Get some nice brown wingtips-Get better fitted trousers for work-Start wearing blazers (unfortunately I would feel overdressed in most of the situations with my friends here, which is why I haven’t really done this)-Start wearing more ties (also an overdressing issue at work, the guy i sit next to actually stopped wearing ties, because our office is so casual)Maybe I need to start going to classier events…

        • Stefan on

          Ah, a internet troll calling people assholes because the computer gives him anonymity thus protecting him from facing any consequences.

      • brandon on

        You know at first glance this seems like a quick insult, but I can see where you’re coming from. Although they are closely related, I think it’s more confidence that self-esteem. On some level i’m not confident I can back up a well-dressed look and deal with the extra attention that it brings.

        • Barron on

          hey Brandon,

          Just start off with one change at a time. Pick one of the four or five things you mentioned above, and do that for a while until it feels like you. Then move on to the next item.

          If one day you showed up in the office in more colors, wingtips, a tie, and a blazer, of course people will take notice and most likely comment on it (though that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

          Start with experimenting with more colors, and once you’re comfortable with that, move on to the next.

    • Barron on

      Great list. I think because of the situation you’re in (surrounded by more casual dressers), you have all the more reason to up your game and dress better than you ever have. Yep, that means throwing on ties and blazers when everyone’s schlepping around in ratty sneakers and t-shirts.

      If you keep it up, your “dressy” look will just be your look. My friends that I’ve known for years ask me what’s wrong when I happen to show up in a t-shirt, or not as “dressed up” as I usually am. Eventually, they’ll be conditioned to your look and it will be normal.

      Point is, if you want to dress better, do it. Don’t let everyone else’s lack of style dictate or quell your desire to sharpen your own.

  6. RJ on

    Here we go:
    * Find a better fitting line of clothing. 6’1″, 160 lbs, long arms and torso is hard to fit.
    * Spend money to get some better “staples”
    * Stop buying what is always on sale just because its on sale
    * Try out some new colors.
    * Find a good hair style and stick with it.
    * Be confident, dress the part
    * Find some good casual shoes

    • brandon on

      “* Stop buying what is always on sale just because its on sale”
      Being a deal hunter I struggled with this for a while, but a shirt on sale for $10 that you never wear is a much worse deal than a $60 shirt that you wear all the time.

      • Barron on

        I agree, I did the same thing years ago. I would see something I sorta liked, justified it was on sale or “a bargain” and I’d get it. That’s how I ended up with two closets full of stuff, but really only wore a handful of things.

        That’s why I vouch for spending money on the right things, items you’ll keep for a long time, and skip all the cheap stuff you’ll probably only wear once, if at all.

  7. chainsaw1972 on

    My new years resolution is to just get started dressing better. I started today buying a nice coat. My local Belk had some good sales going on.

    Next up I am going to get some decent shoes and a couple pairs of nice slacks.

      • chainsaw1972 on

        Thanks for the suggestions! After getting a new coat last week, I caught some ridiculous sales at Dillards and Macy’s on new years day and the day after… I picked up two pairs of 501s, one dark blue and the other black, along with a¬†few¬†sweaters (two of which were $80 marked down to $14, none cost more than $25) along with a deeply¬†discounted¬†pair of cordoroys, a pair of chinos that my wife enthusiastically said fit nicely, and a blazer, though not a navy one I’ve seen discussed on your site.Target had the requisite undershirts/socks/underwear which I got.I actually already had a pair of brown and a pair of black dress shoes. They aren’t quite up to the standards of what you have been suggesting on the site, but my hope is that they will do until I get some more $, and then I’ll invest in something of higher quality.

        The outfit in this picture¬†got me 7-8 compliments when I went out sunday night… http://on.fb.me/ztshLd but then¬†before, I was the kind of guy who’d go anywhere in jeans and a tshirt and my ratty old leather jacket, so¬†friends definitely noticed.

        I threw away all my old navy crap jeans. I have a couple of their¬†button up shirts¬†left but they’ll go away when I get more and better things.I actually have several menswear outlet stores in my neighborhood, which I had never managed to visit until yesterday. Seemed to have a lot of stuff, but I am still mapping out what I should get next compared to what I can afford to spend.Do you have any information on how to find a good tailor, and approximately what you would expect to spend for alterations?

        • Barron on

          Sounds like you did a great job picking up some stuff.

          Re: shoes, remember it’s not necessarily about the price (though price usually correlates to quality pretty closely) it’s more about the style and silhouette of the shoe. The rounded toe, slim leather sole, and lack of excess unnecessary stitching are what you’re looking for.

          Something to stay away from: http://goo.gl/BvZVz namely the stitching that runs all the way to the (square) toe box, the rubber / man-made sole, etc.

          Re: tailors, price depends on how much work you’re getting done. I’d look for a reputable tailor in your area either using Yelp, or through referrals and word of mouth. Also, don’t use the seamstress in your local dry cleaners. You want a real tailor.

  8. Djl247 on

    I’d like to finally find a replacement¬†Corduroy¬†Blazer that got destroyed in Montreal
    And look into some shirt tailoring I’m 5’10 185 but have an oaktree 18 neck.

    • Barron on

      Interesting measurements. What is your suit jacket size?

      You’re a perfect example of someone who just HAS to get stuff tailored for the perfect fit. Any off the rack shirt with a size 18 neck will be way too big for your torso.

      All the more reason to buy classic pieces. Once you factor in tailoring costs, it would be a bitch to get something altered (or custom made) and then not want to wear it after the trend has passed.

      Not sure what your budget is, but LLBean Signature has a couple options for a cord blazer: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/65108?feat=505931-GN3

  9. Christopher Dravus on

    I’ve been trying to make a lot of positive changes in my life for the last two years and this year is no different. Some of the key things that come to mind are:

    {Cleaning out my closet of all the things I don’t use anymore

    {Hitting my target weight of 175 and staying around 175 to 180. I’m 187 now.¬†

    {To clear up all my bills

    {Posting more frequently and expanding my readership on my blog

    {To add a new level of casual my wardrobe. Right now it’s heavily slanted toward suits and dress clothes

    {Get back into cooking. I’ve slacked a lot in the recent year with cooking and recipe creation.¬†

    {Find a new girl friend. The last one really messed my heart up

    {Sky Dive more

    That’s all I have right now. It’s an always evolving list that changes throughout the year.¬†


    • Barron on

      Great changes to make, love that list. That last one is especially interesting. You say “more” as if you do so with some kind of regularity? If so, that’s pretty awesome.

      Good luck and keep us updated.

  10. Michael Rieger on

    I want to get some classic pieces in my wardrobe. I already have a
    blazer and a good supply of slacks, but I need some jeans and my closet
    is currently has a dress shirt shortage. Nothing too specific, as I
    could use any kind of clothes right now.
    I also want to start a men’s fashion blog, similar to EG. I think I have a lot of clothing concepts in me that I think people would find useful. Does anyone have any tips for having a successful blog?

    • Barron on

      A good pair of denim is a great place to start. Once you find a pair you love, get a couple, then you won’t have to buy any for a while.