Hey gents,

Not sure if you knew this about me, but one thing I’m more passionate about than style and clothing is travel. I’m not much of the visit-three-days-and-hit-up-all-the-tourist-spots type of guy. I’m more of the stay-a-while-to-wander-and-explore type of traveler… especially when time allows.

Often I’m too busy to stay away for long, so I’ll take what I can get. But if I had a choice, I prefer one-way tickets and open adventures to places I’ve never been.

One aspect I really enjoy about traveling is trying the food of that region. Even if it’s just another city here in the US, each place has its own unique cuisine and tastes, and I think the best way to get to know a place is to try the food.

A few weeks ago, a couple friends here in San Francisco mentioned their new startup called GothamBox (FB page), and I thought it was such a great idea. Essentially, GothamBox brings a city’s best foods to your doorstep every month.

Here’s a succinct description of what they got goin’ on:

GothamBox delivers a curated box of the best food from your favorite cities directly to your home, family or friends. Members receive monthly boxes full of great city treats such as San Francisco’s Boudin sourdough bread, New York City’s Murray’s Bagels and Detroit’s Sanders chocolates. For each box sent, GothamBox donates a meal to fight hunger in the respective communities.

They’re just starting out, so for now they’re focusing on three cities: New York, San Francisco, and Detroit. But who knows, soon enough they’ll have flavors from every major city represented in their boxes.

Another cool thing is that they’ve teamed up with organizations in each respective city and for every GothamBox sent, a meal is donated to someone in need. Pretty awesome, right?

For twenty bones, you’ll have one of these awesome boxes sent to your doorstep every month. Try it out and you can cancel anytime, for you commitment phobes out there. Pick a city and explore it with your tastebuds!

I recommend the San Francisco box, personally. 🙂

And now… the giveaway!

EG is teaming up with the good guys at GothamBox and giving away one free box!

Yep, one free month, all yours. The one thing we want to know is: Where is your Gotham?

In case you’re not sure what a “Gotham” is:

Gotham often represents your hometown, your current city, or just somewhere that intrigues you. Gotham is the local food movement, enabling foodies to support both local brands and the community.

So, share with us where YOUR Gotham is. What city compels and inspires you? It doesn’t have to be where you currently are, it could be any city that moves you, that makes you come alive.

Let’s hear it in the comments below

We’ll accept all entries until Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

We’ll be choosing the best answer and announcing it on EG, so to stand out, tell us exactly what about your Gotham intrigues, moves, and inspires you.

Looking forward to reading your entries. Till next time.

39 Responses

  1. Berele on

    Montreal –  not my hometown and i’ve never lived there, but I’ve visited a number of times for both work and pleasure.  It’s culturally and politically fascinating.  There are so many languages spoken (and so many cuisines) on this little island that looks like a city in Europe as much as one in Canada.  I know I’ll make New York enemies saying this, but you can’t find  a better bagel anywhere. 

    • Guest on

      Agree with Berele. MTL doesn’t get nearly enough cred. The poutine that I ate there every night changed my life!

      • Martin on

         I believe Montreal houses a lot of opportunitis for sports. The life change of “bulking up” due to daily poutine was not necessary.^^

  2. Anonymous on

    Kansas City, best barbecue in the world.  Texas, Memphis, and the Carolinas are all very respectable, but KC has taken the great cooking styles from these three and added the best sauce to create a truly utopian mix.  And outside of the aforementioned places, nobody knows their head from their rear when it comes to BBQ.  KC Box please, I miss my hometown cooking!

    • Anonymous on

      Oklahoma Joe’s is always a safe bet, see Anthony Bourdain’s ’13 Places to Eat Before you Die’ for an unbiased opinion.

  3. Jon on

    Riverside, CA

    The growing crown jewel of the inland empire in glorious southern california. It is akin to an industry changing tech startup – in its developing stages of solidifying an identity, a city bursting with ideas, diversity, culture, vision, and eager to leave it’s mark on the world

  4. Doug Masek on

    My Gotham is Chicago (Kind of fitting with the Dark Knight and all). Nothing’s better than being in the city and getting a taste of the foods that are in it. The best part is, you have to do some searching to find the best spots which brings a certain mystery to it. You never know what restaurant will be your new favorite.

  5. Abdul on

    Toronto, On, CANADA!

