Do you have somewhere important to be and need to look your best?

You love Saturday mornings.

style shortcuts - typical saturday morning coffee and reading

style shortcuts - typical saturday morning coffee and readingUsually you’re lounging around in your jams, enjoying a hot coffee, reading the paper or catching up on your favorite show before heading outside to mow the lawn and tackle a few weekend projects around the house.

But THIS Saturday is different.

Today, you’re attending a wedding, and this morning has officially taken a turn for the worse.

The kids will NOT get dressed, they’re running around the house screaming at the top of their lungs like they’re crazy and possessed, Fido won’t stop scratching at the front door—he’s clearly holding it in and needs to go on a walk RIGHT NOW, you’re already running super late, the church is an hour away, and you have no idea if there’s enough gas in the car.

On top of all that, you and the wife have to figure out what to wear because the wedding invite says, “Festive Cocktail Attire”… what does that even mean?

And that’s just for a friend’s wedding, which you have no real involvement with other than simply attending it…

Imagine if you were heading to a interview for your dream job, or a single guy planning to get dinner and drinks with the woman of your dreams?

If you want to feel comfortable and project unwavering confidence, it’s important to look your absolute best in all these situations.

What if you’re looking for something specific?

I’ve been there. Down the online shopping rabbit hole.

Visiting endless websites, clicking link after link, checking Amazon or Zappos to see if they have the same thing but for cheaper, then back to the original site to try out some coupon codes you just found on (of course, they’re expired) and finally, after all that, not being 100% sure this is the exact model you want, much less if it will even fit once it arrives at your house.

But fine. Whatever. This should do for now, and you can always replace it later. So you add it to the cart, and right when you’re about to whip out your credit card, bold red words appear:


style shortcuts - sold out in your size

What the hell?! Sold out in my size? How did that happen?!

I know how frustrating it is to spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for something and still coming up empty-handed.

  • Maybe you’re looking for that one perfect wool topcoat that keeps you warm without making you overheat, one that you can wear with a dressed-up outfit and a pair of jeans…
  • The perfect charcoal sweater, preferably in cashmere because you hate scratchy lambswool, and with a V-neck, so you can comfortably wear dress shirts underneath without the collar being all flat and weird…
  • Or you’re stuck between two awesome navy wool sport coats: one that’s solid but with a nappy tweed texture, and the other, a medium herringbone pattern… and you just can’t decide which one to go with?

There’s a good chance you have no idea and no time to research and find the answers you need, much less feel 100% confident about them.

So what happens then?

You end up settling for clothes that work fine, but aren’t what you really want. You throw together outfits that are just OK… but they don’t make you think, “Damn, I look good.”

And those clothes you just settled for? They remain unworn (some with tags still on), slowly inching their way to the back of your closet where they will live for the rest of eternity.

What if it didn’t have to be so confusing?

Imagine if picking the right stuff while shopping were easy, and wearing the right outfits every single time came naturally?

What if, 15 minutes before heading out the door, you could pick out a killer outfit without breaking a sweat or second guessing every single combo?

What if there was an easy way to get the guidance you need, so you know for sure what you buy is the right one for you, and the outfit you choose is perfect for the event you’re attending?


style shortcuts - a phone call with EG

Style Shortcuts is a new service from Effortless Gent that solves the #1 style dilemma you’re having right now.

What you get is a solution: A personalized outfit or specific clothing recommendations put together just for you by none other than me, your trusted expert style advisor!

Here are a few situations in which Style Shortcuts can help:

  • You feel like a boring office drone wearing the same shirt and tie every day, and you don’t want to look like everyone else at work
  • You’re ready to order your first MTM suit, but you can’t decide which fabric or options to shortcuts - help ordering a made to measure suit

    Wool, flannel, what’s the difference? Welt or patch pockets? What the hell is pick stitching? And you dread the thought of spending hundreds of dollars and getting back a suit that doesn’t fit well and has the wrong details

  • Maybe dressing for work is easy (you’re in the military, you work at a hospital, or you put on a suit and tie everyday) but when you’re off, you have no idea what to wear. You always reach for the plain, boring T-shirt and basic blue jeans, but you’re determined to step it up
  • You managed to get an interview for your DREAM job. The company is super chill and laid back, but you normally wear a suit and tie to shortcuts - help figuring out what to wear to an interview

    Is dressing up overkill for this one? You don’t want to stand out at the reception desk and get weird looks from everyone, or be more dressed up that your potential future boss… (awkward)

