I remember thinking to myself, “I did it again…”

I’ve made this mistake before, countless times, over and over throughout the years.

Once a year or so, I find myself needing to buy a few new pairs of boxer briefs. I hate doing it, so I just go for the most affordable 5-pack I can find at my local Target, or a 3-pack of whatever’s hanging out in the corner of the men’s section at TJ Maxx because who cares, right?

They’re just boxer briefs. As long as they’re my size and my preferred color, why does it matter?

My last trip to buy underwear was the worst, by far. I decided to try a brand I never have before—DKNY. A 3-pack of black boxer briefs in my size for $10? Perfect!

Turns out it was the opposite of perfect.

They were made from a cheaply-finished cotton that stretched and lost shape throughout the day. The elastic around the leg openings were so tight they practically cut off circulation. The rough elastic waistband dug into my hip, and the seams were so poorly constructed, I could feel them scratching me as I walked.


It was time I started caring about the layers closest to my skin, even if no one (besides my wife, probably) would see them.

It finally dawned on me: I’m always willing to invest in items that are furthest away from my body (like coats and shoes), but I’m more than willing to skimp on the material and construction of my underwear… the layers that were actually touching my skin and have the most direct effect on how comfortable (or uncomfortable) I actually am.

I even wrote an EG article about this very subject!

So today, I come to you very humbly to say “Oh how wrong I was.”

Forget everything you’ve heard (even from me), it’s time to invest in some great boxer briefs.

Recently, I skipped the TJ Maxx discount bin and tried one, just one, new pair made from fine materials that were constructed with comfort in mind. All it took was one. I never looked back.

What to look for in a great pair of underwear

Get The Right Pair of Underwear

Where oh where did theis paradigm-shifting underwear come from? The answer is TANI. I received a sample pair of their boxer briefs, which I’ll use as an example of what you should be looking for when considering an upgrade.


Usually, the best boxer briefs are constructed from man-made blends ranging from synthetic fabrics to nylon / lycra, to more sophisticated knits like Micro Modal Air, which is what my sample pair is made from.

When you do find natural fabrics being used, they’re often of the highest quality, like Swiss Cotton or Cupro.

In case you’re curious, here’s a list of fabrics TANI uses. If you were like me (underwear is underwear), you’ll be surprised to see such a wide range of consideration and options.

Beyond comfort, the most important thing to consider is this: These fabrics determine how well your underwear handles moisture.

Look guys, we sweat, and there’s no denying a good amount of sweating can happen down there… especially when the temperature warms up or if you’re engaging in a lot of physical activity.

A swampy, damp pair of cheap cotton boxer briefs is no fun. You want a pair made from material that wicks away moisture and doesn’t stay… moist.

I wonder how many times I can say “moist” in one article.

Editor’s Note: Never again, please.


Get The Right Pair of UnderwearSure, all underwear is elastic, but it shouldn’t just stretch out and stay that way. You want it to bounce back.

This is super important to me because I absolutely hated when my cheap cotton boxer briefs would stretch out. High quality fabric helps underwear keep its shape.


How is it sewn together? How thick are the seams? Construction is important because 1.) you don’t want your underwear to fall apart after a few washes  2.) you want it to stay put and 3.) you don’t want to irritate your skin.

One great thing about this pair of TANI underwear is the flat seams at the leg opening which seem to prevent the leg from rolling up unintentionally, which is the worst. Flat seams also minimize rubbing, which increases comfort.

Comfort and Fit

Get The Right Pair of UnderwearYour underwear should have the right rise, otherwise they’ll never stay in place. Sometimes a lower rise will feel like your underwear is falling down, and a higher rise will feel too constricting. Find the rise that fits your body best.

Also, consider how long the legs are. Do you want them to end mid-thigh, or do you want shorter legs, like trunks? This is mostly personal preference, and since you’ve most likely been wearing underwear for decades, you should have an idea of what works best for you.

If you wear slim pants (especially wool trousers and light chinos), you may sometimes see the outline of the boxers’ legs. I notice this with cheaper pairs that have really thick seams.

I haven’t had this problem with my TANI pair. In order to play it completely safe, go with trunk-style underwear that has a shorter leg.

Lastly, how flattering are they on your body? You shouldn’t look like you squeezed yourself into a pair of rubber gloves. They also shouldn’t be big and baggy like a pair of basketball shorts. A great pair fits well without being overly tight.

Paying the price

Buying a nice pair of underwear isn’t cheap.

A nice pair could set you back $20, $25, and in some cases, $50+… for one pair!

If you’re not used to paying a lot for underwear, I can imagine you’d be taken aback.

My advice is simple: Try ONE pair. Just one. See if it doesn’t become your most favorite pair ever.

Tell me you don’t look forward to wearing it every time you do laundry.

Tell me you don’t hold out and wear a few bargain-bin pairs before finally giving in and throwing on your one and only luxe pair.

This is exactly what I did. I bought one nice pair, realized it was my favorite, most comfortable, most invisible pair I owned, and decided I needed to buck up and invest in more great pairs.

Consider also the amount of use you’ll get from it compared to the price you pay.

Here’s an example: If you pay $50 for a pair, and you wear it roughly once per week for a year, you pay about $1 per use.

If that pair of underwear lasts you five years, and you’re unbelievably comfortable and moisture-free every time you wear it, is it not worth the initial money you shelled out, especially considering it’s now averaging ~$0.20 per use?

Totally worth it.

So even if you’re a little leery about giving up a chunk of change for a pair of underwear, just remember, these are the clothes that are directly responsible for how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel.

Start with one, and let them change your life.

Check out TANI, and if you decide to try a pair, save 25% by using code “EGTANI” at checkout (excluding sale items)

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This giveaway has ended. Congrats to our winners and thanks to all who entered. Catch you on the next giveaway.

Show me your underwear

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  • Or do you just throw on any ol’ pair without thinking twice?

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