    Arguably the most multicultural city in the world. You can get almost any kind of cuisine, plus plenty of interesting fusion restaurants. I used to live there, and I always felt guilty going to the same  restaurant twice because there we just so many amazing places to try.

  6. AggieActuary on

    Austin, TX is my Gotham.  Located in central Texas you have access to authentic Mexican food, Tex-Mex that might be even better, Texas brisket (barbecue), Texas red chili, haute cuisine that rivals any city, food trucks as quirky as you want, and don’t forget the craft beer.

  7. Style Girlfriend on

    Madison, WI is my Gotham. If you’re wondering, all the cliches about how much us Wisconsin folk love CHEESE is true, but in our defense…we make some great cheese. 

    We’ve also got great local farm-to-table dining, and a crazy amount of bike paths to help us work it all off:)

    • Nicholas Crawford on

      I had no idea you’re in Wisconsin. Did you know Antonio of Real Men, Real Style is too? Joe from Dappered is from Wisconsin… I’m in Milwaukee, Jertown, who commented above, is too. Represent

  8. karan p on

    I haven’t been to either one of the three cities (San Fransisco, New York, or Detroit). Why don’t you guys surprise me? =)

  9. J P on

    It has to be New York for me. Just seeing the abundance of life, of variety, of something new around every corner, even if you’ve been there before.

  10. K Maul on

    My Gotham is Detroit.  A city that I grew up in, that is under-appreciated and receives a bad rap from the media for the corruption in the mayor’s office and the former ‘devil’s night fires’ that are long in the past.  Detroit is a city that has a strong support from the community, a passion for their sports teams, a history of beer breweries, and of course is the birthplace of techno/electronic music as well as the infamous Motown sound that is still appreciated to this day…

  11. Christian Sandy on

    My Gotham is Seattle, WA.  It’s not my hometown, and I’ve never lived there.  But all my life I’ve dreamed of the west coast, even as my actual life seemed to be dragging me further east.  The ocean, the coffee, the laid back atmosphere, the amazing outdoors, the buzzing tech communities, and some of the most intriguing people ever.  There is something about the pacific northwest that attracts obsessively creative people and it’s an area of which I just can’t get enough.  

  12. Connor Hartman on

    My Gotham is Wellington, New Zealand I’ve never seen it in person but that city embodies New Zealand, the beautiful water and the urban city environment I can only dream of living there when I grow in age.

  13. larry ramirez on

    My Gotham is New York City. It’s a cultural mecca in multiple ways, literally holds the most diverse county in the world with easily over 140 different nationalities and holds both elements of grit and elegance. We have as many movies made about the seedier side (The Warriors) as we do the more romantic side (Sex and The City or take a look at any number of romantic comedies). I can have virtually any type of cuisine I can fathom; it’s that type of diversity that makes NYC a global capital and what continually inspires me. I’ve been to many cities around the world and, though every city is unique, those travels have only served to bolster my love for my city, my Gotham, New York. 

  14. Lauren on

    N’ Awlinz for sure! No other city in the world has such a fiery passion for their cuisine. If I could get a box of gumbo and beignets in the mail each month I’d be happier than Dr. John at a piano!

  15. Hijodelantorcha on

    I spent the most fun of my childhood in Houston, TX with food that will always be with me but I think I found my food Gotham when I visited Tokyo, Japan as a high school exchange student.

  16. Jertown on

    I came here to say almost word for word what Christian Sandy wrote about Seattle. Next to that I’ll go with one of my favorite places I’ve ever been, Inverness in Scotland. 🙂

    • Nicholas Crawford on

      Hey Jeremy – fun to see you here! I missed my chance at visiting Seattle in college. One of these days…

      My Gotham would be Krakow, Poland. I love the original architecture there, the city square, and the women I met there, naturally.

      • Jertown on

        I’ve never been to Poland, but I’d love to make it there someday. I’d really love to live in Europe for 3-5 years so I can get to know the cultures. 🙂

  17. Qphoenix 7 on

    Chicago, this city is truly the imagine of the melting pot in america! You can travel in one road and you will find yourself traveling the whole world because of the cultures that live in chicago

  18. Sean Fitzgerald on

    San Diego.  I miss my high-quality Mexican food.  I especially love the little hole-in-the-wall places like Juanita’s.  The Midwest doesn’t know what it is missing out on.