  • You asked the woman of your dreams on a date, she said YES (!!!), and now you’re freaked out because you want to look handsome as h*ck but not like you’re trying too hard (gotta play it cool, y’know?)
  • You want to splurge on the perfect winter parka before the next winter storm hits, one that’ll keep you warm and toasty once the temps dip into the shortcuts - help choosing a winter parka

    It needs to be comfy, not too heavy, and have the right details (like lots of pockets), but there are way too many choices and, in frustration, you put off buying one… but it’s freezing and your wool pea coat just ain’t cuttin’ it anymore

  • You’re attending a buddy’s wedding in Puerto Vallarta and decided to stay a few more days with your partner to soak in the sun, swim in the infinity pool, and drink your bodyweight in margaritas. You’re also surprising her with a fancy date night. How are you supposed to pack for all those different situations?


I don’t recommend this service for everyone.

But for my guys I have worked with, they’ve called this service life-changing and a huge time-saver.

Does this sound like you? If so, Style Shortcuts may be what you’re looking for.

  • Working with a personal stylist 1-on-1 in real life may be overkill for you, or something you’re not ready to invest in yet
  • You have ONE specific style-related problem, concern, or issue that needs to be solved QUICKLY (you don’t always need a fancy, signature, small-batch handcrafted cocktail with 15 ingredients… sometimes a whiskey, neat does the trick)
  • You like Effortless Gent and just want an expert you trust to give you advice and suggestions so you know exactly what to buy, in the right color, from the best store, so you can move on with your life and enjoy it (while being well-dressed, of course)!
  • You’re based here in the US, or you plan to do shopping in the US


Let’s keep it simple. You have a specific style problem you want solved.

We’ll talk it out for a quick half-hour, and then, you can relax.

After we hop off the phone, I’ll get to work, dig deep, and find exactly what you need.

There’s no vigorous note-taking needed on your part…no having to remember the products we talk about.

Within a week, I’ll send you my personal recommendations based on our conversation with a clear explanation why these are the best choices for you.

You’ll save time by not wasting hours upon hours searching for the perfect whatever yourself, and never being fully certain of what you ultimately purchase.

You’ll save money by buying exactly what you need… no guessing, no questionable purchases that you inevitably return.


One 30-Minute Chat

Using Skype or the good ol’ phone, we’ll talk through any specific style hang-up you’re having, or any style-related questions you may need to clear up (I know how those things can burn a hole in your brain).

We’ll find the answers you’re looking for, whether it be suggestions for a specific item like the best pair of jeans for you, or an outfit for an important event.

Whatever style or clothing issue you’re facing, I’m here to help, provide advice, and steer you in the right direction so getting exactly what you want is easy and painless.

Five Thoughtful, Curated Recommendations… Handpicked Exclusively For You

style shortcuts pdf sample

A sample PDF you receive summarizing my recommendations based on our conversation [VIEW LARGE]

Within a week—sooner, if your request is time sensitive—I’ll send you five specific, handpicked recommendations, the perfect solution to every style challenge we discussed on the phone, in a clean and simple PDF document, easily downloadable and viewable on any device.

Need a sample outfit for your formal job interview? I’ll send you the exact clothing items for that outfit: Suit, shirt, tie, shoes, and coat.

On the hunt for the perfect overcoat that works with jeans and trousers? I got you covered. I’ll send over my top five overcoat recommendations.

Got a hot date? Tell me where you’re headed, what you plan on doing, and I’ll provide the perfect outfit suggestion.

On a budget? I hear ya. While I offer recommendations at many different price points on Effortless Gent, I want to make sure I’m working with you to create YOUR perfect wardrobe – not give you some ‘never gonna happen’ wish list.

At a minimum, if you’re able to commit to shopping at places like J.Crew and Club Monaco, I can help you find what you need.


The price to book a Style Shortcuts call is $97. This is a brand spankin’ new service, so I wanted to reward the early adopters and action-takers with a no-brainer rate.

Soon, the Style Shortcuts rate will increase to $200, so consider this your opportunity to be part of an exclusive group of clients who get the very best personalized service at an early bird rate.

“Where was this service a few weeks ago? Having a quick chat with you could’ve saved me 10+ hours of searching online for the perfect wool topcoat and still coming up empty-handed.” Ryan D., San Francisco, CA


It’s important to me that you get a ton of value from our talk. I want you to think, “Damn I wish I were Barron’s friend so I can ask him style questions ALL THE TIME!”

If for whatever reason you hate the recommendations I send you after our conversation, I’m happy to provide you with another set of recs for free.

I want you to find exactly what you need and to be happy with the item or outfit you choose, and I’m willing to work with you until we get it right.

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