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There’s nothing like the classics, although sometimes, you want to switch it up a bit. And with the lighter fabrics and vibrant colors that are available in summer, you have a variety of combinations to experiment with.

Whether it’s the fabric composition, a play on a classic silhouette, or the addition of a bit more color, here are ten summer essentials, with a twist.

1. Lightweight cardigan

Let’s face it, it’s hot and you’re not gonna want too many layers. However, the temps can dip at the end of the night, and it can be chilly in the mornings as well.

If you have that kind of summer weather, grab a lightweight cardigan on your way out and you’ll be ready for whatever mother nature tries to throw at you.

Mercury cardigan by Ministry of Supply.

2. Chambray band collar shirt

Summer’s a good time for experimentation, and the best way to do so, is to find a cool twist on a classic.

A chambray shirt is one of, if not THE, quintessential warm weather shirt. Switch it up by trying a style with a band collar.

Shirts by J.Crew Factory and Frank and Oak.

3. Good undies

You won’t know what you’re missing out on until you buy an awesome pair of underwear. I used to default to basic cotton boxer briefs, but ever since I discovered this pair from Exofficio, it really sucks wearing anything else.

Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable fabric, these won’t stretch out like regular cotton, and you can wash them in the sink if you’re in a pinch and they’ll be dry in a few hours.

Sport Mesh boxer brief by Exofficio.

4. The right polo

I love the minimalist design of this polo, its slim fit, and the incorporation of temperature-regulating material. Basically, I want to sweat as little as possible, and if I do, I don’t want my shirt to be soaked. The Apollo can help me avoid that.

Apollo polo from Ministry of Supply.

5. Summer loafer

The Bass Weejun (and similar style loafers) are super versatile. Wear ’em with trousers, sure… but also give them a shot with denim, chinos, even shorts.

Weejuns by Bass.

6. Fresh belt

We’re used to adding a bit of color with ties, socks, and pocket squares, but we tend to overlook our belts, instead opting for basic brown or black. You’ll find a wide array of styles, from braided cotton to striped ribbon belts.

Belts by Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

7. No-show socks

Ever have coffee grounds in your socks? Me neither, but these Atlas no-show socks do, and guess what? They’re there to help odor absorption. The no-show style keeps your look fresh, and the socks themselves keep your feet and shoes fresh. Win-win.

Atlas No Show socks by Ministry of Supply.

8. Unlined jacket

It can be miserable just wearing a shirt with sleeves in hot weather. Some of us don’t have a choice, and a suit or sport coat is necessary. If that’s you, make sure yours is unlined or partially lined. That will give you a bit more ventilation and hopefully keep you cool a little while longer.

Light brown jacket by SuitSupply.

9. Great trunks

Find a great pair of trunks before you hit the beach or pool, in a pattern or color palette you won’t (or can’t) normally wear.

Board Shorts by Bonobos.

10. Classic shades

The New Wayfarer is one of my favorite silhouettes, and you can’t go wrong with a tortoise shell frame and dark polarized lenses.

New Wayfarer by Ray-Ban.

How do you beat the heat? Let us know in the comments below.

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