  19. Tom on

    Philadelphia.  Yes we have cheesesteaks but we also have soft pretzels, water ice, and scrapple.  Want to know what makes a cheesesteak so delicious?  It’s the bread.  We make some of the most unbelievable dough.  If the roll is bad, nothing can save the sandwich.  From Reading Terminal Market to the abundance of high quality restaurants, Philadelphia is definitely a food town.  

  20. JB on

    DC. In Washington, the Food Truck movement has made it easy to sample several new flavors from imaginative chefs that combine traditional dishes with ingenuity. If you don’t want to look for a specific food truck, there’s many other brick and mortar places that would put most other US cities to shame.

    • Brock on

       I can echo this. The areas just outside DC, in fact, like Silver Spring have some of the best Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, etc. food I’ve ever had. And I’ve been to Thailand. We have such a mix of people here – you can find authentic, fresh Ethiopian right next to a jerk chicken dive and gourmet coffee shop. It’s so underrated. Go DC!

      BTW Gotham Box is a great idea!

  21. Pat kleinfelder on

    My Gotham, believe it or not, is little, friendly Buffalo, NY. Great theatre, Albright Knox Art Gallery, shopping district that’s fun and affordable, friendliest people anywhere, perfect summer weather, and nearby skiing, racing, camping and let’s not forget, spitting distance to Niagara Falls and an easy drive to Toronto. what’s not to love?

  22. L.A. Pauza III on

    Los Angeles, CA is my current gotham. Working in the entertainment industry I have the joy of going where the work is. With tons of culture including live theatre and a majority of the  television and movie industry working here the sidewalk and driver’s seat of my car is a catwalk all to itself. From red carpet events to small gatherings, meetings with clients, and political events a function and fashionable wardrobe is a way of life. 

  23. Patrick Regan on

    New Orleans.  Always New Orleans, for me.  It’s where I was raised, where I was from, and I always carry it around with me.  I could never explore it enough to know it all, even if I would want to.

  24. Arden Sedlins on

    My Gotham is the Melbourne CBD, in Victoria, Australia. It is a melting pot for the world’s best fashion and food, laid out in an easily traversable grid, all in short distance from the beautiful Victorian beaches and countryside. 

  25. Tom Stadelman on

    My Gotham is Rome.  I spent two months there during a study aboad program and vividly remember how  simple, yet incredibly good the food was.  It’s really a testament to how fresh ingredients can transform a meal.

  26. Allen Luo on

    I’ve been to many places (Europe, Asia, Across the States) but I’m always surprised at how much good food there is in my own backyard of Los Angeles

  27. Anonymous on

    Minneapolis. It is a somewhat unknown gem in the US. A great mixture of everything despite being tucked away in Minnesota. Easy access to food, art, culture from around the world. It’s not my hometown but it is where I currently reside and would love to stay.

  28. David on

    My Gotham is Baltimore.  The city’s nickname is “Charm City,” and its food is no exception.  Whether it’s the tastes of Little Italy, or crabcakes in the Inner Harbor, or unique new movements like Ace of Cakes and other sweets, the city is full of great flavors and intriguing food options.  I’m not from Baltimore originally, nor do I live there anymore, but I make regular trips to the city and never forget to get a little taste of charm every time I go.

  29. David_S on

    My favorite and most inspiring city is Florence, AL. I reside just south of there and my wife and I spend most of our down time in Florence. Yes I love travel and, yes, I too am attracted to major cities and the overseas. But Florence has a perfect blend of history (and historic landmarks), true southern feel, a great college, scenery, arts and culture, friendly folks, and a handful of great places to eat (sandwich and coffee shops included). Its got everything I need and inspires me in a myriad of ways. I don’t think I could go anywhere that I would love as much as that city.

  30. Richard Fott on

    My Gotham is Edmonton, Canada.

    Born, got in trouble, grew up, made friends, lost friends, made memories, tried to forget memories, etc. all here.

    The days are short and cold in winter, but amazingly long and hot in the summer. There’s lots to do and nothing to do

    My fiancée is here, my family is here, my friends are here. I have no reason to ever leave and I don’t reall plan on it.

  31. GSaavedra on

    Louisiana ties together France and Britain, in many ways diametric opposites, in a culinary landscape clearly far away from either country. There, almost uniquely, three worlds came together and have resulted in a culinary and cultural shooting gallery marked by improvisation, comfort, and community. The region has a tenor few individual restaurants can hope to capture, and I’d love to get a down-home taste of my own.